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My small big victory of

When I learned that we will have a kid, I was only 20 years old. Ahead there were many plans - work, career, holiday and other. And here in a moment all my interests met only to one - to my baby.

Pregnancy washing

proceeded normally. I gave birth to the daughter in time, gave birth 15 hours, but did not consider the childbirth as all the same difficult. If it is honest, then everything that interested me during pregnancy, is a process of childbirth, development of my baby, a children`s dowry, toys... And that is why - that about such important question as breastfeeding, I even did not think.

As soon as I gave birth to the daughter, it was taken away at once on processing, then few times to me it was shown, I was taken out to a corridor with ice on a stomach, and the daughter for this time was carried away. I lay and stirred by phone with the husband, parents... And I did not know at all that it is very important to put the baby to a breast in the first half an hour! And the medical staff did not even find time to report to me about it. When it was put to a breast, she was obviously delighted not with this process as if she did not understand what from it is wanted. Soon, after frequent applyings, the daughter very much even liked to hang at mother on a sisa.

When we lay with it in chamber, from the wrong applying the daughter “cracked“ my nipples. It was wildly sick, I could not feed her normally. The daughter shouted eternally, did not sleep. When I reported about it to the pediatrician, she “advised“ to give me to the baby a glyukozka. Well, I thought, the doctor. Began to give it these small small bottles. From them my daughter began to shout even more, at her constantly hummed in a tummy. And here my gynecologist saw how I am going to feed once again the daughter with glucose and let`s shout at me. On my feeble attempts to justify oneself, tell that I yet all the same have no milk (there was the 3rd day) that to me it is awfully painful, nipples all bleed, it from all force squeezed to me a breast, and milk began to flow from there! She told me immediately to put the child to a breast, having told that I take away health from the kid. It lectured me strongly what I am very grateful to it for! It the first gave me installation - there is nothing more important for the kid, than breast milk.

When we arrived home, everything became excellent, cracks began to live - I greased them with ointment. I slept with the baby during feeding and at night. Fed on the first peep. Of course not to avoid laktatsionny crises, but also I courageously overcame them - frequent applyings, tea for the feeding mummies, homeopathic medicines, a quiet psychological situation of the house, a warm shower on a breast (that can be more pleasant)... But nothing so helps as belief that I will nurse the child.

When to my baby was nearly 2 months old, we with the husband decided to meet friends. I strained off a milk, left the daughter at parents, and anything was thought up more cleverly how to go to a hill. Result - compression spinal fracture... And 1,5 months to lie and not to move. I did not cry, I howled... I did not think of myself, I thought of the daughter. How I will look after her to feed her, to swaddle... For my lying laktatsionny crisis had. Not only that I was upset, so I could not answer precisely myself - whether I will be able to nurse further the child, it is possible to lie either on a back, or on a stomach. You will not go outside, there is no fresh air, there is no movement. I knew one precisely: I very much want to nurse the baby. And I fought, fought as I could.

the Husband and parents me very strongly helped

with it. Eventually, I so “got the hand“ that I already itself calmed the baby. If she begins to cry, “put her to bed“. She was constantly near with me, caught my smell, heat of my body... It was inconvenient, all body became numb, some muscles began to atrophy a little, but I understood that I have no right from - for the nonsense to deprive the baby of a milk. We won against all troubles.

to Nurse

for me is very pleasant process. At this time I and the daughter am a single whole, such spiritual unification comes also feeling of a cosiness. Began to catch itself on thought that filling up, I wait when there come 4 o`clock in the morning (at this particular time the daughter wakes up on night feeding) to take the baby under a flank to feel how this lump nestles on me, snuffles and sips such milk tasty, useful mamochkino.