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History of delusions, or Let`s understand

Only new delusions rescue us from despair after loss of old.

Without fight neither evolution, nor progress would be br/>. We are living thanks to the fact that we fight, work.

Collision of persons, interests, constant obstacles - guarantee of the movement. And so in everything. There is a technical novelty - at once there are her defenders and opponents considering everything as nonsense. There is a new preparation - and we hear enthusiastic responses cured and negative those who did not test effect. But not for nothing wise men advised all negative to transfer to the experience and useful. Criticism - too one of progress engines. Though often the disapproval from reasonable criticism develops into something bigger - in delusions and myths.

It we, for example, observe

in connection with the growing popularity in Russia and around the world intrauterine hormonal contraceptives. Let`s consider the most frequent judgments. What useful can be taken out from them and how not to “get lost“ most? With this question we saw a doctor to the obstetrician - the gynecologist Yulia Zhigalova.

“I want to install intrauterine hormonal system, but I am afraid that heat-spots will develop and the condition of skin will change“.

This popular belief appears every time, so far as concerns hormones. And mistaking do not even try to understand about what specifically hormones there is a speech. Male sex hormones - androgens most often have adverse effect on skin.

the Intrauterine hormonal system contains absolutely other hormone, on a structure - analog of female sex hormone of progesterone (gestagen) which actually does not exert impact on a condition of skin. Besides active ingredient is emitted directly in a uterus cavity. Thus, the minimum quantity not capable gets in some way to blood to influence the general background of an organism including on a condition of skin. According to statistical data, from 1 to 10% of women at whom the intrauterine hormonal system is installed, uses complained of appearance of eels, but only at first. These phenomena belong to adaptation reactions which usually pass through 3 - 6 months after installation of system.

“I have difficult relations with the husband: the proximity has not enough, is eternal we in some tension. We have two small children. Of course, both we are tired. There was a coldness in the relations. I try to solve this problem, I consult with the psychologist. I understand that it is necessary to adjust proximity and at the same time in the most effective way to resolve a contraception issue. It seems my choice fell on intrauterine hormonal system, but from some girlfriends heard that with it, on the contrary, the desire vanishes. And it seems it is possible to have as much as necessary sex, but there is no wish“.

the Intrauterine hormonal system cannot influence sexual desire because hormone works locally. Come to blood it is insignificant small concentration. But even if theoretically to assume its influence on a libido, then it will appear with a plus more likely, levonorgestret possesses the minimum residual androgenic activity, so, it can only raise sexual desire.

If women note at themselves absence of desire at the installed intrauterine hormonal system, there can theoretically be other explanation. In the first months after installation the organism adapts to the new mode. It needs time to get used. Therefore sometimes the arising small fatigue, easy spasms in the bottom of a stomach - everything that can appear in the first months - it simply does not allow the woman to relax and to completely be given to feelings. But as soon as the discomfort of this period will pass, and the woman completely will feel all advantages of a method, believe, with desire problems will not be.

“Why some note change of a menstrual cycle after installation of intrauterine hormonal system? I just am examined that to put it, and now reflected“.

Gestagen who is in system protects

endometriya (an internal cover of a uterus) from proliferation (excess growth). Under the influence of it periods can change and gain nature of the smearing allocations, to become more long or less long, to proceed with more plentiful or more poor, than usually, bleedings, or in general to stop. Through 3 - 6 months at most of women the period of adaptation comes to an end, and the menstrual cycle is established. And periods at most of women become poor, short and painless. You should not worry also on suppression of function of ovaries (monthly are very poor) - ovaries at the same time work in the usual mode, and many researches confirmed existence of an ovulation at a large number of women.

“Very much wants to find an effective method of contraception. I nurse the second kid and in the next years definitely I do not plan the third. Only - only returned to a form after the delivery, and it is important for me that the contraceptive, besides the main action, did not influence weight yet. Very much spent many efforts for its decrease. Besides tendency to corpulence at me hereditary. Whether the intrauterine hormonal system will influence weight?“

the Intrauterine hormonal system does not influence weight. It is proved by a set of researches.

