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Pregnant sufferings. What to do to us with hemorrhoids?

Quite often expectation of the kid are saddened by an unpleasant problem - hemorrhoids. The itch, burning, pains, and sometimes and heavy complications can develop in the second half of pregnancy. Whether it is possible to avoid it?

What is hemorrhoids? This varicosity of a rectal vein. Speaking simply, the weak venous wall is easily deformed at blood outflow violation, the site of a vein inflates, is felt in the form of an intense sack. There is thrombosis of gemorroidalny knots, usually it begins in internal knots and then extends to external. Symptoms, alas, are known many to women: pains, especially if necessary to empty intestines, sometimes with bleedings, loss of expanded knots from back pass.

What strategy of treatment of hemorrhoids at pregnant women?

before pregnancy: prevention


Most often women in general subject to varicosity suffer from hemorrhoids. If you have problems with veins if you know that your mother had a similar problem, prevention is especially important for you. Or about its initial stage also tell such symptoms as the aching or acute pain in a rectum about tendency to hemorrhoids the day before or during monthly before pregnancy. Already at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy at women of risk group stagnation of blood in veins of a basin and the lower half of a trunk is possible.

Even before pregnancy it is desirable for p to do gymnastics which improves blood circulation in bodies of a basin. It and the active movements, like belly dance, and exercise on a press. It is extremely important to master Kegel`s exercise which allows to do “internal massage“ of problem areas. You watch a regularity of depletion of intestines, accustom yourself to the correct diet: it is more than cellulose, vegetables, fruit. Use vegetable oil (nerafinirovany), drink enough liquid. Do not lean on products, heavy for a digestive tract: carbohydrates, fat meat, etc., and also on the products causing gas generation. The diet will be useful also to clarification of an organism, and to improvement of health in general.

If an opportunity is, visit an osteostalemate which will help to get rid of muscular clips and will advise self-massage and exercises for maintenance of a good tone of a forward belly wall and activization of a vermicular movement of intestines.

When you wait for the kid. Continue prevention

At pregnancy approach active stomach exercises as they can provoke pregnancy interruption are contraindicated to many women. And here you should not give up Kegel`s exercises. Consult to the obstetrician - the gynecologist about gymnastics for pregnant women. Do not forget about physical activity which should not be rough, but nevertheless if there is no interruption threat, foot walks and active lifestyle stimulate a vermicular movement of intestines and its timely depletion.

Observe the specified earlier dietary recommendations, you monitor the food. Problems with a chair - not a rarity for pregnant women, you watch it, add prunes to the diet. If also these measures do not help, as soon as possible see a doctor. Perhaps, your pregnancy is followed by dysbacteriosis, in this case you can be helped by the homeopath. Do not take independently even a grass pill which is very popular now. The matter is that get used to them, and the natural tone of intestines is broken. At the disposal of the modern doctor there are other preparations which increase pressure in intestines, but do not work as laxative. Be careful with enemas and candles. Too it is samodeyatelno better not to put them even if earlier you practiced clarification of an organism in this way. See a doctor and consult to him.

it is Extremely useful for

at difficulties with a chair and tendencies to gemorroidalny inflammations - the ascending cool shower after depletion of intestines. It helps to get rid from zastoyev, brings veins into a tone.

The problem is acute: an inflammation

the Acute pain cannot be suffered, it is necessary to seem to the proctologist. It is desirable that the doctor had experience with pregnant women. Depending on weight of a case, the doctor will pick up treatment strategy. If the situation not sharp and not started, the doctor registers ointment and candles which part are an ukrepitel of a vascular wall and a flux oil of blood. To clean the developed hemorrhoids extremely difficult, but “to keep it under control“ that it did not bring serious tortures - a feasible task. Remember that treatment by preparations needs all the same to be combined with a diet and physical exercises. Otherwise, the effect will be minimum.

Quite often hemorrhoids which are not disturbing mother pass

into a serious stage directly after the delivery. The reason of it that attempts were carried out incorrectly. Quite often midwifes ask mother “to make an effort on a bottom“, and answer the question “how?“:“ approximately, as you go to a toilet“. It is quite misleading. Other muscles are involved in attempts, ideally, at competent conducting childbirth, the nature helps mother herself. After full disclosure of a neck of a uterus the reflex of exile of a fruit during which the muscles of a uterus work works, and mother should not make an effort violently. However, so there takes place childbirth without medical intervention with traditional obstetricians.

If hemorrhoids arose in the postnatal period, there are no special recommendations about treatment. The same a diet, physical exercises, ointments - the same preparations are allowed for use for pregnant women and the feeding mothers.

in general, hemorrhoids are not dangerous to you and your kid if it does not pass into the heavy stage with bleeding and a necrosis demanding surgery. However it is better to be engaged in prevention not to suffer from discomfort, pains and very unpleasant outer defect.