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The country of councils, or I do not know About grandmothers of

how at you, and my grandmothers (as a generalized character) are associated, first of all, with councils. Manuals, lectures, recommendations and so on - how to feed the kid how to bathe, put to bed, swaddle also other. Here to our mothers - mothers-in-law, of course, equal is not present. Aim to advise, to prompt, share experience, to remember about “and presently“. Still to state doubts (in correctness of our decisions), criticism and in general own reflections / reasons on the set subject.

it is natural

, nevertheless in all sincerity. For the best. Only “for the sake of interests of the child“...

I here the conflict arises. No, not between mother and the grandmother (it - that is just not always inevitable). And between real practical experience of the woman who already grew up the child and her in many respects outdated ideas of this important issue.

HOW to feed, it, maybe, also knows. And here that the era of feedings “on hours“ irrevocably consigned to the Soviet past for certain did not hear. As well as did not hear about other “modern“ ways of care of the baby. For example, that to bathe the child in potassium permanganate if he has no skin baddies, it is not necessary. And specially you should not accustom to a pacifier. And to swaddle “with handles“ too. And it is not necessary to dopaivat when breastfeeding. And to enter juice on 2 - ohm month early!

of the Grandmother very much are skeptical about achievements of progress. And all right would keep mum. So is not present! By all means will arrange the real propaganda campaign against disposable diapers, wet towel wipes, car seats and all that, in their opinion, does to the child one harm. Can food, cream under a diaper, swimming in the general bathtub too quite often get to this “black list“.

Here quite recently watched transmission about disposable diapers. There one militant granny so directly in a chamber also declared:

- Now mothers do not want to take care of own children therefore they dress them pampers. Grew very lazy absolutely! I already am silent, cht ó these diapers with boys do!

the Hint on the notorious greenhouse effect which is allegedly leading to infertility. Of course, about infertility it is utter nonsense, but as strongly similar prejudices are widespread among the senior generation. And as it is active them propagandizes.

Silly, absolutely groundless prejudices are awfully hardy

. Practically all mothers and mothers-in-law of my friends and acquaintances not once stated aloud the fears concerning harm of pampers. And from where they for certain know of it? Someone somewhere once told something like that, and all. The soul to paradise rushed.

Already and domestic pediatricians were tired to explain

that there is no greenhouse effect also in mention. And gauze diapers, eternally wet, become impregnated from continuous washings with cleaners, painfully rubbing about gentle skin of the child are much more harmful. But is not present! Our grandmothers know better what is harmful and that is useful.

I will tell

At once that in my maternal practice “pressure experience“ from “the senior companions“ was practically not. Practically. My mother - the person welcoming all new and facilitating life.


to us had to be debated concerning pampers too - where without it. Only our ideological opposition not at once on the birth of my daughter (because mother estimated indisputable convenience of disposable diapers), and somewhere in a half-year began.

Half a year - age for my mother sign. In 6 months parents began to land me on a pot. The child at them was born very clever, and therefore in 3 weeks of methodical efforts required it was succeeded to achieve - I some inexplicably began to ask for a toilet. So in separately taken Soviet young family the victory over wet diapers was won.

the Impressive success of this action was remembered by

to mother well. And she decided that her daughter, that is I, by all means have to repeat it. By all means! Therefore when to our Dasha passed for half a year, my mother, having decided that it is time “to prepare the soil“, gradually began to turn policy of a friendly neutrality in relation to pampers. And by the end of the first year of Dashiny life declared them “cold war“ at all.

Very much can be

that business would reach also “hot“ war and ended, as a result, with unconditional surrender of the cellulose opponent, but disposable diapers had a powerful ally. Armed cap-a-pie the latest information on this subject and owning receptions of a psikhborba. This ally - your obedient servant. Having risen at the head of the coalition, I declared a resolute protest to early refusal of pampers and therefore mother`s confrontation with our block and remained exclusively ideological.

to me had to reflect psychological attacks, of course, periodically. Question “when we begin to accustom Dasha to a pot?“ once a week was set with an enviable regularity at least. And mother could nothing is already farther not to speak, and so everything was clear. It is clear, that in her eyes I was irresponsible mother who, trying to prolong own careless life, misses time and slows down development of the child. Brakes and misses. In understanding of grandmothers, a dry romper suit already in half a year and implicit performance of the teams “pi-pi“ and “and-and“ is an indicator of “development“ of the kid, an indicator that parents actively participate in its growing.

to me remained nothing else how to conduct explanatory work. To adduce arguments, to refer to “the leading pediatricians“ and to promise. Well, to shirk and promise. That in a year precisely we will begin to accustom. All right, in a year it did not turn out, but here in one and a half...

with What “cold war“ with disposable diapers as a result ended with

? Transition of mother to our party.

- I understood everything, - she when in a year and nine Dasha learned toilet science told. - Everything is good in its season. There is no place to hurry, nobody to school in pampers went.

It was not only washing, it was our general victory. Victory over past prejudices. Life does not stand still. It has to change. And together with it also frames of reference have to change. Only not each person of the senior generation is capable to accept these changes and to look at the world in a new way.

At my friends have more and more than experience of counteraction to grandmother`s TsU. What to them only was advised!

Further as increase in degree of marasmus.

Deification of all “naphthalenic“ councils became:

Gunpowder I became in

seriously interested therefore asked at the author of council the recipe. It appears, for an initial dose it is necessary to crush one grain of gunpowder to powder and to stir in a spoon with milk or water. To give to drink to the kid according to the difficult scheme: one grain, two grains etc. Interestingly, and the child will not explode after that?


“Free“ councils, recommendations, kind, goodhearted, but nevertheless pressure from compassionate relatives confuse, do not give the chance to develop some one - “program“ of care of the kid, to do as you consider it necessary, without thinking about foreign opinion. It madly disturbs and irritates. The further the child grows, the feeling of as mothers as the person bearing full responsibility for life and development of the little man is stronger. And eternal hints, admonitions (“make so - that“), swing by the head (“oh, it is necessary not so“), silly questions (“and unless it is not necessary to act this way?“ ) call into question the fact that you are a mother and your word (the decision, opinion) - the law.

Can spend, of course, plenty of time and forces for a patient explanation for grandmothers why it is necessary to do “quite so“, but not everyone is capable of this feat. Yes, grandmother`s manuals can be taken into account. But it is necessary to arrive, as a result, as your maternal intuition prompts to you.