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Sketches to memoirs

during the first pregnancy I was so overflowed with impressions that dreamed to write the book. The last straw which forced me to sit down at “pregnant memoirs“, there was a telephone conversation with the aunt.

- As health, what are you doing?

- I Feel perfectly, undertook a set of small cases which hands did not reach. Here, began razb...

- Hey, you strongly there be not troubled!

- He - he...

- If you feel that you are tired, at once lay down to have a rest!

- Ugu.

- You should be very careful!

- Yes...

- You treat the husband, and that it will not be started up in maternity hospital!

- Yes, we already about it thought...

- I even by phone heard that he caught a cold, it not business!

- you Understand, batteries fry, otkra window leaves...

- You cook to it potatoes, let will breathe over a pan.

- Well, well...

- At the same time you will eat.

- Aha...

- add some Butter!

I cannot be silent more, it is polite nod, smile or assent, and shout “Stop advising!“ or even “I will strangle you!“ it is possible only for the closest. People, not persons interested to cause an abortion because of nerves, have to avoid edifications in every way. And at all not to repeat one council twice, three times, every time at a meeting! There are some statements which the family tortured me within long months.

- Cannot starve, eat still a piece!

- should be eaten moderately!

- Perhaps it is not necessary to walk so much?

- You should walk more!

- You have to have a rest!

- You should admire fine!

- Unless in your situation it is possible?

is Liked to be advised about arrangement of the house and education of babies.

- Still did not make repair? It is clear, you need our patronage help!

- Hot houses? Wash batteries, it will become easier.

- the Carpet saves the dust harmful to the baby!

- In the room it will be cold, it is necessary a carpet.

- should Swaddle. At all times swaddled.

- You surely have to nurse. - Yes, I gather. - Understand, it is very important for the child. - Yes, it agrees. - No, listen, feed with mix only mothers - echidnas, do not do so at all!.

In the majority of not pregnant the confidence sits that the pregnant woman - the defenseless, helpless being demanding incessant affection and guardianship. And we pull hands to touch others stomach, we lisp, forcedly we admire at each meeting. Only having become pregnant, I understood how sometimes it is important not to poke into other people`s business. I got almost all useful tips from recently given rise mummies and daddies, they readily answered my questions, but in soul did not climb and did not impose the opinion.

we began to work as

On conception in five years of joint life. We managed to feel “adults“ when it is possible to watch all night long film, to smoke in a bed and to organize parties though every day. The youthful fear to be left with the advent of the child in the basket of wonderful and novel life did not disturb any more. We learned to conduct economy, to earn and spend money, to cope with the conflicts. 26 years - were time to get down to business until obstetricians enlisted in a camp of “starorodyashchy“. And mother with the mother-in-law did not miss an opportunity to ask about grandsons. Once we ceased to be protected, and from this day I threw cigarettes.

At first we with the husband were nervous a little, every month cautiously expected sharp change of marital status, but nothing new occurred, it was cheerful and easy to live without contraceptives, and tension disappeared soon. Only in a year of fruitless joys we thought of a campaign to the doctor.

Inspection showed

: at me everything for conception is ready. The suspicion fell on the husband. But earlier, than we learned, as it as it should be, I received the striped test. He offered explanations for a set of changes in my health to which I did not attach significance. For example, wine at two last parties was delightful exciting - life became finer and more cheerful though earlier was two glasses enough to fall asleep. For the first time in life I endured a hangover, but, I am afraid, it I do not need to become inveterate a drunkard, it be not unusual reaction a consequence of hormonal reorganizations in a pregnant organism. They increased action of a new diet with calculation of calories so in a month I got rid of 3 kilograms without any moral losses.

Not all symptoms of pregnancy were pleasant. The pulling feeling in the bottom of a stomach, weight in calves, slight nausea in the evening, fatigue and is awful a somnolence. However all them was blocked by unusual euphoria. Someone calls it pleasure of motherhood, others - an endorphin storm. One is right: the sky seems is more blue, leaves - are more green, in general, beauty suddenly is shown in each mote.

regularity between dreams of the future Exists and how it develops - imperceptible short steps life moves ahead to results of which polusoznatelno you dream. The year which was required for conception brought me an avalanche of events without which pregnancy would be not so cloudless. I acquired the rights (always dreamed to carry the kid with comfort), but by accident did not buy the car (and it was useful since soon there came crisis). Surprisingly traveled much. Permits, grants, business trips poured one by one. I adore planes, the airports, hotels, lonely swaying on the unfamiliar cities, shopping, souvenirs, exotic food, new words from foreign languages. It was much and even more. I was almost tired of adventures so it is quiet and with pleasure worried pregnant year without distant trips.

So far the child was not conceived by

, I decided to change in a different way the life and filled in applications for training in Russia, Europe and the USA. On each of projects I, appear, had quite good chances, I passed on two - three rounds, and then learned about pregnancy and began to pray already that not to pass competitions. Here good luck - I did not get any of grants! The bitter pill, I so trusted in the forces. And indescribable simplification, I did not need additional cares at all.

is born

of People tormently - about it report to us even earlier, than about pleasure by which conception is followed. I, apparently, since the childhood knew that childbirth is connected with pain, blood, and at times and seams on the most gentle parts of a body and the patrimonial injuries connected with negligence of midwifes. Frightening data on toshnotny toxicosis, faints, pigmentation on a face and an irreversible tolsteniye were added to youth. The pregnant woman was drawn by the tired faded woman in the baggy clothes which are clumsily going to get in a queue to the heartless gynecologist. There is a beautiful hypothesis: the sense of frightening stereotypes is in that the woman with all responsibility treated the child`s birth - if you decide on such tests, means is really ready to love the kid and to bear responsibility for it...

