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Double happiness of feeding the Long-awaited joyful event - birth of my babies - happened by a breast of

on Wednesday, November 19, 2008.

On Friday I woke up with intolerable breast pain. The breast was stone, increased in sizes, and it was impossible to touch nipples. I approached the consultant for breastfeeding which, even without having looked in what the reason, just gave me a sampler of some cream from cracks, and continued the conversation with other worker of maternity hospital. The breast from it did not cease to hurt, of course. On round it became clear that at me milk came. Children were in children`s office therefore I was told milk to decant and bring in half an hour for feeding from a small bottle.

I Touch a breast, tears from pain come into eyes, the breast was such firm that it cannot even be compared to something, probably, only with a stone. There passed 30 minutes, but milk it turned out to decant so many that it is possible to call it drops, and, of course, will not be enough to feed two children. Incurred what was, was hit in a face smiles and humiliations. What is it? As you are going to feed children? But decantation - not an exit, corporal contact with the kid is necessary... Left in despair, even without having received any recommendations what to do. There arrived the sister-in-law. Having learned about the incident, carried all and everything then I was given children on feeding.

the Problem was not solved by

for time, but emotional contact with daughters pushed me to move in the right direction. Put them to a breast according to the first requirement, it was decanted each free minute, weepingly massed and pounded lumps. In 5 days after the birth of children we went to other hospital, there the personnel were more benevolent and accurate with the patients. One of doctors told:“ God gave to the woman two breasts, God gave you two children, so has to support, the main thing - diligence and patience...“ .

About four months at first constants, then periodic decantations. Per day gained on 400 - 500 ml milk, our father got it. Six months my daughters ate only mother`s tityu, in general I very much was afraid to enter a feeding up, attachment to this sacrament - feeding by a breast was so strong. About one year mother`s milk was one of the main meals. On an etiology of Sofya it was necessary to separate at first Varvara. Then to them was 1 year and 5 months. Tears because it was not ready to such turn of events came into eyes. Understood that it once had to occur, children grow, and they have other food requirements, but to understand and accept as the fact is absolutely different things...


Then Varyusha unexpectedly got sick, and in 1 year and 6 months Sofochk had to separate. I can tell one: I fought for milk for the daughters. And I won against all and all: both indifference of some health workers, and pain, and sleepless nights, and infinite decantations in a dozing state about four months. But neither now, nor then - I will never regret about it.

Sofya and Varvara`s Mother