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With “Prague“ - to Prague. Week in the fairy tale

Europe does not suffer gallop, it needs to be experienced as a drink of sound Czech beer. As a rule, everything happens to the guide quickly, superficially therefore I both legs for quiet independent walks.

Before departure to Prague on the Irish dances championship we with the daughter diligent sang a lullaby to Eyjafjallajokull. Having convinced that the volcano sleeps tight, and the flood flooded yet not all Czech Republic, I began to pack a suitcase. The hassle connected with the forthcoming trip finally brought me to the handle which the first point in the list of things I entered own daughter.

“Mother, mother what I will do?.“ - by a loud daughter`s voice my cellular became torn. It the husband with the last manuals called. In a second the same motive was repeated by the sound signals of our “Boeing“ which urged stewards to close hatches and to take the places. I regarded coincidence as a good omen and with pleasure began to watch how the good part of neighbors in salon began to sing amicably a song from the movie “Kean - a Dza - a Dza“.

As you understand

, with the six-year-old child some features have a gradoosvoyeniye of Prague. I did not consider it necessary to stuff the daughter with deep historical digressions and developed the program, considering interests of the child. We were faced by a difficult task - well to take a walk in Prague, without having damaged “tool“. Strong and trained, according to the daughter, legs needed to be cared and cherished at least to the championship. Therefore the first days our cultural program was sparing, with a strong bias in the childhood. For me the main complexity consisted in constant concentration of attention - the child - a purse - a backpack. By the way, our neighbors in hotel told that in the city they for a second relaxed. They were rescued by only a long lace on a purse which was hooked for a bag...

In plans it appeared p:

  1. the Zoo
  2. the Museum of toys
  3. the Museum of chocolate
  4. Parks, gardens
  5. Numerous walks on the center of Prague

At the same time, in Prague are places which I tried “to register“ in the daughter`s head carefully. Easy I came back to them several times, told interesting legends, paid attention to curious details, facts. Soon I noticed that the daughter derives pleasure from the phrase: “Mother, I know this place, here...“

of the quick House I unpacked a fragment from a verse on Prague of Yaroslav Vrkhlitsky.

Moscow and Prague - the ancient capitals,
Moscow and Prague in a princely row.
Both that, and this is what to boast.
But I carry on conversation on Prague.

of Gold Prague,
Zlat wreath.
I am a visitor,
your singer.

Ya your kind
Friend and guest.
I cannot
More separately.

You are Gradchana,
I - Kizhi. the city
Show br to the Guest!

To the utmost
Czechs, Prague,
Karlov Bridge got up.

Hung up it in the room of the hotel at the level of eyes. In several days on Karlovy Bridge we wrote down it together with a greeting for the family for memory in a videoarchive.

Transport. Ezdenki. Having arrived to Prague, I at first decided to reconnoiter whether the travel card for five days makes sense to buy. Intuitively I began to solve problems in process of receipt. The week spent in Prague showed that I made the right decision. I used mainly tram. We had days sated with trips and otdykhatelny - with two trips. For example, from our hotel to It is small the countries (a stop “County“) to go by tram of 15 minutes - why to spend the ticket for 26 kroner (for 75 minutes) when it is possible to manage the ticket for 18 kroner. In seven days we used daily tickets only three times (100 kroner, children`s - a half of cost). Considering weather succession of events, I made the plan for every day, and according to it made the decision, what ticket to use. It is better to think of tickets in advance. Once under the law of meanness in the day off we got to a heavy rain, the next booth was closed. Until found the ticket, got wet through... Paid for travel always. It enters a complex of education of the decent person (I about the daughter). At us never checked tickets. But I know the cheerful company which a crowd ran in evening transport into controllers with all that it implies...

