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The open letter to the mother-in-law of

Dear edition enclosed below the composition is sent to slightly printing editions respected by me. If you do not find in it signs of a work of art or a documentary illustration of actual social subject, the request to consider the possibility of its publication “as advertizing“. Yours faithfully, Sergej Farah (pseudonym)

Open letter to the mother-in-law. Dear Lyubov Fyodorovna! Another on my place could be grateful to you. How you already soon 20 years treat the younger daughter, perhaps, does her by such sincerely loving and devoted spouse and good mother. You, probably, will not understand, but I really and very much love your daughter Lena. And therefore and in a terrible nightmare it would not wish it to appear ever again in your maternal embraces.

I sometimes with horror find

of Already 9 years in it signs of your unique manner of communication with people close to you. Fortunately, in most cases it appears my own sick imagination whose unhealthy deviation arose and was fixed in me for those short months of our close communication with you.

As you prepared

! Your table reminded imperial in those paints as it was represented in epic stories, but with some grotesqueness. Something in it already was from Gogol and Saltykov-Shchedrin. For few months, carried out with you in one country house, I easily added of 5 - 10 kg. to me sometimes remember Today your entertainments. All our joint experience made memories of my meals at your table slightly metaphoric. Today it seems to me that I was fed as a bull-calf on a slaughter. My wedding with you had to become the last, probably... Sorry! Your daughter!

As I already told

, you presented me happiness to be with Lena. I estimate myself critically. I am not Alain Delon, of course, though with a height of 195 cm I possess defined article. But the main thing, I, of course, am nasty character. Mine fault-finding, corrosiveness, attention to trifles, obstinacy, at last, though have household character, but easily could be the cause of exhaustion of so sublime and emotional nature as Lena. But! Your “ghost“ in our family “opera“ adds to cement of our family relationship that small on volume, but an element, so significant for their strengthening, as that, probably, which the Chinese masters used at construction of the Great Wall. By the way, speak, it were not blood of young women, not some food additives. In your case, it, perhaps, both that, and another. You do not allow our union to weaken with Lena. Already repeatedly you a generous hand splashed a tub of hot oil in our slightly dying away love fire. Alas, you painfully burned with this oil so loving you and once again the heart of your daughter revealing to you towards. These scars drag on for years.

Ya for some reason I am never present at these executions. I do not know, maybe, you consider that the young woman needs good flogging. I do not know it and is definitely not capable of it. Perhaps, you are overflowed by own bile which comes whether from feeling of deprivation you the property - daughters, whether, all - is a consequence of the sufferings transferred you.

Dear Lyubov Fyodorovna! I feel sincerely sorry for you! Your own pain does not allow you to enjoy love, warmth and just society of your younger daughter so fine inside, however and externally. I have nothing to offer you, dear mother-in-law. In total and always in the life you got used to take. I can only wish to you to reach everything that to you it is desired and will become you delight and a consolation. But under one condition! Under no circumstances I would not like that your desires to extend your power and influence on Lena or ours with it three children would not find a materialization. Izbav you God from a sin, and us from punishment! Let everything remain as is, let wounds, let hatred, infused on offenses cicatrize, fades and turns pale as the black resin of your hair decorated by a gray hair. Let wine of contention will turn into vinegar of doubt and will be used for preparation of your skillful dishes. Let everything will overgrow bylyyom. Live with the world, dear Lyubov Fyodorovna! Live with the world! Your sincere son-in-law Sergey.