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The person of scattered

Reading S. Marshak`s story about the fan of travel in the unhooked cars, some parents are sure that their kid by all means will repeat destiny of the main character. And what else can be expected from the child who regularly loses mittens and for hours searches for the toys lying at him near by? However you should not treat absent-mindedness as to a lifelong shortcoming, attention, as well as any other traits of character, it is possible to bring up.

the Origin of species Homo`s


the Absent-mindedness of this child can be connected by

or with complexity of the offered task, or with the fact that at present it categorically is not equitable to its momentary interests. For example, the kid can be afflicted or offended, and these experiences do not allow it to execute what is demanded by the parent. If adults want to interest in something small the capricious child, him it is necessary to show attention and for a start to listen why Masha is on friendly terms with Natasha now, or to estimate the robot which is just assembled from the designer.

If, for example, the whole day homo nekhochukhus stays waiting for an evening visit of circus, it is senseless to offer “to collect fast to it toys“. They not just like that roll on a carpet, and appeared as a result of implementation of acrobatic etudes there. Call cleaning in the room “preparation of the arena for show“, and the conflict does not happen, and here desired order most likely will be brought.

are extremely artful by Homo`s

of a nekhochukhusa. Sometimes they purposely ignore addresses of people around, resisting attempts to switch the imperial attention to another - less interesting occupation. It is scientifically proved that when it is necessary to leave home walk, at 99% of nekhochukus the hearing sharply decreases and incredibly ability to an ubeganiye increases.

At last, concentration on something essentially another can be behind absent-mindedness, and in this case the child ignores your words unintentionally - he really does not hear them. Such behavior not always is a reason for fears. Who knows, maybe, in this shaggy head the new theory of relativity ripens?

How to draw attention of a nekhochukus?

Let the occupation offered by you will become natural continuation of game of the child. For example, if the son places on a sex of tell-tales, suggest it to count them in order that forces of two armies were equal.

you do not stint a praise and admire progress of the kid even when performing of the most elementary tasks by it. Your pleasure can become one of the main incentives for occupations.“ Be consecutive. Complicate tasks gradually and fix each skill, beating it not only in educational, but also in everyday situations.



the Highly topical program of occupations, an indisposition, a sleep debt - all this pushes the child to a sofa on which it with pleasure rolls, dexterously evading from requests of the adult to make something. The kid cannot just concentrate. Parents often overestimate energy resources of the successor and from the earliest age demand from it serious commitment and the same serious responsibility. Some fathers and mothers, setting the task of all-round development of the child, try to include in his “diet“ dances, aikido, drawing, origami and a foreign language at the same time. Unfortunately, the nature does not keep up for scientifically - technical progress (and parental ambitions) - the matter is that the brain of the person practically did not change since those times when three-year-old children without a break ran days on the river bank and built towers of pebbles. Therefore if bolshuny part of day the kid is forced “to develop“, it is quickly enough exhausted and loses interest in any occupations.

Among homo nemogukus it is a lot of often ill children. Tired with infinite fight against viruses and overfed to a limit by drugs, against stronger peers such child often seems to own parents “well just extremely inattentive!“ .

How to draw attention of a nemogukus?

Be engaged in

with the kid either since morning, or after a day dream - during these periods children are, as a rule, vigorous and susceptible to knowledge. For the child of this type special value has duration of lessons. Conform to the rule existing in fitness: better several “approaches“ to a shell for 5 minutes, than continuous occupation within half an hour.

For stimulation of attention use music. For example, that the kid remembered a rhyme, turn it into the song. And when studying the account it is possible to clap in palms or to potopat legs - the rhythm will help the child to acquire new information better.


Grant Homo`s

, most of all efforts to parents and teachers are delivered by representatives of these subspecies. On the one hand, such child takes a keen interest to everything that surrounds it. With another - it is obviously not enough those several seconds during which it concentrates attention on a subject to acquire something new. His look attracts literally everything that comes into the view! So, gathering for walk, he asks to take the bicycle, rollers and a doll carriage on the street. And when compliant mother brings all this on the platform, snatches on others shovels, even without having awarded with a look the treasures taken from the house.

For homo the elektrovenikusa does not exist concepts of the past. He lives in the present and one eye constantly looks in the future. For this reason it is useless to frown and ask why he put on a bucket the head of the neighbor in a sandbox. Found, mother what to remember! Same was whole five minutes ago! Only numerous repetitions of requests, requirements and remarks can help this child to concentrate. Quality and stability of attention at such children depend on presence of the adult. If in game with mother the child is still capable to build accurately the palace of cubes, then, having remained one in the room, he begins to behave as jet model of an electrobroom, sweeping away all toys standing on shelves.

discrepancy of temperaments of the kid and parents is the Main reason for such behavior. The adult just does not manage to foresee acts of the child and (or) to react to them properly.

