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Difficult milk

I here my long-awaited twins - Andryusha and Alyosha - were born by means of Cesarean section. I terribly worried in maternity hospital - at all milk arrived for the 3rd day after the delivery, and at me everything was empty. Some droplets of colostrum for all day and that squeezed out hardly.

Children initially were on feeding by mix, from the maternity hospital. But for the 5th days I woke up in the morning with two huge stone weights instead of breasts, is 2 sizes more than former! But I could not rastseditsya - any touch to a breast caused wild pain and the fountain of involuntary tears. Nevertheless, children were carried on feedings in turn, and did it, probably, only in order that we had a contact with them - they took a principled stand and did not take a breast. To me midwifes, doctors came, all strongly pressed on boulders, but nothing left. Only the manual milk pump with a petal nozzle helped, and helped almost instantly! So history of decantations began. Infinite history.

were born

of the Boy weighing 2500 and 2550, doctors told that for twins which were born on the 36th week it is still very good. But they were so small and weak that they elementary lacked forces for milk exhaustion. I fed from bottles, being selflessly and constantly decanted, gradually adding a dosage. I tried not to listen to anybody - well-wishers who said that time boys did not take a breast at once, it is more already and will not take; “wise men“ who convinced me that I, most likely, incorrectly put; grandmothers on both sides with their radical methods. Grandmothers suggested to arrange to children hungry day and not to leave to kids of other alternative except a mother`s breast. I parried that inquisition times passed long ago, and children all the same receive a portion of immunity necessary to them.


I here long-awaited 3 kilograms - weight is taken! And from this point children began to suck a breast as two little bloodsuckers and fell off when were sated. My pleasure and pride was not a limit, and I mentally put out the tongue at all well-wishers! Sometimes I even organized sessions of simultaneous feeding.

Now to malyshika for 2,5 months, they with pleasure eat from a breast, grow and please me! And grandmothers too! The main thing in breastfeeding - to remember that you are a parent, and you best of all know that it is necessary for your child. Listen to nobody, listen to the heart. Your parent was already given chance to prove with you as with the child. Practically any woman after the delivery can cause and continue a lactation for such term which will demand the child. There are even wonderful stories that when the child was grown up by grandmothers without mother, they caused milk in the breast, without giving birth, only continuous stimulation. The nature is wise. The nature is fine. Look in yourself, and you will find all answers there.