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It came true again! I expect a baby... A stab in the back for trust to modern methods of contraception. Began to panic, of course, what a sin to conceal. The first still on all fours moves, and here already... Familiar situation? Well, so you will have stair-steppers too (or already is).


Ya at my decimestrial beauty who is not suspecting yet what clouds are condensed over her head, and thought: “And how to train for it the child?“ The main objectives were are as follows: to impart to the baby independence (naturally, considering age features) and to minimize jealousy of the second child.

Started immediately.

Cleaning of toys became for us an integral part of the game, some kind of stage finishing it. Bought nice baskets. At first I asked the daughter to give to mother of a toy, and itself put them. Any mandative tone, all effortlessly. Then, is closer by a year, Ilanka herself began to put toys in a basket, I needed only to praise it. I taught the baby to display toys on signs: soft - in a red basket, plastic - in blue, the others - in yellow.

to impart to the child some useful skills, I used thirst for imitation. Aloud commented on some actions: “Look, came home, I wipe the footwear and I put it on the shelf. All have the shelf, Ilana has it too.“ Ilanka puffs, wiping boots, and is proud puts their place.

it was even easier for p to Master process of acceptance of food. Just gave to the child a spoon and a plate with food, laid the newspaper under a stool, itself sat down opposite and ate. The main thing - is more than independence, and, besides, - a praise, for each spoon carried the purpose. It is possible to help a little the kid special games. We used the following: poured water (when bathed) from a glass in a glass, poured grain from a plateau into a plateau by means of a spoon.

Skill of independent falling asleep took with

more time. It is important to do it smoothly. At first I just came to about thirty seconds, then came back and sat next until the baby falls asleep. The interval increased. The daughter got used to such order mother left, but she surely will come soon, it is not necessary to worry. Sometimes I found the baby already sleeping, just kissed and left. After a year began rehearsal of appearance of the younger little sister. Bought a big baby doll. Took a romper suit and baby`s undershirts. Also began to look after “lyaly“. Put to bed, bathed, fed, changed clothes. Said that “lyalya“ still small, nothing is able and it is necessary to help it to everything will learn. Game of the daughter was pleasant and... Taida`s birth was for her continuation. I began to involve to Ilan in care of the little sister at once. To bring a romper suit, to wipe slobbers a napkin and you never know tasks which on a shoulder to the one-and-a-half-year-old child.

Bathing takes place

so: I gather water in a big bathtub, I put in it to Ilan. There I lower Taida. Senior begins to pour on younger water from a small mug. Under my sensitive management waters a tummy, handles, legs. If to ask both will soap and will wash away. You know that at the moment the most difficult for me? To keep calm when Ilan begins to squeeze the little sister in the strong embraces. I take a deep breath (not to shout) and I switch the attention of the oldest daughter to something else, not less interesting, in passing pulling out younger from her hands: “There, in my opinion, the birdie on a village window, goes, we will look.“

Of course, not everything at us is smooth and sweet. Whatever you may say, it is difficult to raise pellets, but I always remember the grandmother who grew up seven (!) pellets. Without pampers, hot water, the automatic washing machine etc., notice.

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