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Self-confidence helped to keep breastfeeding of

Breastfeeding - what can be better for development of the kid? If to look with the newborn`s eyes, then mother`s milk is the best calm, protection against the “terrible“ unknown world to which it got after always the kind, soft and warm uterus which was all nine months for the little man everything “expelled“ him from itself. When before me rose to nurse a question or not, the answer came right there - of course, to feed!! And to feed till that time until the kid himself refuses a breast.

I presented to

waiting for the birth of the kid how it will be as I it, such tiny, press to myself, and he greedy small sponges takes my breast and begins to suck a milk, periodically smacking the lips from pleasure. But after the birth of the kid everything turned out not so simply as I thought... The pediatrician in the first month made me the diagnosis “shortage of milk“ and, therefore, it is necessary to finish feeding the kid mixes, and, therefore, to pass to artificial feeding! For me it was one of the most terrible nightmares which could happen in my education of the son. But it is so simple to refuse feeding of the child a breast I did not gather.

we agreed With the pediatrician to carry out control weighing, i.e. before each feeding it was within a day necessary to weigh the son with all his popisa and pokaka. It turned out that this very not simple occupation not only for me, but also for the child. In - the first, during feeding during first 10 - 15 minutes the kid actively sucked a breast, and then began to fall asleep and, therefore, already especially did not suck, and just held a breast in a mouth... And that`s it I needed to take it in this moment with all diapers in which it was, to tear off from a breast and to put on scales! At the same time it was broken off in loud dissatisfied crying that for me, mother, there was as “a blow a knife on heart“ - I force my treasure to be broken off by the hands in crying. And in - the second, my kid had to lie during feeding if pees the pants, on the same crude diapers, in the same baby`s undershirts since it was necessary to weigh it in all the same that was on it when there was a weighing before feeding. And from understanding that I, mother, besides the hands “force“ the kid to lie as a frog in dampness on one diaper with a shit... It ate me from within, I felt like a pig in relation to the kid, it was so insufferably painful to me, and all this time the question “what for?“ tormented . For the sake of what these tortures, a remorse, all this my heart pain? I constantly apologized to the son, explained what we need it for, said that he suffered that soon everything will be good. Results of our “tortures“ appeared not in our advantage: it turned out that the son does not receive necessary standard daily rate of breast milk. And the pediatrician rendered the final verdict - dokorm mixes!

For me it sounded as a sentence, a sentence of the fact that I will not be able to give maternal protection to the child, I represented how the heap of microbes attacks it a small defenseless being, and I to make what I cannot.... Home I came practically with “the lowered hands“, drowned in tears called the husband and described to him all current situation. And here he, my main support and support, could convince me not to lose self-confidence, to believe that all to turn out, and convinced not to refuse feeding by a breast at all. At this moment it was so necessary for me it is support of the loved one. Having armed with books, lectures on GV which gave us on courses on education of small children, the Internet, began to look for ways how to keep GV. On notes of the raised self-confidence and in the idea I studied councils of the Internet and literature, and came to a conclusion: it is necessary to address the consultant for breastfeeding. What my surprise when I, having told the consultant for GV all our story, heard in reply was that my child does not need in finish feeding as having peed quantity also pokak, the number of feedings in days, their frequency - everything is normal! And the answer is received that there are no reasons for the address to the consultant since there is no problem per se as when breastfeeding control weighing as it appeared, is not applied, and increases in weight for the first months have to be not less than 600 grams, but not kilogram as the pediatrician demanded from us.

All event so instilled in me confidence in correctness of my decision that I told our local pediatrician that my child will eat only breast milk, and a dokorma what I will not enter! On what received the answer that she as our doctor bears criminal liability for us, and some consultant for GV appeared - was gone, it has no what responsibility for our further destiny... As a result of our dispute we came to the agreement - we undertake all responsibility for the actions and if within the first two months the situation does not improve, the increase in weight will be not considerable, then dokorm it is necessary to enter.

I there comes “day of X“, to us month, we have to go for planned reception to the pediatrician... I did not enter a feeding up, continued to nurse only, but tried different means for increase in volumes of milk: and tea with milk which tastes caused in me an emetic reflex; and heat baths for a breast before feeding; and massaging of a breast before feeding, etc. As a result we gathered nearly 900 gr. Thereby having kept within the “norms“ put before us the pediatrician! For the second month we gained 1 kg 200 gr., what strengthened belief that the strategy of feeding chosen by us yielded the positive results even more. And words of our pediatrician became the most memorable words at the end of this difficult “reporting“ period:“ The winner is always right“. And the speech about what all of us - good fellows that was kept by GV.

Now to the son a year and month, he feels perfectly, very mobile kid, we continue breastfeeding though any more not as the main food and as sleeping pill as the kid only before a night dream and about awakening time eats a milk. Now, as well as at the beginning of our way, my position did not change, I will feed until the son himself does not refuse a breast as I trust and I know that no what substitute will be able to give what gives breast milk!