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Tolstozaychik: life till the birth of

Everything began with the phrase of the husband: “Rodya to me five children!“ And 3 months of efforts, my hysterics and tears, the first day of a delay are farther... I went from work with shouts: “Where the next round-the-clock drugstore?“ Bought 2 tests, annoyingly - they should be done in the morning. And the patience was on a limit. As a result of in the middle night jumped and rushed to do the test. On it is mute there was very weak, almost imperceptible second strip. Woke the husband, I show him the test, I ask: “You see?“ It: “I see. I said to you that you are pregnant. A miracle you mine though is not present now, a miracle you are mine!“

A then. In 6 weeks went for ultrasonography in private clinic as in consultation was on reception not to get at once in any way. And the ultrasonographer also speaks to me: “You are not pregnant, you have a cyst. At a cyst happens that HGCh is raised, and positive tests.“ Came back home in a hysterics, the husband called - could not speak from got down. And it turned out that the ultrasonographer was mistaken.

I Was registered in 10 weeks, and in 11 already the first time saw the Tolstoy. And still heard knock of a heart - roared on a couch then from emotions.

Pregnancy took place

easily and happily. In 22 weeks together with the husband went for 2 ultrasonography, and he saw our kid too, and the kid under the code name Thick, did not want to show in any way to us who is he.

Did to

repair, choosing everything neutral tones, I was on the 30th week of pregnancy. And on the 33rd week we were told that there will be a son, and to happiness there was no limit though in soul still it was not trusted.

I began to hand over to

On the 37th week session, and at me the stopper departed. Everything waited for childbirth any day, on examinations went cautiously, asked the kid to wait until the end of session. And we agreed with it! I handed over session in 38 weeks, and exactly in 39 my sonny was born. Before I was at the doctor, and the following appearance to me was delivered on the 20th, just PDR so I relaxed and decided that I to 20 will not give rise precisely.

However on April 11 in the evening at me began to pull a stomach, at first did not believe, but minutes through 15 steels with the husband to mark fights. The result was stunning - for 40 seconds each of 6 - 7 minutes. Panic, I call the sister, then the husband rings “ambulance“, and I pack things. Minutes through the 15th the very young paramedic who admitted at once that he is afraid even more me, told that we go to the 16th maternity hospital.

B 0:30 we were in a reception. There to me processed documents, shaved, made an enema, examined on a chair. Verdict of the doctor:“ The bubble is dense, whole. Disclosure of 4 - 5 cm“. Said goodbye to the husband, handed over things, rose in a rodilka. There in viewing disclosure was already of 5 - 6 cm, opened a bubble. Waters light. Then made KTG, put a catheter in a vein, stuck but - to a shp and allowed to resemble. To 3 o`clock in the morning I went, stood on fight, on something having leaned the elbows, then about half an hour lay on one side. Between fights failed in a dream. For some reason thirsted the 5th mornings though doctors said that earlier 7 - 8 mornings I will not give rise.

B 5 of morning the doctor came, looked, at me already attempts began, explained how to breathe. Told that during fight it is necessary to pull legs on itself. Also it is possible to podtuzhivatsya. In 20 minutes of similar manipulations ran on a chair. After the first attempt hit the head against a chair (the mattress slipped slightly down), on the second attempt felt how the doctor put hands on a head, and on the third our thick miracle was already born. To me it was shown, put on a stomach, and then incurred to weigh, wash, process. Told that 3900 gr. and 53 cm, 8/9 across Apgar. I lay, looked at it... Also understood that here it is the happiest moment. Then the afterbirth departed (for one attempt). And further medical procedures - in my opinion, more painful, than childbirth began. Survey of a neck of a uterus, then imposed 2 seams, by the way, did not do an epiziotomiya to me. Put a dropper, made quartz treatment, pressed on a stomach, then in postnatal already deleted manually clots from a uterus without anesthesia and anesthesia. But all this nonsense that near me my Tolstozaychik.