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Thanks to the daughter that she made me the feeding mother of

Ya - mother of three children but to brag of the fact that I am the feeding mother I can just now. I will begin with the fact that I and my younger brother - “bottle-fed babies“. Mother had no milk, and we grew up on mixes. Then I became a mother. There was not enough milk. Held on about one month, and then transferred the child to dairy mix. The daughter liked to drink from a small bottle, further hardly disaccustomed her to this habit.

the son Was born

, history repeated. At the same time I tried: drank homeopathic remedies, teas for increase of a lactation, but nothing helped.

the third child was born

A year ago. As before, in maternity hospital milk, it seems, came. But, taught by last experience, I knew that I have it for a while. Therefore strongly was upset when the child is brought on feeding, and there is a baby does not want. The daughter lay near, such small! Red. It seemed to me that she without me cries that it is hungry. But to disturb it, to stir up I did not raise a hand.

For the third day us was written out. Here - that I was delighted. Embraced the daughter and fed when she wishes. In the first day she just slept. I only went nearby and thought: “When she will wake up and will want to eat?“ For the second day of the house the child had an appetite. And even it seemed to me that it more exacting, than the senior children. It is more active than seniors, in a different way takes a breast and releases, only when will gorge on. But suddenly sad day came.

Still the day before I noticed a speck on the daughter, since morning called the doctor at once. Soon the doctor came and told that we have a puzyrchatka. We began to be going to hospital. I cried, it was offensive for me: we only with the daughter began to get used to each other, only we defined the day regimen and feedings. And now to go to hospital, to be separated with the child. And to us only the seventh day! What my surprise in hospital when I saw the former acquaintances there was: we together lay in maternity hospital! To our children to whom six who are seven days old. In an accident ward we were two crying mummies, then three, then four...

So far us was made out, brought on “ambulance“ of two more mummies. I absolutely was upset, understood: there is something strange and unforeseen. Tears flew, and could not calm down. Represented: here now others aunts will take my daughter, will undress, will twist, examine, put pricks or still that (signed paper about medical intervention). Hard going, came to the room for mummies of office of pathology of newborns. Everything was gloomy. The child somewhere in children`s office, I - in a basement. Rooms for mothers - it is loudly told. But even there was not enough place here. It appeared, there is too much us. We counted, us there were about thirty mothers who already met in maternity hospital under more pleasant circumstances earlier. Even before our receipt in hospital all places were taken. Doctors said that it never was. That there is too much us, and they do not know what with us to do. Epidemic! It is necessary to tell that sympathized with us, doctors were upset when they saw tears of young fathers which brought on hospitalization of the wives and newborns. So I appeared in the room - the distributor (to wait until for me the bed - the place is released) where I should spend the whole day from nine in the morning till nine in the evening. This day we were eight mummies there. We had two chairs and two beds so and it will not be possible to have a rest between feedings. Then I did not know yet that before allocation to me the bed - places will pass four days! But that all these inconveniences in comparison with moral test.

Ya gave the child to foreign people! I went for the first feeding with wet eyes. But also not I am one such. Many, as well as I, hid the squelching nose behind a mask of. I pressed the daughter. And me it became absolutely sad. So hardly there took place feeding. I do not know: whether children ate something. To leave till the morning was still gorestny. Home arrived and started howling. Mother calmed, said that it is impossible to be upset - milk will be gone. What milk? I know that it at me for a while. But all the same at night before going to bed it set to be decanted. I am decanted and pay, I pay and I am decanted...

Now also I do not know

how I sustained all this. But all bad passed, the daughter recovered. We returned the friend to the friend. I fed her as soon as she wishes. I wanted to feed her, to feed. There passed month. Milk is! A month more! Several times it seemed: everything, milk, the child hungry comes to an end. But persistently offered a breast, it was necessary to feed also ten times a day, and more. But also the daughter tried. It is persistent, tried to take everything that is possible. So we with it reached a boundary - eight months. It seemed to me: it is a limit. At night it awakes me even more often. After receiving council from the pediatrician, bought mix. Prepared and offered the daughter. She long could not understand that it to it is offered and that with it to do. Hardly it was succeeded to give it several drops in a mouth that it with a lovely smile returned back. All attempts to feed from a small bottle were vain, the child did not drink mix. It was necessary to be answerable to mother. When the baby was nine months old, she at last learned to drink from a small bottle. But not mix, but water. Mix is not pleasant to it at all. I am glad. Thanks to it I am still feeding mother.

Even when began to enter a feeding up, we did not forget about a mother`s milk. The same most tasty. So my daughter considers. Yes, at night still I wake up several times and, I do not get enough sleep. But that can be better when the child when the baby looks at you, eye to eye leans against you. Close - it is close. Snuffles at your breast and purrs from pleasure. I am grateful to the daughter, it she made me the feeding mother.


In ten days to my daughter will execute year. It is a lot of. I even did not represent that I can feed so long. Even I do not know as far as it long. Will show time. But now she wants to tell thanks that she rejected my attempts to accustom her to mix; for the fact that she most of all loves the mother and her chest milk!