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the Hardening - is not simple douche by ice water in the mornings. It is the whole system of procedures, and if you are not sure that you will have enough patience to do all necessary regularly, do not torment the child better. “Fragmentary improvements“ will not bring any benefit to the kid.

As it works with

the Healthy lifestyle and training - different things. The first means that the parent has to watch that the child ate properly, breathed fresh air and walked much. The hardening is a special systematic training of an organism. By means of such natural factors as the sun, air and water, we increase our natural resistance to overcooling and overheating. The tempering procedures cause a difficult complex of responses as a result of which the health of the kid improves and his immunity becomes stronger. For this reason it is especially useful for the children weakened by frequent colds, training is, perhaps, the most natural and physiologic way to cease to be ill.

It is important: health (immunity including) improves not from cold, and from gradual schooling of the child to change of temperatures. It is possible to carry out a hardening by various ways, using solar, air and water procedures.


between water or air procedures, consider that water has very strong effect on an organism. So, douche by water with a temperature about 26 ° With renders the same improving effect as the air bathtub “accepted“ at +5 ° C. Most often doctors advise to temper the child, placing emphasis on water, and in parallel - regularly to air the room. The tempered children will suit even drafts, the others it is necessary to try to accustom to live with constantly open window leaf. The main thing - you watch that the bed of the kid did not stand directly under a window. As for solar bathtubs, resort to them seldom now: long stay under direct beams can provoke development of an oncological disease.

the Technique of a hardening is very simple

of the Technician of a hardening. We take the irritating factor (for example, water) and we begin to influence it the child, smoothly lowering temperature.

Stage first. Douche of hands (from an elbow to a brush) and legs (from a knee to foot)

we Pour warm water (30 - 32 ° C) on an extremity during of 1 - 2 minutes, then we pound it a towel to easy redness. Option: instead of douche it is possible to rub off hands - legs a damp towel.

In a week we reduce water temperature by couple of degrees, then more and more - until we reach 18 - 20 ° Page

Stage second. Contrast douche of legs

of 10 seconds you pour on a shin and the child`s foot warm water (30 - 32 ° C), 5 seconds - cool (24 - 25 ° Ñ). 3 - 4 time alternate douches with each other. Every week reduce water temperature on of 1 - 2 degree, you will not reach to 18 ° yet; S. Variant: it is possible to pour two basins - with cold and hot water respectively - and to suggest the child to step from one capacity in another.


Also suits also douche of legs cool water after a heat bath. For those who only begin the hardening finishing douche do by warm water, and for those who any more not the beginner in this case, - cool. At the same time you remember: to achieve the necessary effect at contrast procedures, it is necessary to pour cold water only over the warm child. It does not make sense to pour cold water on cool legs since. the organism will perceive it as warm!

If instead of Tazy and other capacities to use a shower, then the mechanical irritation of skin streams also joins effect of water that too is very good. Principle of application standard: in the beginning douches by warm water with gradual decrease in temperature, then - contrast souls.

Stage third.

“hands - legs“ can pass falls with

From procedure to douche of the child entirely. However do not do it at once, without the prevention. If the child does not represent at all that it is necessary to him, - set an example if he knows what is it, - ask to close eyes, to inhale more deeply and with the words “Now You Will Get under a Rain!“ turn the container with water on the head to the successor.

It is important: douches with the head are contraindicated to children with a serious illness of heart or nervous system.

Barefoot on the wood

For a hardening also walks barefoot are good

: begin them in the summer, outdoors, gradually increasing time of 30 minutes at the beginning about the whole “barefoot day“ in few months. In the winter the lawn will be replaced by cool half of your apartment.

the Hardening should be continued by
even if the child has a high temperature.
Pleasant addition

as a bonus perfectly will approach

the main improving techniques a bath. During the first visit of the child to a sauna air temperature in it should not exceed 80 ° With and the kid can be no more of 5 - 7 minutes there. Gradually time of “otparivaniye“ increases till 10 minutes. The same concerns also a traditional Russian steam room. And at last, the most radical ways of a hardening is a morzhevaniye, rubdown by snow and douche by ice water (3 - 4 ° Ñ). Such extreme holodovy influences very often lead to strong overcooling and provoking of various diseases therefore are not recommended to kids. Besides, the morzhevaniye, for example, has a number of contraindications: both diseases of heart, and an illness of nervous system, and a problem with a thyroid gland - everything you will not list it. Therefore physicians insistently advise to temper children in the “usual“ ways, and to ice water to approach only to 15 - 16 years.