How to draw attention of an elektrovenikus?

during occupations on a table or on a carpet let only those objects which will be required to you are. All the rest, including a favourite teddy bear, has to evaporate in a magic way from a field of vision.


If the kid will be distracted by the birdies flying behind a window, prepare “piano in the bushes“ - material for other developing occupation. So, for example, when the child will turn away from the abc-book, its attention will be intercepted by a magnetic board with figures.

Explaining with

to the kid a task, you say a little, it is accurate and vigorous - slow, vast reasonings prevent elektrovenikusa to catch sense of conversation.

have to be

of Occupation regular and pass at the same time that the child even had no thought the fact that, for example, after a breakfast it is possible to play machines instead of going to study the alphabet.

Age norms of development of attention
2 - 3 years - activation of attention as a result of index gestures and words of the adult; ability to play independently during of 15 - 10 minutes.
4 - 6 years - emergence of ability to direct attention under the influence of the difficult instruction of the adult; independent game during of 15 - 20 minutes. 6 years - independent switching of any attention and game during Are more senior than
of of 20 - 25 minutes.


Seeking to develop attention at kids, it is important not to be overzealous. This mental function is finally formed only to to 10 - 12 years, therefore the preschool child has full authority for asking again, to notice or lose sight of something absolutely obvious. A task of parents - to teach the child of observation, to ways of concentration of attention and its effective distribution.


It is called things by their proper names

Attention involuntary and any. With the first look the child is born, and the second gets in development. Mother who is constantly nearby pronounces words which induce the kid to these or those actions. What she tells is the peculiar index allocating signs of objects for the child. Seizing the speech, he begins to order adults, directing their attention to the needs. Having learned to say simple phrases, the kid uses same “weapon“ to himself, organizing and controlling the actions. Communicating with the successor, you do not stint remarks - indexes: depending on age their contents can vary from elementary statements it seems: “Look, the birdie departed!“ - to logical conclusions: “Water in a pool froze because temperature on the street is below zero“. Considering the book, call minor details of drawings and, stimulating search activity of the kid, with astonishment question: “Where the seventh kid got to?“ The child is younger, the more often it is necessary to use index gesture, directing his look and explaining unclear words. It is important to accustom the son or the daughter to gather internally in response to yours: “And now give-...“, “Well - look...“, “Listen that I will tell you...“ etc. That it was easier for child to concentrate attention, it is necessary to put the considered subject directly before it, cleaning from a field of vision distracting everything, ^ŕóęŕ˙ the kid on knees or embracing him, the adult helps the young researcher “to be disconnected“ from foreign irritants.

Is loaded

Positive emotions - excellent incentive for concentration of attention. Therefore if you make words of the magnetic alphabet, it has to resemble a domino: letters with a tasty crash fall by a board, you hazardously call them and in general in every possible way show the delight. Reading fairy tales, do not forget to get used to an image of the bear breaking teremok, and you growl so that neighbors called in service of catching of wild animals.

If resistant immunity to your emotions was found in the kid, he does not show interest in the offered occupations, use the following cunning. Pretend that incidentally left the new book in an access zone, and at appearance of the child represent panic and feverishly hide it in a case. Within the next hour he will be busy with examining of pictures, staying in full confidence that does something forbidden.

If the son or the daughter regularly lose things, they need also to be loaded emotionally. So, for example, having heard the description of feelings of a handkerchief which lies absolutely alone on the earth while his fellows enjoy heat of jackets of other children, the child will begin to pay attention to what drops out of its pockets.

we Rule over time

If not all school students are capable to sit out quietly 45 minutes what to speak about kids! On average three-year-olds can keep any attention on something no more than 5 minutes, and children 4 - 6 years hardly lasts for about 10 minutes. After this time young listeners begin to spin, scratch and wriggle. The aforesaid does not mean that at emergence of the first signs of an inattention it is necessary to leave the theater auditorium, for example. But, planning some long action, parents should think how they will stimulate interest of the child. The arsenal of mother can be made: display of places from where searchlights shine, a question of that what suit of the character most of all is pleasant to the child, and at last, heavy artillery - sosatelny candy in not rustling candy wrapper. By the way, it is noticed that the compelled immovability reduces quality of children`s attention therefore in an interval surely allow the kid to run about or jump. The active movement will remove stress, and he will be able quietly to look through representation.