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Power of thought, or the Right for life contrary to

Before writing about the happy 9 months, I will begin with background... Casual acquaintance after the first divorce had no the slightest chance of continuation, but my of that time “present hobby“ of the birthday asked the Wife. And whether with happiness, whether from eccentricity of desire, I married in February frosts!

of the Trip, friends, meetings... To us was not on 18... At many friends kids began to be born, and such all were touched, strange - decided that they want the!

Preparation was serious - the husband left off smoking, passed all doctors, made according to the list of three sheets all tests, the fullest inspections of the gynecologist and urologist. The answer was unambiguous - are healthy!! Alcohol gram, only a healthy lifestyle, drank vitamins, folic acid and other. And so half a year before the planned pregnancy.

Ya read articles and I can tell with confidence that my pregnancy which is completely planned. And I chose a sex of the kid. Many will become opponents of this method and can condemn, but we so wanted the lassie - the daughter that could not resist! And all the same there were doubts - suddenly miscalculated, suddenly I will not become pregnant, suddenly something was missed by doctors?

of Desired two strips waited for week! Did not keep also from tears when all bought 9 tests showed one result! To anniversary of the husband there were two days, I kept, but with happiness tears by the evening gave up! Also it did not become important any more - - we will have a boy or the girl a kid! Then all like clockwork... Consultation, analyses, lay, however, on preservation - for form`s sake, the first ultrasonography, the first stirs and again happiness tears! On the next ultrasonography (went with the husband together) unexpectedly for us make us unclear diagnoses and ask to come in the 2nd weeks... Did not attach significance... Came again... And then I remember vaguely...

Two doctors put the diagnosis an aorta koarktation - heart disease of the kid incompatible with life! To consultations on the term of 26 weeks to red it is written: “To clean“! All unanimously go on: “To rescue mother - it is necessary to cause urgently childbirth that in the subsequent could give rise...“

Ya refused to wake up in the mornings! That nightmare of a week that I endured... To me it seemed eternity and that all this not with me! Was on the back with the same thought: “Cannot be! Where I was mistaken what made not so why with me and what I am guilty of?“ The soil left from - under legs, mummies will understand me? as far as it is terrible. And then told herself: “Stop! My daughter has to be same stubborn? as well as I, have to cling let for scanty, but chance of the right of the birth and life on this earth. She knows how we love it and as wanted as we wait!“

“Little girls hardy, - I went on, - it will be all in me - stubborn. And contrary to all will live!“ Filled up and woke up with a prayer, asked about health of our girl. Mentally persuading the baby to raise and grow stronger day by day, talked to her and read fairy tales, told how much interesting is in this world. And she by all means will see all this when term comes! For confirmation, more precisely, for a denial of the diagnosis went to the capital. It was ready for everything. And still the hope smoldered.

Began to do to

ultrasonography and asked: “You know, than this diagnosis threatens?“ “It is a cruel mistake“, - without reflecting, I answered then. The diagnosis was not confirmed, but for reliability it was necessary to arrive in 2 weeks again. As long I cried with happiness! And as there was a wish to live again as it was a pity for itself as the victim of small towns and it was even more pathetic the baby! I was ready to shout for the whole world that we are healthy! whether

Having arrived home, of course, slightly opened for-legged a door on a threshold of ill-fated consultation, threw thunder-storms and lightnings. In 32 weeks of pregnancy refused ultrasonography, all persuaded on repeated inspection. I told what is with me and my daughter everything is all right contrary to all of you! Ate everything that wanted, weeded beds and planted flowers, walked on the woods and gathered mushrooms, drove the car and enjoyed fresh air!

the beauty the baby - our sun, our happiness, our pleasure and sense of our life Was born

in 40 weeks! Took away on daily monitoring - found nothing, and these days I mentally asked all and went on:“ Contrary to everything we are healthy!“ As it was necessary to call it? Nickname! To be exact - Dominica. Divine, given rise on Sunday!

Now to us nearly 8 months. It is developed not on age, neuropathologists have no complaints, cardiologists say that it is healthy. Doctors only make a helpless gesture and smile, looking at us. Here precisely unforgettable 9 months of happiness! And the daughter - the lassie grows and pleases us more and more. And mother`s eyes everything also shine with happiness. And let sometimes the tear will also slip - but it is already tears of happiness of mother!