By rules

1. Regularly and continuously

the Hardening needs to be carried out by

every day - in the winter - in the spring - in the fall - in the summer, - and it is desirable to do it at the same time. Procedures should not stop also during an illness of the child. Yes, even in the fever kid it is necessary to continue to temper. Any break right there weakens stability of an organism and nullifies all your efforts. Therefore if the child got sick, training should be continued, the water temperature (air) does not change and remains same what was on the eve of an illness; duration of the daily tempering exercises does not change. If the kid absolutely weakened, then time of training can be reduced or replaced douches in a bathtub with rubdowns in a bed. Still 5 - 7 after recovery a hardening is carried out days in the sparing mode, and then if everything is all right, it is possible over again to start reducing water temperature and to increase duration of procedures.

2. Gradually

Cannot hurry: all procedures have to take root into life accurately and methodically. Attempts to begin a hardening at once with douche with ice water at best will not give any effect, and in the worst - will provoke at “experimental“ the next cold or tonsillitis.

3. An individual approach

Before beginning a hardening, surely consult with the pediatrician, he will pick up and will advise training methods which suit your child.

Especially it is important

for children with chronic diseases. It is possible to temper any child: both with epilepsy, and with heart diseases, and with asthma. But for them the attending physician has to appoint procedures. And never, never, never suggest the successor to do what you did not begin to do. Contrast shower? Together. To pound legs a towel? Together. To have a shower bath water from a bucket? Too together. Because any doctor will not tell you as as the kid when pour over him cold water worries or undress on cold.

4. Positive emotions

We influence all organism entirely, and nervous system including. And about what advantage can there be a speech if during procedures the kid cries and resists?! Therefore everything that you do for a hardening, should not deliver to the child of negative emotions.

He is afraid of water? Means, any flourishes - douches - rubdowns. Instead let goes barefoot on a floor. Then it is possible to suggest it to potopat legs in a basin and to pass gradually to water procedures.

U you active and mobile peanut? Do not temper it in the evening: it will only stir up the kid and will prevent it to fall asleep. Postpone “improvement“ to morning or you see off it in the afternoon, after a quiet time.

Hard rises? Means, cool water should be used right after awakening.

the Child hypochondriac is also afraid of all new? Then you have to be twice patient and accurate! Do not change sharply temperature - such children need more time to get used to this or that procedure and to cease to be suspicious of it. It is impossible to begin a hardening if the child is upset with something or is capricious. In the beginning it is necessary to calm him and only then to start training.

I main - cannot be assumed at all that the kid froze: goose-pimples and a shiver - obvious certificates that you overcooled the child.

of Seasoning
for local douches it is useful for p to add salt To water (2 tablespoons on water liter) or broths of herbs: mint, for warming - a thyme, a tansy, coniferous needles perfectly will be suitable for the cooling douches.

It is important: emergence on time of procedure of goosebumps says that you too hurry. If water temperature is chosen correctly, the child just should not perceive it as “very cold“, and so, his organism should not turn on protective mechanisms in the form of goose-pimples and a fever. Children very well “feel“ necessary loading. Therefore it is worth listening attentively to requests of the kid and, perhaps, to go to him to a meeting, in that case if he complains of cold or, on the contrary, demands to water it with colder water.


the Hardening demands

from parents of patience, persistence, forces and attention. It is much easier to give a tablet, to reduce in policlinic or to use next “folk remedy“... But nothing from this set will be compared on safety and efficiency to a hardening. In a year of hard and continuous work the child will begin to be ill in 2 - 3 time less, than earlier. Consult to the doctor, choose time when the child is healthy, happy with life and it is active, and safely start water or air procedures! No physiological contraindications at a systematic hardening exist!