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We are protected from an ultraviolet of

at the beginning of summer specialists in production of windows removed composed a sun-protection window.

Experts note

five the composed practical and esthetic window capable it is good to protect the owner from the scorching sun beams in serene hot day.

Installation of the marchioness. This design represents the fabric tense on the bent metal tubes and fastens outside of the house. It “stops“ about 60 - 80% of sunshine even before their hit on house windows. In addition marquises it is possible to equip with the electric motor. It will allow to operate automatically a design - to open and close a window outside.

Use of horizontal blinds. Designs will organically fit into the massif of a window, without breaking at the same time its tightness. Color scale - any. Horizontal blinds can be made of aluminum or plastic. They are easy-to-work, easily wash and detain to 40% of direct sunshine.

Installation of rolled curtains. These curtains relatively appeared recently in the Russian market. One of properties of rolled system - compactness. The cloth of a curtain is reeled up on eaves and adjoins closely a window from the inside. For adjustment of height of rise special chains which can fix a cloth at any height are used.

Drawing on glass of a special sun-protection film. The covering absorbs an ultraviolet and thermal beams of the sun. In other words, reduces quantity of the sunlight getting to the room, reflections and patches of light to 95%. Such glazing will reliably protect furniture, carpets and wall-paper from burning out. Under the influence of thermal beams and light of a film do not overheat. They do not turn a windowpane into “battery“. So, it will not be reflected in air temperature indoors.

Protection of PVC - a profile from the sun. The window receives it only by production. Independently the consumer will not manage to secure a plastic frame against influence of sunshine. The PVC overheat - a profile can lead to deformation of a frame and depressurization of all window system. This problem is especially actual for designs of dark colors “under a tree“.


to save windows from it, by production the special laminatsionny film “can be applied to Cool on its surface - Colors“.

When on the street - plus of 25 degrees, color windows heat up on average to +50 ° C. The put film will not allow it. The covering reflects up to 80% of thermal impact on external part of a window and increases its service life.

It is good when the sunlight fills in the room, however its surplus will turn the apartment into the real hotbed. It will create indoors an uncomfortable microclimate and can lead to damage of furniture. But we can protect our house.