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We leave off smoking and grow stout. Why?

As all of us know, smoking causes serious damage to our organism. Recently more and more people realize it and refuse an addiction. But here trouble, many after get rid of nicotine addiction, begin slowly, but inevitably to grow stout. Especially often this problem concerns women, female organism is most inclined to accumulation of fatty weight.

Smoking constrains

a weight set

Contrary to general opinion smoking nevertheless helps to constrain excess weight. However, it is fraught with much more serious consequences, such as cancer and is warm - vascular diseases. Besides, the unpleasant smell from a mouth, from hair and clothes, yellow teeth - all this considerably complicates the smoker`s life. However the fact remains: smoking constrains a weight set.

In - the first, the cigarette helps to burn calories. Nicotine accelerates heartbeat and a metabolism so when you leave off smoking, your organism begins to burn on one hundred - another less than calories a day. Until the metabolism returns to normal, there will pass several weeks or even months. However it is worth reflecting: 200 calories which are artificially burned by one pack of cigarettes a day contain in a small piece of cake, or in a glass of Coca, or in 200 grams of macaroni - it is not much. And to burn these 200 calories only 20 minutes of intensive occupations on the exercise bike, or half an hour of hour of driving on rollers, either 45 minutes of fast walking, or half an hour of hour of swimming, or 20 minutes of run will be required. Whether it so is worth it? Perhaps, it is better to eat only half-chocolate bars, but I do not kiss. And half an hour to swim for a while in the pool, than to smoke for all day?

In - the second, the cigarette suppresses hunger. Nicotine stimulates development of a glycogen in a liver that leads to increase of level of sugar in blood and dulls feeling of hunger. Until the metabolism is not restored after smoking, the weight set is quite possible, but it is insignificant - all half a kilo a week. If at the same time it is active to play sports, to move much and to eat properly, then and it is easy to bring this negative effect to naught.

B - the third, the cigarette improves health. The nicotine which is regularly coming to an organism increases dopamine level - pleasure hormone. Therefore in the course of disaccustoming many people feel suppressed, upset, are often irritated and as a result, try to replace a cigarette with sweet. High-calorific sweet dishes (cakes, chocolate, cookies, candies and so forth) show similar effect. The person very quickly understands it also already imperceptibly for himself tries to get rid of a stress due to sweets.


Besides, the cigarette occupies hands and a mouth. It is rather psychological dependence therefore many smokers, without noticing that, grab food which occupies hands and a mouth too. It is necessary to fight against this habit. Ideally - not to hold the house of “harmful“ products in general and if it wants sweet, then it is better to replace chocolate, candies and cookies with dried fruits, sunflower seeds or fresh fruit.

Smoking dulls with

flavoring receptors. Many former smokers note that having got rid of an addiction they at last felt the true taste and a smell of the prepared dishes. Even usual morning coffee one fine day can seem to you much more nice to the taste, than earlier when the cigarette was indispensable addition to a cup of the invigorating drink. On this background many people begin to feel the increased need for food, than earlier.

Smoking - a reliable habit. Unfortunately many people not only try to get rid of a stress by means of a cigarette (or food), but also to struggle thus with boredom. Perhaps, the smoking readers noticed for themselves more than once what during viewing of the interesting movie or reading the fascinating novel does not want to be smoked at all. Simply you forget about it when you was strongly keen. And when there is nothing to do, hands reach for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Respectively, when there are no cigarettes, hands by all means reach for the refrigerator, it is necessary to be engaged in something!

Nicotine reduces ability zheludochno - an intestinal path normally to digest food. Therefore some part of the consumed products is brought out of an organism almost untouched. When we leave off smoking, our stomach begins to digest everything as it is necessary, because for some time the set of weight which can be avoided again - by means of simple aerobic exercises and healthy nutrition is possible.

the Lipidic exchange

Refusal of smoking does not mean that you at once will begin to get fat as soon as you throw out the last cigarette. The statistics says that it from three who left off smoking one begins to grow thin, the second remains in former weight, and the third - gets fat. And it is all the fact that from - for cancellations of nicotine in an organism the lipidic exchange changes.

Lipids are various fats and fatty acids. They come to our organism mainly with food, but are partially synthesized by cells of a liver and intestines. Fatty acids are transferred by a blood-groove to our muscles and stock up in the form of fat for obtaining energy in the future when in it there is a requirement. And this that fat which collects in problem places and much prevents to lead full-fledged life. At violation of a lipidic exchange too active burning can begin an organism of excessive fats, and then the person grows thin. But happens and vice versa - too slow process conducts to a set of excess weight. As it is correct to p to leave off smoking


to Enter a rigid diet along with refusal of smoking - lost labor. Association of two difficult tasks, as a rule, leads to defeat. So all is better to plan in advance: for example, to change the food preferences for several weeks to the full from cigarettes. If you already left off smoking, then just correct the food of more volume aside, but less high-calorie meal. Replace sweet tea and coffee with usual water and drink not less than 2 liters of liquid a day. Eat more, but with advantage. For this purpose it is enough to replace fast carbohydrates (chocolate, cookies and other sweets) with difficult (cereals), sugar on honey or a sakharozamenitel, to change fat content of the eaten dairy, fermented milk, meat and fish products. Besides, eat vegetables. If hands involuntarily reach for food, eat carrot instead of a chocolate, it is a little prunes or dates instead of candies, gnaw sunflower seeds instead of lollipops. It is not so difficult, it is just necessary to work a little for itself (it is more difficult to wash and clean carrot, than to develop a chocolate).

you remember

I that what you eat, it is necessary to eat slowly, well chewing, but which - as on the run. Try to develop a power supply circuit, optimum for yourself - 3 - 5 time in day. And the more often you eat, the less there have to be portions. Surely in a diet there have to be vegetables and fresh greens at any quantity, mineral water and unsweetened fruit - green apples, it is possible grapefruits. By the way, mineral water with the increased content of magnesium is useful to removal of a stress and a good dream.

If you cannot live without candies, always carry with yourself lollipops without sugar with vitamins and vegetable extracts. They can be bought in any drugstore. Not to allow emergence of the depression arising from lack of nicotine accept vitamin C - he helps to struggle with nicotine addiction.

Visit the gym or be engaged in aerobics of the house. If you feel a strong nervous tension, practice yoga or Pilates. Surely walk in the fresh air, it is desirable one or one and a half hours before going to bed. Run, swimming and exercise bikes will help to burn excess calories in time. Also you do not maltreat yourself, give to an organism is so much how many it wants, just you watch quality of the eaten food.

to many people of a way of life should adhere to So unusual

long, years two - the risk remains so much to gain excessive weight after refusal of smoking. It is important that these two years did not turn into continuous suffering. Therefore I go, and sport needs to be chosen to liking. Besides, try to perceive transition to a healthy lifestyle as revival, a new step to good life. Several weeks later you will have a habit to eat properly. It is quite possible that it will be pleasant to you so that you do not want to refuse this way of life any more. And to all members of your family will not damage transition to high-quality food and reasonable physical activities at all.