Would be crime not to drive many

on the funicular which is considered city transport, however, with one “but“. The matter is that tickets on three, for five days and do not extend to this type of transport any more. Locals in general buy the travel card for a month or for a year that at least is much more economic, but pay for the funicular separately. The funicular is arranged in such a way that, having passed three stops, it is necessary to leave and to enter anew through other entrance. On expectation of the car time can leave too. The ticket for 26 kroner will be enough for 2 - 3 drivings. 4 times were enough for the Daughter.

Park Petrshin (Petrin) remarkably suits both romantic couples, and shilopopisty kinderyata, and elderly people. On a grass it is lazy future mummy waited the pregnancy, well-mannered dogs and children carefree froliced and what look opened on Mull the country - not to tell!

In park the daughter with big pleasure drove on a horse (40 kroner). It is a lot of nabesivshis, my child still long time with gratitude remembered this powerful drink of freedom.

Zoo. In it everything that is necessary for animals - a scope, people (in good, negastranomichesky sense of this word) is. The spacious cozy territory with a playground and the funicular (on it the separate ticket - 30 kroner is necessary). Life since morning in it boiled. The orangutan with a clever look monitored process of education of the sonny, birds had breakfast white mice. The souvenir from a zoo at us appeared very naturally. The big-eared signature stamp very opportunely started cleaning of plumelets. So Alice managed to get hold of a gigansky feather. In certain pavilions the special climate is created, and it is better to keep photoequipment. Yes, you remember, pickpockets people also wish to combine business with pleasure.

Hotel. our three-star Pro-cop (Chick) settled down highly in mountains. In the morning we were awoken by sonorous thrushes, and squirrels crowds stole a march. For people whose legs got used to go much - the ideal place. We were given remarkable 216th number overlooking the city. The porter was not there. But you understand: for any Russian woman to lift a suitcase weighing 23 kg on the second floor is a real kickshaw. We left tip not every day, and cleaned up at us daily. The safe in number was not. Below on reception there is the general safe where it is possible to store all valuable (50 kroner in a week).

Food. In hotel we could count on a normal European breakfast. It was more essential than continental. Of course, for a buffet skromnovato. But will be enough for the person without excessive claims. The organism of my owlet which got used to rise at ten in the morning went to breakfasts for decency. In the first day, having found at a neighbour`s table to bank of caviar, the daughter strongly was delighted. But for a while. Sausages at our table were good too. In an hour Alice regretted that she has badly breakfast. For poor eaters instead of a breakfast it makes sense to take a dry ration. The hotel met requirements of us because owners of hotel had two charming children and everything was understood. We not strongly abused it. Soon I found the solution - put the daughter to have breakfast for a small little table and a small stool. Alice Chuvstovala of the heroine of the fairy tale “Three Bears“ also began to treat food properly. We had dinner at the Chinese restaurant where for us there was a habitual Sichuan kitchen.

of the Photo. the Look through a lens showed at once that Prague that still a fifochka. Her long extremities did not get into a shot, it bent somewhere and was not such, as in nature at all. Well, I removed only for a family album, not strongly bothering. My fotokhobbitost not strongly was greedy, it perfectly understood everything.

Souvenirs. Everything that is symbols of Prague (for example, the Mole from the well-known animated cartoon), stit expensively. Especially in the downtown. So, the set of single linen with its image costs (690 kroner) exactly three times more expensively usual set.

generally, we have a rest perfectly. The daughter brought two bronze medals, and both of us are still happy.

Approximate prices:

to Drive on a tarantass or a retro - the car - primerno1000 kroner.
Tickets for a concert - from 800 kroner (in simple churches there are quite good concerts of an organ music, is much cheaper - about 400 kroner).
the Ticket for the ballet about 1000 kroner (decent places), children till 10 years free of charge. Dress - the code exists.
the Ticket in a zoo - 150 kroner (adult), 100 (children`s).
the Ticket in the museum of toys - 70 kroner (adult), 30 kroner (children`s).
the Powder tower - 70 kroner (adult), 20 kroner (children`s).
Ice cream - from 9 kroner.