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Childbirth out of a hospital of

It is known that of the woman gives birth not only in maternity hospitals, but also at home, on the street, on the plane, in the train, at the dacha... I think, you remember stories about our great-grandmothers who were giving birth in the field and cutting an umbilical cord with a sickle. Perhaps, in those far times it also was in the nature of things. But hardly it includes in the plans of our contemporaries. We will not discuss now so-called “house childbirth“ when the decision to give birth to the child of the house was made in advance. It will be a question only of those cases when childbirth began unexpectedly and in the most improper place. The woman in labor who got into such situation first of all needs to know what it has to do as not always nearby there can be doctors and furthermore obstetricians are gynecologists. Try not to risk

there are some indicators on which the doctor can define and warn you that childbirth, perhaps, will begin suddenly or to proceed so quickly that you will not manage to reach to hospital? Unfortunately, precisely it is impossible to learn about it. However there are several “risk factors“: danger to give rise out of a hospital increases if the woman bears twins (they usually are born not on 39 - 40 week, and on 35 - 36), the repeated childbirth (they proceed much quicker, than the first) taking place earlier premature birth, and also threat of premature birth during this pregnancy.

to avoid unforeseen situations, by the end of pregnancy to you it is necessary to listen to the organism. And, if you already felt harbingers 1 childbirth, not to risk the health and health of the kid, not to make air flights and distant trips.

But how to be if the trip is inevitable, you prefer to live in the country or just did not time? Preparation for childbirth out of a hospital - a duty of each future mother. And therefore do not guess, “there will be it to me or not?“ do not wave away, and prepare for the solution of possible problems.

we Will consider two typical situations. The first: you are forced to give birth in such place where there are “civilization signs“, i.e. on the plane, the train, at the dacha. The second: you appeared far from manned places absolutely alone.

U you near at hand all necessary has to be p>

. it will be necessary for you b: iodine, scissors (knife), strong thread, small rubber pear, warm blanket (diaper) for the baby, pair of diapers for you, alcohol (cologne, vodka), bandage (cotton wool).

If you with yourself have

nothing from the above-mentioned, then many of these objects surely have to be in first-aid kits of the plane, train or car. In transport of distant following there will be also a blanket and a sheet.

What to do. Rhoda in any situation are a stress for the woman`s organism. However it is possible that the stress mobilizing all forces of an organism will help you to endure safely childbirth and to avoid complications.

If you give birth in transport, first of all report about the situation to the conductor or the stewardess. They will prepare the objects which are required for you, or perhaps and will find the doctor among passengers.

of the House or at the dacha call “ambulance“. Besides, you can call any maternity hospital and ask to instruct you. You should not rush in hospital if you understand that you will not manage to get there in time and the child all the same will be born out of a hospital, for example, in the car (I do not speak about city public transport). At least, houses at you both phone near at hand, and water, and fresh linen. If you one, invite any who can quickly arrive and help, - the girlfriend, neighbors, relatives.

Take off clothes from a lower body. Accept a comfortable position either lying on one side, or semi-sitting. Disclosure of a neck of a uterus happens quicker if the woman lies on that side where the fruit back settles down. Under you there has to be a pure sheet. Try to relax and to breathe correctly during fights and attempts. It is necessary to make an effort only during attempts. With the termination of an attempt it is necessary to relax, have a rest, gather forces for the following attempt. From the beginning of attempts the woman in labor has to make a deep breath, detain air in lungs and, gradually exhaling it, to make an effort, as much as possible pressing the legs bent in knees to a breast. If you are not afraid and resist efforts of a uterus, it will make all work. You monitor work of a bladder and do not hesitate constantly “to run in a toilet“, it promotes normal reductions of a uterus.

The one who helps you has to prepare and hold near at hand all necessary objects and it is obligatory to wash up hands.

That the assistant has to do. the child`s head Appeared, and you, most likely, will see at first his nape (less possibly - the person), and further it will turn to the right or left hip of mother.

As soon as the head will be born

, hold up under it a palm. In maternity hospital right after the child`s birth the slime and liquid which accumulated in a mouth and in a nose delete with the special vacuum device. You can apply a small prokipyachenny rubber pear to this purpose. If the child`s face is covered by a fetal bubble (it occurs in case waters did not depart and the fetal bubble remained it is whole), it is necessary to break off it hands at once or to scissor, and then to wipe a nose and a mouth of the baby with a pure scarf.

