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Cycle campaign across Karelia

Velopokhod across Karelia 28 - 30 May, 2010. Participants: I am Irina, 36 years and my daughter Katya, 11 years.

On Thursday evening we with Katerina got

on the train “Karelia“ and went to Petrozavodsk.

Went to reserved seats - and it is always a lottery. It is possible to win, talk to pleasant fellow travelers, to learn much. And it is possible and to smell all night long worn socks and to listen to snore or crying of the child. We were lucky - the director and composer Lyudmila Koshuta was our fellow traveler. She lives in Moscow long ago and puts performances for children in Orange Sky theater. And till 24 years lived in Karelia and very fine told us about lakes - the rivers - history and even sang songs about Karelia. Still read verses, Pushkin. “I remember a wonderful moment...“ . Generally, it was healthy.

Stella Karelia Travel agency, the organizer of a cycle campaign, met us at the station, at the car. Then we got acquainted with other participants of a campaign. So it turned out that in our campaign there were one women - we with Katya and 4 more girls.

Plunged into the minibus and went towards Murmansk somewhere. Went It was boring about an hour and there was a wish that adventures began quicker. And they began.

Were unloaded by

on the thrown asphalt path, quickly disassembled bicycles and long thought what from things can be necessary during the day and that it is possible to give to an escort car which we will meet only in the evening, on the place of spending the night.

Read to

the safety rule which was consolidated to four points:

  1. of the Instructor cannot be overtaken
  2. cannot be Photographed on the run
  3. It is necessary to be in a helmet
  4. Should put on brightly - a green mesh vest.

I was driven. It was easy and pleasant to go, the road goes astride, as if on ridge. On the parties excellent views of fields - the woods - lakes. Quickly sources of mineral water with high content of iron and sulfur, water, respectively, smelly reached the resort “Marcial waters“ There. Looked at the museum of the resort and examined inside strange (Peter I`s times) church. Interesting wooden carved iconostasis.

was Very well eaten in one of arbors. Hot tea of their thermoses, oil, cheese sandwiches, raw smoked sausage and red fish. Still distributed a dry ration chocolate bars.

Soon after survey of the resort me was overtaken by the first trouble: it was found out that “such days“ began. Aha, the most suitable in a cycle campaign. The second half of day it was quite heavy to go to me. Did a small halt about the most beautiful Lake Munozero. Water very pure. Ducks float and floats from networks are visible. In the settlement settles down psikhinternat, and “not violent“ patients are let out on walks on vicinities. Therefore, I think, in this place and do not arrange the first spending the night. Though in the program of a campaign, it seems, spending the night on Munozero was planned.

After Munozero continuous descents - rises went. But also they were overcome somehow (it is honest - already hardly). And here fork: to the right - Rayguba (6 km); on the left - Lindozero (31 km). To us, thank God, to the right. And here - Sundozer`s coast, the area Rayguby. We were already waited by the car, the sawed firewood, a fire and even almost begun to boil water.

were put So far by tents, Ania with Masha made to us a smart dinner (macaroni with sausages and salatik (cucumbers - tomatoes), plus cheese, sausage sandwiches. Good such dinner, full.

Katka poterzat a little local guitar, demanded to organize herself a photoshoot on the bank of Sundozer. And I began to write this report. Then all together at a fire played mafia. I received the card of the mafioso, and Katya got the civilian`s card. I could not intrigue for murder of own daughter in any way and as a result there were two mafiosi and Katerina, the last civilian. I played the first time, and game was not pleasant at all.

Laid down in tent and (me) fears concerning tomorrow began to overcome us. To me it was remembered that according to the declared scheme of a campaign 30 km pass the first day, and the second - 50, i.e. is almost twice more. Today we went from 10 to 16 o`clock approximately, and to me it was heavy the last 15 km. “And tomorrow, - I think, - both muscles will be already hurt, and the distance is almost twice more, well and my female troubles in the heat...“ Generally, studied in more detail the program and understood that the first day is obviously ahead of schedule - spending the night was supposed earlier, somewhere near Munozero. I.e. we passed the fifty-kopeck piece, and tomorrow, seemingly, will be as much, it is no more. Uf, went away. Quietly fell asleep.

