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Syndrome of a dry eye

the Computer, television, the conditioner, certainly, made life of the modern person comfortable. However the medal has a reverse side. It is necessary to pay for convenience with own health. And the syndrome of a dry eye - a disease which arises from - for reduction of development and deterioration of plaintive liquid becomes such payment.

Feeling of existence of a foreign matter in an eye (as though sand filled), the burning, gripes, an itch, a photophobia amplifying by the evening, and further and as constant symptoms - here the main manifestations of a syndrome of a dry eye.

Why does that happen? The tear is developed by plaintive gland and additional glands of a conjunctiva. It as a microscopic film covers with a thin layer a forward surface of an eye, creating a protective barrier from drying, infections, microinjuries, and also participating in delivery of minerals and oxygen to a cornea. From time to time the person blinks, and, carrying out the blink movements, washes an eye a tear. But if blink movements become much less, an eye is insufficiently moistened with a tear. It can lead to various pathological conditions of a cornea. From here and complaints to an itch, burning, feeling of a foreign matter in an eye.

of the Reason of emergence of a syndrome of a dry eye

the Main reason for a disease today - long work at the computer. Statistically, to 70% of the people who are regularly working at the computer suffer from a syndrome of a dry eye.

Besides, the syndrome of a dry eye develops from with age - for hormonal reorganizations of an organism and appears almost at each woman during a climax, when carrying contact lenses, some system diseases (for example, at Shegren`s syndrome). Violation of production of a tear can also result from reception of medicines (antianginalny preparations, hormonal contraceptives, etc.) .

At last, the illness can be provoked by bad ecology and an infection. So, among the syndrome reasons of a dry eye it is possible to call viral conjunctivitis. Statistically, after adenoviral conjunctivitis the syndrome of a dry eye is found in 80% of cases.

syndrome Signs of a dry eye:

a symptom of a disease can Sometimes be, not dryness of eyes, and, on the contrary, dacryagogue. For example, when from strong wind or under an air stream from the conditioner tears begin to flow.

Treatment of a syndrome of a dry eye

Completely cannot refuse the civilization benefits. We can only minimize their impact on our eyes. At a long tension of sight each 45 minutes need to be done breaks. Worked - were interrupted, blinked, looked afar, executed several simple exercises for eyes - and again for good reason.

Treatment of a syndrome of a dry eye - a complex challenge. Under the leadership of the competent expert the complex of medicines gradually is selected. First of all slezozamestitelny preparations - drops of an artificial tear and special gels are appointed. At emergence of allergic reaction antiallergic preparations are used. At suspicion on a viral infection - antiviral preparations (oftalmoferon), and at complex treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis - the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory preparations appointed by the ophthalmologist.

If in an initial stage a disease can be cured easily, then in the started cases hospitalization can even be required. The syndrome of a dry eye - not only causes considerable discomfort, but also is capable to lead to noticeable deterioration in sight. Therefore if you believe that you have a syndrome of a dry eye, surely address the ophthalmologist and do not postpone treatment.