When there will be a neck and the child`s coat hanger, it is necessary to check whether the umbilical cord turned back around a neck. If it happened, remove an umbilical cord through the head of the baby.

Further support by

the child`s body until it entirely is born. Slowly put it on mother`s stomach facedown so that the head was slightly lower than a body. In airways there can be water and slime, and this situation will help the child to breathe. Hardly tie up an umbilical cord threads in two places at distance of 2 - 3 cm and its rassekita. Grease a stump of an umbilical cord with iodine and impose on it bandage. Dry wipe the baby and cover him with something warm.

Umbilical cord and placenta. do not forget that with birth of the baby childbirth is not ended. You still should give rise to an afterbirth. This third period of childbirth usually lasts no more than 30 minutes. The afterbirth cannot be extended for an umbilical cord, it is also impossible to mass a uterus - it can lead to severe bleeding from - for violations of process of an otsloyka of a placenta. In a few minutes after the child`s birth you will feel attempts again. You can kneel or sit down on hunkers. During attempts from a genital tract of the woman in labor usually there are bloody allocations (normal - no more than one - two glasses) testifying to an otsloyka of a placenta from uterus walls; there is also a lengthening of visible part of an umbilical cord. Having given rise to an afterbirth, wrap it in a towel.

That you can make for yourself. After the birth of an afterbirth put pure fabric (a towel, laying, a sheet) on a crotch. Try to clamp gaps bandage. Begin to nurse the child. It not only will be useful for the kid, but also will lead to reduction of muscles of a uterus and will reduce bleeding. For reduction of bleeding it is also possible to massage a uterus through a forward belly wall.

the Situation the second

So, you appeared in a situation when neither the help, nor iodine, nor a pear, nor you have no cotton wool.

Sit down and lean against something (you have to settle in situation semi-sitting). You do not sit down directly on the naked earth, find some laying. Bend legs in knees. At desires to an urination sit down on hunkers.

Relax, you breathe and mass to yourself a back. Concentrate only on the birth of your kid.

all those actions which in the first case were done by the assistant to you should be done Further most. As soon as the head (at this moment you will feel burning in the termination of patrimonial ways) seems, it is possible to lean back back and to give a hand down, as if from a back, to a vagina, accepting and supporting the head of the kid. As the baby turns, monitor the provision of an umbilical cord. You do not hurry at all, do not pull the child and, after his birth, an umbilical cord. On a pubis extend the child on a stomach bottom, supporting him under the head and under edges, rub off its mouth and a nose and apply to a nipple. Slip on and the child something warm. In a few minutes the placenta has to be born. If feeding does not stimulate a uterus to exile of an afterbirth, accurate with two fingers as if to “poshchipayta“ a stomach around. How to cut an umbilical cord, it was told above. Wrap the baby in something warm. Separately wrap a placenta in any fabric. If you have nothing pure, wind with nothing a crotch better and try to reach the place where will be able to provide you if not medical care then heat, means of communication and elementary means of hygiene quicker.

Possible complications

If the kid does not begin to breathe itself , supporting a head slightly lower than the level of a body, pound his breast and a back. Clap reduced together a foot on soles. If it does not help, put it on a back, reject the head back and make an artificial respiration of companies in a mouth. You do not breathe too strongly: lungs of the newborn are still very small. In the absence of heartbeat the baby needs to make massage of heart. Lack of breath can be caused by asphyxia (for example if the child`s neck everything is the umbilical cord peredavit or slime and liquid got into airways).

the Child was born

, the placenta departed, but bleeding did not stop. the blood losses Happening in this case often compare to loss of blood at a rupture of an aorta. Similar bleedings threaten mother`s life. If at your disposal only own hands, press on a uterus, squeeze it, stimulate nipples. Try to lay down under an inclination, the head at the same time has to be below legs. Put something cold on a stomach.

try to operate

In any situation childbirth correctly. Even if you will find the assistant, he not necessarily will be the qualified obstetrician. Therefore direct its actions, you watch the organism, help yourself and the child, and the nature will help you. Even after uncomplicated childbirth out of a hospital it is necessary to reach the nearest medical institution where experts will be able to examine you and your child and to give the required help.