Morning pleased with a clear weather, hot millet cereal and tea. Against expectation nothing hurt, in general nothing. Swept. Meters of the 400th bad road with pools, viscous koleyam, 6 more km on a primer of high quality, through the beautiful pine wood with gray and green mosses.

Around both clouds and the sun - the forecast still unclear. Then low-passable, with good asphalt of the highway. It is easy to go. I at last learned to use all transfers of the bicycle, delivered to myself 3:7 and almost my native house Stork bicycle in which one transfer turned out. At once it became easier and more convenient, ceased to lose a speed stock on descents. At an intermediate stop (each of 7 - 10 km the first instructor stops and waits, the second instructor who goes closing will not approach yet) I had nonsense to share this achievement (on development of one more transfer) with Katerina. She tried too and unsuccessfully switched speeds, the chain flew. First of all the child touched a gryaznyushchy chain, then wiped hands about a neck. Then waited Masha - the instructor, and she some two movements very much dexterously returned a chain into place.

the Long and steep slope - just right a ski resort to open

. It was necessary even to get down and drag the bicycle on foot, it was impossible to go. But everything also this rise sometime comes to an end, came to an end. And here we in the settlement of Hirvas. The dam, a reservoir - once was power plant as I understood. But then above on river of Sung constructed still hydroelectric power station, and the river near the settlement of Hirvas shoaled. And the settlement is - inhabited, big.

we Go further. Stopped in some settlement, came into shop. Very tasty bread for our lunch feeding purchased. And still the man met the whole cart of fresh manure, persistently suggested us to buy a navozika and to fertilize a kitchen garden, “instead of a bestolka to ride the bicycle“.

went without incident Further. Flew easily, with pleasure. Sunny weather, but not hot. From someone`s bicycle flew away a forward wing. Stopped, attached. By my bicycle Masha (instructor) tightened fastening of a wing too. Dexterously at it it turns out.

Having a snack was in very beautiful place. Stones, breaks, bridges, the sparkling water flows and a small lake in depth. Tea from thermoses, different sandwiches. I a cod with cheese, Katerina respect with raw smoked sausage.

we come out to the line St. Petersburg / Murmansk Soon enough. Monotonous, long (25 km) a stage along the route.

was rather afraid of

Ya for Katerina as she will go along the route - all - it is necessary to go very orderly on a narrow stripe of asphalt: behind the white strip designating the region of the carriageway, but without moving down on a soil roadside.

But nothing, everything turned out well. And asphalt without uniform hollow, and the marking equal, does not confuse. But on this route both descents, and rises very smooth that allows without efforts to go quickly enough. And the reason to make haste to eat moreover what - on the bank of the lake Sandal-wood tree, is ordered a bath for 3 hours from the place of the following spending the night, with 6 to 9. It is not included in the round price, paid by sharing the cost 1500 on group). On 30 rub it was possible to rent in a bath a pure towel, a sheet, slippers, for 80 - a broom.

was Reached to a parking lot, put tents. The second time it is simple, especially the soil soft, with pegs of problems does not arise not that on the bank of Sundozer - there were just rocks, pegs had not to be stuck, and to put horizontally and to press down a pebble more.

In a bath decided to walk (about a kilometer). Here I found out an unpleasant detail: though by bicycle I can go still quite vigorously, go very uncomfortablly (in areas about which rubs and presses a saddle - I will not call them, and it is so clear). Generally, I to myself earned something like cystitis newly married, current the reason not so excessive sexual entertainments, but long driving not the bicycle. Hardly reached a bath. There from warm steam felt better at once, all it vanished as if by magic. On pleasures we with Katerina began to ply along a route a sweating room - the lake, flights 6, probably, made. Some of our group who had no bathing suits, even bathed stark naked. High.

On the way from a bath to camp, matter of course, after bathings in ice - that to water, poplokhet again. But I remembered any antiquated marching ways of treatment of this misfortune - warming up. At first sat on the hot bricks which are wrapped up by a flannelette shirt, and then - embracing legs a bottle with hot water. As a result more me this question did not disturb - warming up helped. By the way, still one my odnopokhodnitsa had the same problem so it, probably, happens from long driving the bicycle.

