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We buy baby food: what to pay attention to?

to Buy baby food not a problem. And here to choose... What food it is better for
to buy where it is better to do it?

Where to buy baby food

Baby food needs to be bought by

in specialized shops.

As these shops profile, they realize products of reliable producers. Food for children contains there in special containers and racks with particular temperature condition. That is you provide appropriate quality of food for your child that is called “on an entrance“.

to Define

what product can be chosen as the best feeding up for yours the baby, having attentively studied packing or a label. The benefit the mode of self-service accepted almost in all specialized shops of baby food gives such chance - study how many you want. If questions remained, it is possible to address consultants of shop. In most cases it is the qualified people who really know that they say.

Information on a label, packing of goods

If on packing of a famous brand of baby food you do not see the first four from the listed above points (the price of a product is specified on the price tag), most likely, before you a fake. Or you came to the shop which is not credible. Because for all specified on a label - packing information the producer of baby food bears legal accountability.

However even the most remarkable, high-quality and useful food for children stops being that if it is used not for designated purpose or with violation of instructions.

So the producer is obliged to inform

, and mother - to examine!

the Expiration date

Date of production, the storage period, storage conditions are specified on packing of baby food by the producer without fail. It is impossible to assume that the kid regaled on an overdue lunch! If you plan to take food for emergency and to store it after opening - on packing of mashed potatoes and juice the allowed duration of such storage is specified.


Choosing products in shop, you watch that packing incidentally was not damaged - full of holes, inflated or torn. Then any information on packing loses any meaning, and you will just waste time for acquaintance with it. Be attentive! On packing and its working order health of the kid and your good mood will help to save an expiration date!

Age recommendations

the Child grows at

, changes. At the same time the structure and amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients which he needs to receive in the course of food change. On a packing / label of famous brands of baby food the age from which experts of scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science> recommend to begin to enter this product into the child`s diet is specified. And these recommendations concern the beginning of introduction of this or that product. You will be able to give these mashed potatoes to the kid and at more adult age. For example, the mashed potatoes recommended from 5 months can be given also to the seven-months kid. And here on the contrary - by no means. whether


Suit age recommendations from a label in your case, only the pediatrician can tell you. However to get acquainted with them before buying a product and to offer it to the child, it is necessary!

Structure of a product

the Can baby food happens unicomponent and multicomponent. For example, if on bank from mashed potatoes “Yabloko“ is written just - it is a unicomponent product. And if “apple - a pear - the peach“ is a food multicomponent. In order that the period of introduction of a feeding up passed for the kid most comfortably, experts recommend to give unicomponent products right at the beginning. At least because it is much easier to define the reason of this or that reaction of an organism of the child to a feeding up if to enter into its diet new products gradually. So, having taken from the shelf to bank with baby food, do not forget to get acquainted with structure of a product!

the Way of preparation

This information usually is placed on packings of children`s dairy mixes and porridges. The specified volumes and proportions - result not of one hundred tests. Here all to gram is verified by specialists in baby food. Mothers should not experiment with procedure of preparation of baby food and furthermore artificially “to improve“ it. The most correct will be to trust in experts. They not for nothing tried for you!

of Mashed potatoes is on sale already in finished form, it is only recommended to be warmed up before feeding up to the temperature of 37 º Page

Food additives

Yes, some mothers consider that “it is good not to eat food additives“. Let`s deal with this question in more detail.

Application of food additives in famous brands of baby food is extremely limited to

and strictly meets standard. Possible additives by production of baby food - antioxidants and thickeners.

Antioxidants, despite the serious name, actually usual natural connections (for example, vitamin C). They protect fats and fat-containing products from rancidification, prevent destruction of vitamins, protect vegetables, fruit and products of their processing from darkening.

Thickeners allow to receive the consistence of baby food answering to age features of the child. For example, mashed potatoes. At home you should mash potato or vegetables, to shake up etc. Agree, not always the child is able to chew it. But in “can“ baby puree everything is already considered. And you will give to the kid those mashed potatoes which he is able to eat. With 4 - 6 months dishes of the main feeding up - vegetable, fruit purees, porridges give to the child. Natural substances are applied to them as thickeners: pectin, rice or wheat starch, flour. Any chemistry, as you can see. At this age the child`s stomach yet not in perfection seized skill of digestion of food. The enveloping and absorbing properties of thickeners help it with this important issue. Will pass still a little bit time, and yours the baby will cope itself with any food.

By production of baby food use of artificial fragrances and dyes is strictly forbidden to

. It is possible to see them on a label of the known baby food in specialized shop only in a dream!

the Price

the Price of baby food consists of quality of the used ingredients, the level of the technologies used by its production and standards of quality control. Naturally, the qualitative product will not cost kopek.

Not the last role is played also by the expert status of a product - various scientific researches and tests which the producer of baby food conducts for the purpose of its improvement. For example, company of Nutricia ® *, known for the brand Nutrilon ® , carries annually out tens of thousands of tests of the production in tens of laboratories worldwide. Therefore production of the company not only justifies the cost (which, however, is quite available), but also enjoys credible mothers and specialists in baby food.

Acquiring in large specialized shops can baby food of Nutricia ® , created with application of the most modern technologies and containing the best ingredients, at all seasons of the year you can offer the kid the various menu corresponding to its age!

* LLC Nutrition