Often intrauterine hormonal system are used by women with the medical purpose, including, with a metabolic syndrome, pathology of a carbohydrate exchange, the latent diseases of a thyroid gland. It is possible to assume that in such situations increase of weight is possible. And one more nuance. The system costs long time - about 5 years. The woman becomes five years more senior - the metabolism changes, gradually the muscle bulk which promotes splitting of fats is lost with age. Weight is gained much quicker. And that at this age to keep shape, it is necessary to watch a food allowance and to give to an organism certain physical activities. And business at all not in system, and in a way of life.

“I have

no children yet. And I do not even plan. And contraception is necessary reliable. Wanted to install intrauterine hormonal system, but heard that it can drop out or grow into a uterus“.


really myth. It, most likely, is connected with usual metal-containing spirals which on the mechanism of action, cause the strengthened reduction of a uterus and, as a result, a spiral can drop out.

It is valid, when using VMGS there can be an ekspulsiya (loss) of a spiral, but it is connected most often with technically incorrectly installed system. More spontaneous loss, is connected with usual metal-containing Naval Forces which on the mechanism of action, cause strengthening of reductions of a uterus. And VMGS has on a uterus the weakening effect that interferes with pushing out of system from an organism. For the same reason at many women of periods become less painful and proceed easier.

A as for growing, this term is more narrow-minded. Also it treats zhev bigger degree metal-containing spirals again. More precisely, to cases of their wrong installation when the spiral punches a uterus wall therefore there is an inflammatory reaction, and endometriya begins to expand. The intrauterine system promotes reduction of proliferation (growth) an endometriya therefore the term “growing“ for it is inapplicable.

“Used system 4 years, I feel perfectly, periods last of 1 - 2 day, poor. Now decided to become pregnant again, I am going to delete system, but I am afraid that after removal there can be severe bleeding“.

Levonorgestrel who is in system influences endometry, causing its thinning. As a result, at most of women, as well as at you, periods become very poor. But action continues exactly so much how many in a cavity of a uterus the system stays. After extraction of system of endometriya starts over again growing. At the same time periods are restored to initial level.

“To me needs to remove with

system as validity period expired, but I heard that at once there is a risk to become pregnant. How many the contraceptive effect after removal lasts?“

Certainly, the contraceptive effect is reached only during presence of system at a uterus cavity. When pregnancy is undesirable, after extraction of system it is necessary to begin to use other methods of contraception. It is also possible to install new system at once after removal of previous; in this case no additional measures of protection from pregnancy are required.

“Why to suffer and buy such expensive means? It is better to put a usual spiral and in parallel to drink pills (COOK) - the effect will be same“.

Quite misleading and dangerous delusion. The usual spiral has incomparably more side effects, than system. The COOK, accepted inside, work systemically, can give more side effects, than levonorgestret from intrauterine system which is allocated in a uterus cavity directly.

Besides sense of such combination it is not clear at all. The COOK independently will give reliable contraceptive effect. Why them to combine with a usual spiral? It can increase morbidity and a profuseness of periods, it becomes frequent the reason of inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis. And the intrauterine system just represents a unique combination of advantages of both methods minus their shortcomings.

“I am afraid to put intrauterine system whether it will provoke emergence of irritability?“

the Intrauterine system works with

locally, Levonorgestrel comes adresno to a cavity of a uterus and system effect has practically no on an organism. Nevertheless, on the contrary, in many researches decrease in a premenstrual syndrome and the related irritability was noted.

Even the most unpleasant side effect is a situation which demands the careful analysis together with the doctor. Often matter not so much in a preparation how many in concomitant circumstances and before, as they say, acting rashly, it is necessary to understand everything.

Uniqueness of a method of intrauterine system consists in address delivery of active ingredient directly in a uterus - the place where it also has to have effect therefore also the risk of side effects at this system is considerably reduced.

do not forget

I if myths are thought out, it means to someone it is necessary. To someone, but not you! You need objective information.