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Everything will be OK!

Here passed 4 years! And I remember everything as if was yesterday: as looked forward the firstborn`s birth - little sons, was adjusted to be mother! Read magazines, went to courses. To feed or not to nurse a question at me did not stand! I will feed so much how many it will turn out. But there was not everything as smoothly as there was a wish.

the Kid was born

in time, but childbirth was long, a premature otkhozhdeniye of waters, asphyxia... The result - the child is transferred to children`s hospital. For me it was shock! I in maternity hospital, and am not present the kid. How many tears are shed... And nearby the mummies cherishing and feeding the beloved are happy.

For the third day the milk came, began to decant. I remember how it was furtively discharged from maternity hospital, fast in the car not to meet happy crowd of newly made fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. Moreover continuous phone calls from friends and relatives with congratulations! From it it became even heavier.

Wants to tell words of gratitude to the husband separately. All this time he visited synulyu in hospital. To me allowed to come to the child only in a week. All this time I decanted each three hours milk, whether it be day or night. There was a wish to sleep awfully, but the alarm clock rings - and forward... And there came that day when I at last could take the kid on hands! Here it is the real happiness. At first allowed to feed only from a small bottle as the baby was weak. At the same time it had to exhaust a certain norm, and only after that it was allowed to put to a breast. Well, here I used cunning a little, and my Miracle received practically only a mother`s milk. We quickly gained the necessary weight, got stronger and in 2,5 weeks were at home.

Fed with

on demand, slept together. Small bottles and pacifiers were not known absolutely! Through 1,7 g I became pregnant the second time. During my pregnancy the sonny still demanded a breast, but gradually “titya“ faded into the background. And in the last trimester of pregnancy I already felt discomfort from sucking and tried to distract the sonny, but so that not to offend and to injure it. That it did not connect an excommunication from a breast with the birth of the second child.

When at Vladik the little sister (childbirth took place easily and quickly) was born

, he asked a breast only in exceptional cases. For example, in a family videoarchive record as he learns to suck “tityu“ the two-week baby remained!

Now to the daughter 1,5 years, it is on breastfeeding, grows clever and healthy.

to All mummies I want to wish to

patience, do not lower a hand under no circumstances, you love the children. And all at you it to turn out! Be happy! Good luck!