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Love and pain, rest and fight of

Love and pain, rest and fight... I endured in eight months of GV mastitis, laktostaza, the milkwoman, the wrong applying, confusion of nipples and refusal of a breast. Whether it is pleasant to me to feed? Very much!

me one was clear to

From preparation for childbirth: it is not necessary to be decanted. It is necessary to feed the kid - it did not raise doubts too. I also did not think of bigger. Thought of childbirth, and it was necessary to take care of feeding then.

I here picture oil: the child cries, there is no colostrum. To second day came. “How to feed?“ - I ask. “Time at three o`clock. In an hour, in four, in seven etc.“ I was exhausted: the child hangs on a breast for two hours, and in an hour to put again? Sheer torture!

Fed with

on demand, milk came day to the fifth in such quantity that on the seventh I was in hospital already again: mastitis. I was given antibiotics, told about decantation. Nothing at most was impossible, the breast turned into stone, temperature slid under forty. The nurse helped. It spent week for me daily till some hours. Canals were filled again, temperature did not fall down. Only the third antibiotic helped. I was in hospital with the child and the husband, did not sleep almost absolutely and only thought what is a nightmare.

Came back home. But five laktostaz in one and a half months. Here I namuchatsya! Again the nurse helped out, and after two months I somehow got used to GV and new situation.

it was p that to be decanted all - it is necessary - at a breast nagrubaniye. Here I also felt it - both in the afternoon, and at night. And at once the milkwoman burst. Pain is the wildest! Again antibiotic, lotions everyones. While it was treated, got used to air a breast - very important. As well as to change constantly laying if milk flows.

Ya was accustomed to feed with a diaper atilt. I feed the child and I collect milk. The daughter asked a breast continuously, I gave it a pacifier that though to have a rest a little. She began to suck a breast as a pacifier - is sick! Gradually it began to be spat from a pacifier and to shout at a breast. Fed her in a dream: rocked to sleep, and I fed. And so nearly four months!! The daughter ate only in a dream, with the periods of improvement of the relation to a breast. Gained weight well. Now eats and “in consciousness“. Why it happened, I do not know. Perhaps from - for nipples, and, maybe, from - for very strong inflow of milk. As inflow - even spurts on half-meter. Gradually inflow became quieter.


were Very much helped by pediatricians and all doctors who convinced that GV is the best option even at reception of antibiotics and drugs (compatible to GV, of course). That a big set of weight - it is remarkable!

Despite all difficulties, we regularly made distant trips. On the way the daughter of okhotny took a breast. I consider that GV even at problems better than WILLOWS, is easier, more useful to the child. And what is a joy for mother! To see the gentle attractive face at itself near by pacified, smiling in a dream - whether this happiness?