Listening to stories of acquaintances about childbirth, I promised herself to pay any money for confidence that my midwife will not be negligent, and the doctor rough. I gathered for childbirth with mother - she in case of need (which, undoubtedly, will arise!) will make scandal, preventing injuries, blood losses and substitution of effective anesthetics worthless. But in process of inclusion in subculture of pregnant women fears disappeared. It appeared, “it is important to take out - we will give rise as - nibud“. And it is necessary to give birth with the husband whose task not to resist to an arbitrariness of physicians, and to divide difficulties and pleasures of a grandiose event. Studying of any available information on pregnancy and childbirth became my main weapon against fears. To consider all accidents, it seemed to receive all particulars the only way to be protected. Forewarned is forearmed. Carefully chose scientifically - the popular book about pregnancy. Subscribed for community of pregnant women in “LiveJournal“. Having learned about possible dangers at pregnancy and childbirth, I decided to make everything to prevent them. To properly eat, do special gymnastics, to study correctly to breathe, go to classes for future parents, to carefully choose the doctor and maternity hospital... Development of strategy restrained fears: in any case, I will not be the silent victim of destiny and domestic medicine!

the Main characters of the first trimester - toxicosis, change of weight, a hyper tone of a uterus and the aggravated sense of beauty. It is known that the exact reasons of toxicosis are still not defined, here and not clearly what women are predisposed to it. Me only two times - morning after, described in the history about conception threw up. Toxicosis was shown in the form of illusive faintness in the late afternoon, it was easy to be removed, having refused a dense dinner. The habit to healthy food for some time delayed emergence of the terrible appetite described by hundreds of visitors of the blog ru_perinatal. Devouring pickles, rolls with poppy and smoked sausages, women are inflated as airships and become objects of general affection, not in forces to hide the growing stomach. Appetite change - the natural mechanism helping to deliver construction materials to a point of assembly of the baby. As my organism since student`s times saved up about 20 kilograms of rolls and sausages, it needed to spend the deposit and to request only some elements. Let`s tell, I suddenly fell in love with sea cabbage, ate it for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. By spring on development of new life left my 7 kilograms. I began to gain weight only on the fifth month. By the way, on months pregnancy is defined only by laymen. In the world perenatat the calendar according to which pregnancy lasts from 38 to 42 weeks. And a reference point at all not night when the father and mother merged in love ecstasy, and the beginning of the last monthly, that is day when many fathers prefer mothers not to disturb once again is considered.

Asking the pregnant woman the question “What Term?“, be ready to the answer like “Sixteen - seventeen...“ take the calculator and translate into language, clear for yourself, proceeding from the fact that in one month about four and a half weeks.

Successfully having slipped Toksik and Guzzle! stations I got stuck on “Threat“. The hyper tone of a uterus happens at many (for example, at my mother) and absolutely not necessarily attracts terrible consequences. But as the greatest number of spontaneous abortions happens in the first trimester, the doctor can equate a hyper tone to “pregnancy interruption threat“. To you will advise to lead a bed life, but at the same time to refuse for a while sex in favor of a valerian. It is not obligatory to be the hypochondriac seriously to apprehend warnings of the doctor of the danger which hung over your first pregnancy. And still too much in our health depends on a spirit. Couple of days ago you skated, taking off so pulling effects in a stomach, and after visit to the gynecologist the feeling approached pain, and began to release only at absolute rest under a blanket. Well, week of a bed rest and accustoming to the new status passed very pleasantly. I slept, having collapsed “asterisk“ on the most convenient sofa in the house (further it was necessary to sleep exclusively on one side), ate squids (from them quickly began to feel sick) and began to read “Anna Karenina“ (finished after childbirth, short parts, in that only place where had the right though slightly to stay without child - in a toilet). For work returned other person.

Political sensations, infringement of freedom of speech or office squabbles were equally insignificant

in comparison with epoch-making news at me in a stomach. I rose over vanity, fell in love with loneliness, silence and walks with a player in ears. Snow sparkled on the sun, trees swung branches, in them crude wind walked, sviristel ringed tiny silver hand bells. I listened to opera music and cried. Tears of emotion appeared in one thousand occasions: picture at an exhibition, someone`s nobility, someone`s children, my grown thin hands, a meeting with parents, the sleeping husband, a cluster of bananas, a warm cap... I was overflowed by surprise and gratitude of the Universe.

the Body of the pregnant woman begins to be transformed by

long before emergence of an obvious stomach. Blood supply amplifies, not only the uterus, but also everything that behaved imperceptibly earlier grows: there are birthmarks, head hair get denser, mucous a nose round the clock develops snivels. Kidneys train future mother for frequent night awakenings, forcing to run in a toilet everyone an hour and a half. The stomach stops feeble efforts to junk food the most severe heartburn. The brain boils, giving dreams of three-dimensional brightness. Pregnant women adore discussing details of dreams - one were lucky to watch pornofilms all the time and to wake up from an orgasm, others are tormented by incredibly plausible, sophisticated nightmares. Film directors should reflect, Hollywood goes long ago around while millions of women worldwide nightly make the first-class plots.

P. S. On this place I was absorbed by maternal cares so notes break. Perhaps sometime...