For dinner Ania indulged us pilaf with stewed meat. To pilaf still there were marinated cucumbers and letcho. Still sausage, cheese, oil, bread. Boiled water and bags of tea / coffee. Food instructors do with a small stock that nobody remained hungry.

After a dinner Ania indulged us songs to the guitar. I am not an expert, but, in my opinion, she sings - plays just remarkably, and songs not hackneyed, pleasant and interesting. Already absolutely acquired - naparenny - full - healthy moreover and as visited a concert fell asleep.

at Night. And by the morning cleared up. We are just lucky. Brought together tents - sleeping bags - backpacks, left everything in an escort car (in general the escort car is not provided on this route, but for some reason we were given the car with the driver, one more girl and the handsome - a cat of 6 months on a lead).

the Car came to the place much before us, children stretched an awning and kindled a fire, put to be heated Cana with water. To our arrival it was already always possible to drink tea and to begin to make a dinner. It, of course, overindulgence, and organizers told that usually in this campaign not so. But our campaign - the first in this season, and besides at us 7 women and any man therefore decided to affiliate all - the driver and the assistant. Well, and a cat at the same time - him there is nobody was to leave at home, it appears.

Left. The health is excellent, to go yes to go. But through of 10 - 15 km we finish the cycle campaign - at the Kivach Falls.

we Watch

- we photograph falls and vicinities.

It is beautiful! At falls three steps, water on them look differently - is as if motionless, “glass“, water streams, are and much - a lot of the white “boiling“ water, and the water splashes which are taken down by wind which are similar to steam from the boiling water too.

is Sent in museum of local lore, there the entertaining stand about bears. What they strong, it appears. Can drag the elk killed, for example (kilogram 400) on quite considerable distances. In the museum considered a herbarium with insects, in particular with different types of pincers (a male / female, hungry / nasosavshiysya), learned how they though look.

Soon, shish kebabs will only fry.

However having a snack is not here

, and from everywhere enticing smells of fried meat. We with Katya did not sustain and whisked to a brazier which was far away from an arbor in which farewell having a snack was planned.

I that? There we met three more girls from our campaign. But several pieces of fat tasty meat did not damage at all, and we perfectly thrashed then both paste, and cheese, and vkusnyushchy rolls with raisin.

Finally to everyone issued to

(and even my husband who only planned this campaign, but had to replace it at the last minute with the daughter) the nominal diploma in memory of a campaign.

the Minibus carried us already back to Petrozavodsk, began to accept “Beeline“. I called the husband and reported:“ At us everything is remarkable, uniform scratch and even all nails remained are whole“. Literally in five minutes something disturbs Katerina on a back, I look - I pick and, podkovyrnuv nails, I extend a tick. The tick live and in appearance whole, actively so waves paws, any minute whom else will bite. I became puzzled and gave to the instructor, she, apparently, destroyed him and threw out in a window.

the Kind and provident girl Galya gave us some special ointment with iodine, we spread the place of a sting (it was reddish and pripukhly, but not too, from 10 kopeks) and still the blister of tablets Yodantipirin. The instruction was read, did not find special pobochek and contraindications, and two tablets moved to the scared Katerina. I will give two tablets 3 times a day two days now, and on a tablet 3 times a day 7 more days. Having read the Internet, decided to be limited to it so far. At the slightest deterioration in health (there are no slightest symptoms though some disease now) - we will give up to physicians at once.

In Petrozavodsk were handed over by things in a left-luggage office and walked down to the embankment a little. Beautifully. But after beauty of wild Karelia - all this is a little pale.

with us went By the train, to big Katina of pleasure, “organized group 8 - graders after a campaign“. They all night long wildly neighed, asking each other intellectual riddles like “Red head, works dexterously. What is it?“ . The answer - a woodpecker if who does not know. And I lay on a soft matrasik in the warm car, looked at them and thought of how it is good in a civilization. And even droplets it was not irritated.

Travel was pleasant to

, despite such baddy with a tick. From time to time it was heavy, especially considering also my female troubles. And if all the time is easy - that it and it is not interesting at all. From all our group it was always easy only for instructors and my 11 - summer Katerina, it seems to me.