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Wonderful rest in Turkey of

This summer we were going all family to Turkey. All were in an anticipation something unusual and fascinating. We collected suitcases by all family. And all had to clasp them together.

we had to Fly at night. We decided to sleep before a trip. Dreams dreamed wonderful - about the sea, about the sun. Generally, about Turkey. And here the alarm clock rang out. It was time to leave. Everyone took on the small suitcase. There arrived the taxi...

When we went by the car, everyone thought of something special, looked at lamps which floated by. Someone thought of the house which we left, okto - that is the coming rest, about new adventures. Sitting in the plane, we laughed and rejoiced that happiness is so close. It was very interesting to watch how we flew by through clouds, and we landed, appear, on the adust field.

When we went out of the plane, the column of hot air fell upon us. I understood at once that we will perfectly have a rest here. Very much the cheerful smile of the guide encouraged while we reached hotel.

Having seen our hotel, I was enraptured - as there it was beautiful! Stone patterns on walls, gold drawings on a ceiling, beautiful massive columns, as if falling from heaven. The friendly personnel took our suitcases directly to number. Number was smart. We decided to miss a breakfast and just to sit, enjoying the nature...

In the sky, the sun brightly shone and it was heard as the sea in the distance rustled. Then we took rest and went to the beach.

my legs rolled in sand, the freshness was felt, noise of the sea very much weakened. Transparent waves reached my legs and as if having been frightened, gently crept away, and then with a new force of drop to my legs. Hot beams of the sun as if warm water poured over my person.


During a lunch presented by cooks wonderful dishes. The fine salads tempting with the look and sweets at which only you will look already slobbers began to flow.

Next day we decided to plunge under water with aqualungs. First I very much was afraid, but the feeling of curiosity won. Fell under water. It was visible darkness of depth. A little later I saw a small fish of extraordinary beauty. I felt free, and bubbles which I let out, promptly rose in the shining height. Remained to time not so much, and there was a wish to look still so much. On the land we could tell a lot of things each other.

On this travel. It was not much sad to depart home, but the feeling of happiness prevailed. I am very glad that carried out the rest in this remarkable place...