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Besides a milk: dairy mixes and the first feeding up of

All know that the best food for the newborn is the mother`s milk. However sometimes breastfeeding is impossible and if with it everything is good, then time to enter the first feeding up all the same comes... In a word, sooner or later mother needs to make a choice: what baby food to give to the kid.


Dairy mixes

For children from 0 to 6 months it is better for em to choose the high-adapted mixes i.e. as close as possible on structure to women`s milk. For more advanced age - less adapted “to train“ zheludochno - an intestinal path of the kid. When you decide to try new mix or for the first time to give substitute of breast milk to the child, do not change mix often, choose one mix and you monitor reaction of the kid to it within five days. If there is diathesis, belly-aches, vomiting by “fountain“, mix does not approach. Change of a chair during 2 - 3 days - normal reaction.


Choosing mix, it is the best of all to consult on the pediatrician. If it is impossible, consider the next moments.

  1. the following substances have to be a part of mix:
    • taurine (amino acid with the content of sulfur) - participates in formation of tissues of brain, retina of eyes, digestion and absorption of fats, immunity formation;
    • linoleic acid - is also necessary for
    • for a brain and a retina of eyes;
    • whey - in mixes on the basis of cow`s milk it replaces with
    • casein, and mix becomes “lighter“ for zheludochno - an intestinal path.
  2. If the kid has problems with health, keep in mind the following features of different mixes:
    • if the kid is inclined to a diarrhea and it lowered activity of laktazny enzyme in intestines, choose delactosed or nizkolaktozny mixes;
    • if the kid has an intolerance of animal protein, a galactosemia, choose the adapted nonmilk mixes on the basis of soy protein;
    • to the weakened and premature children are recommended by the adapted mixes on the basis of a hydrolyzate of serumal protein or the special adapted mixes Prenan, Frisopre, Prenutrilon;
    • to often belching children are recommended by fresh (not sour-milk) mixes with the content of gum (at tendency to locks) or starch (at tendency to a diarrhea): Frisovom, Nutrilon - comfort;
    • at an allergy and dysbacteriosis are appointed by acidified milk formulas or skvashenny products on the basis of soy protein - most often with addition of useful microflora, and also hypoallergenic mixes or hydrolyzates as these products are almost deprived of anti-gene properties (Nutromigen, Progestimil).
When needs to give to


Absolute contraindications against breastfeeding

  • the Active form of tuberculosis. Mother needs to complete a chemotherapy course, to carry out prevention of the child by an isoniazid and to do it vaccination BTsZh. After that breastfeeding is considered safe. If mother has a closed form of tuberculosis and it accepts antitubercular preparations, it is possible to nurse.
  • of the Disease of typhus and malaria, blood poisoning and some mental diseases.
  • Congenital metabolic disorders at the child (a fenilketonuriya, a disease of “maple syrup“, a galactosemia). Maternity hospitals reveal these diseases and make recommendations about feeding.
  • Reception by mother of some medicines - according to the recommendation of the doctor.

also relative contraindications Exist. The doctor decides individually whether it is worth refusing feeding by a breast, in such cases:

  • severe forms of purulent mastitis;
  • of a disease it is warm - vascular system with insufficiency of blood circulation;
  • strong forms of a gipertireoz (hyperactivity of a thyroid gland);
  • the rezusny and group conflicts of blood at mother and the child (at strong forms, high credits of antibodies in breast milk, high indications of bilirubin in the child`s blood).

the First feeding up

Exists several approaches to introduction of the first feeding up which differently answer the main issues concerning mothers: when that, how many.

1. According to the plate in policlinic

the Scheme developed by department of baby food of GUNII of Food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science in 1999 recommends the first feeding up to the baby in 3 months. It has to consist of fruit juice to which in 2 weeks it is necessary to add fruit puree, in 4 months - vegetable puree, 5 months - porridge and cottage cheese and so on. To children who eat mix, recommend to enter a feeding up even earlier - into 1. 5 - 2 months.

Fruit juice is recommended to

can or self-made of an antonovka, a simirenka, white filling or other light grades. Introduction of juice is begun with the minimum dose - from 1/4 tea spoon. If everything is all right - next day it is possible to give 1/2 teaspoon of juice after one or two feedings. Then the amount of juice increases, and during 5 - 7 days 2 - 3 receptions are carried to of 20 - 30 ml to (4 - 6 teaspoons in ).

However this technique has many opponents: many modern pediatricians consider that till 6 months it is not desirable to lure the kid - his mucous and fermental system are not ready to process something, except breast milk or the high-adapted mix. About same tell the last WHO recommendations. However against fruit juice of WHO has nothing.

2. Approach of traditional obstetrics

Pediatricians of this school recommend to begin with

the first feeding up when the baby had a food interest, that is when he wants to try something. Usually it occurs at six-month-old age. In traditional obstetrics it is considered that to the kid at this age breast milk suffices successfully to develop. And the first feeding up is not attempt to feed starving, but acquaintance with new in homeopathic doses. Till 6 months at the child unripe zheludochno - an intestinal path, it is difficult for them to digest something, except breast milk as necessary enzymes in it are not produced yet. In 6 months the organism of the baby begins to produce immunoglobulin A which does mucous intestines more protected from penetration of molecules of protein into blood. This necessary condition for protection against an allergy.

For the first feeding up boiled colourless vegetables recommend to choose

: a vegetable marrow, a cauliflower, broccoli or can mashed potatoes from one (!) from these vegetables. If the kid became interested in contents of your plate, allow it to lick a piece of food or give it a piece of the size of a nail. If the kid had no disgust, give it this vegetable in the same quantities within 10 days and watch reaction of an organism. Then it is possible to give other vegetable. In 7 months in the same way it is possible to offer the child cottage cheese, in 8 - 10 sour-milk kefir (both products - with dairy kitchen). Only at safe reaction to a feeding up it is possible to increase a dose, but breast milk remains the main food about one year all the same.

Whatever system of introduction of a feeding up you chose

, remember pedagogics:

as soon as the kid begins to eat with
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