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Computer glasses of

Why computer glasses are necessary?

Long work with the monitor of the computer shows to

such high loads of sight that all its shortcomings which usually remain unnoticed come to light.

Therefore usual points, the corrective available visual impairments, will help to get rid of symptoms of the computer visual syndrome (CVS). Though these points cannot be considered “computer“.

in case of symptoms of KZS at patients with a presbiopiya (this term describes an eye in which the natural crystalline lens does not accommodate; accommodation is an ability of an eye to change the focal length). it must be kept in mind that the majority of the points applied to correction of a presbiopiya do not ensure comfortable visual functioning at the computer. Points “for reading“ are used only for visual work close (at distance near of 30 - 40 cm). Bifocal eyeglass lenses have two optical zones: for sight afar and for sight close. Therefore the distance at which the monitor usually settles down (near of 50 - 70 cm) appears between working distances of these points. In progressive points of universal appointment to the screen of the monitor it is necessary to look through a narrow corridor of a progression - it creates additional load of sight too. Thus, in case of a presbiopiya special computer glasses, as a rule, are required for patients.

However even at enough young people who are not using points and not testing still presbiopiya symptoms difficulties with focusing during the long work at the computer from - for temporary weakening of accommodation can arise. Some companies offer such patients special one-focal eyeglass lenses in which optical power in the zone used for work on the computer and for reading is slightly more, than in the top zone used for sight afar (approximately on +0,5... +1,0 D). Such additive promotes unloading of accommodation during the long work behind the monitor and helps to get rid of KZS symptoms. It is possible that some young users of the computer will suit the usual one-focal points which are specially written out for this type of visual loading better.

What points are considered as computer?

Correctly chosen glasses will help to eliminate with

visual fatigue during the work at the computer. But it is necessary to distinguish computer glasses and points for everyday life in which work at the computer. The points used during the work on the computer can be considered computer in two cases:

if they are not required for Points for correction of a presbiopiya are considered as

computer if their force or design differ from the parameters demanded for daily needs.

Cannot consider as computer glasses the points with one-focal, bifocal or progressive eyeglass lenses used for daily use.

Points for correction of a gipermetropiya (far-sightedness) are considered as

computer if the user does not need correction of a gipermetropiya for other purposes. Points for correction of a miopiya (short-sightedness) usually are not considered as computer.

What is offered by producers of points to patients with a presbiopiya for work on the computer?


Now all leading companies - producers offer for work at office special progressive eyeglass lenses. Working zones in these eyeglass lenses (them often call “office“ or “computer“) are a sight zone close and a progression corridor. Lack of a zone of sight afar allows to expand considerably the progression corridor used for sight at intermediate distances including for work behind the monitor. Some companies except office eyeglass lenses at which the working distance makes of 3 - 5 m offer eyeglass lenses with shorter working distance - these eyeglass lenses are recommended for work on the computer.

in conclusion we will note

that the eyeglass lenses intended for work on the computer have to have the clarifying covering for reduction of the irritating eyes of light reflections on surfaces of an eyeglass lens.