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Small bottle: the choice and use of

the Small bottle - one of the main objects in “life“ of the kid. Even when the baby on chest, but not on artificial feeding, it receives water, tea, juice and the decanted milk from a small bottle. However this irreplaceable subject can bear also danger to the child if upon purchase not to pay attention to characteristics and materials of which the small bottle is made, and also not to follow simple rules of its use.

First of all mother has to pay attention directly to small bottle material. If to speak about plastic capacities (glass are got seldom from today - for ponderousness and fragility), it is the best of all to give preference to polypropylene. It has opaque (translucent) texture. Scientists give good marks to polypropylene because it does not contain diphenol - And, that is does not bear any threat even for the newborn baby. Other material without diphenol - And - transparent poliefirsulfon. It is credible too since it is safe and even differs in the increased durability. The third and most “running“ material of small bottles - polycarbonate. It is possible to call it reliable and durable, but, alas, diphenol is its part - And, and it causes vigilance of scientists.

Further captiously inspect a cap of a small bottle and the holder twisting a pacifier. They have to cork reliably the capacity and an opening of a pacifier that liquid did not follow even at intensive stirring. Check a small bottle and for stability. As a rule, is the strongest “there are on the earth“ capacities with the wide lower basis or the center of gravity displaced to a bottom.

we will talk about a small bottle form Now. Many mothers upon purchase do not think of whether washing will be easy to be given. Meanwhile, from “not washed out“ small bottles microbes can get to the child`s organism when you fill a small bottle with liquid again. Therefore look for the capacity of a usual cylindrical form (it is possible “fitted“), it is obligatory with rather wide neck where the brush for washing easily will enter.

Safety in many respects depends also on a pacifier. If you nurse the kid (not important as often), the pacifier surely has to be the “correct“ form, that is imitate a shape of a female nipple and have a slow stream of supply of liquid - at natural feeding the baby should “extract“ milk due to own efforts. At observance of these two parameters the child will not feel an essential difference between a breast and a small bottle, therefore, will not refuse one in favor of another.

Besides, it is better to give the preference to nipples with anti-vacuum or “antikolikovy“ “skirts“. They allow air to get continuously in a small bottle, preventing adhesion of a pacifier therefore the kid can drink, without coming off and without swallowing air which often is the reason of vomiting and painful gripes. For example, by this principle Philips AVENT small bottle works. On “skirt“ her nipples there is an integral valve thanks to which the external part of a pacifier forms a bend during feeding. Respectively, everything passes “according to the best scenario“: in capacity the vacuum is not formed, it allows air to get directly in a small bottle, and the kid without stops makes the sosatelny movements just as when feeding by a breast. The fact that the newborn babies eating from Philips AVENT small bottle suffer from gripes less often and therefore behave more quietly, it is proved clinically. Specialists in baby food watched these kids also attentively, as well as group of children to whom they gave a simple small bottle. As a result it was established that at group of the children drinking from usual small bottles, intestinal gripes arose more often.

Philips AVENT Small bottle also meets all requirements about which we spoke above. Her nipple repeats a physiologic shape of a female nipple, and on it the diagonal stiffening ribs which are in addition protecting a pacifier from adhesion are placed. Also nipples with several options of streams of supply of liquid are issued - from slow for newborns to fast for kids is more senior. All this helps mothers to nurse longer.

are made by

of the Small bottle of Philips AVENT not only of polycarbonate, but also from the safest polypropylene (capacity of dairy color) and a rare poliefirsulfon (capacity of honey color). The pacifier is made of strong hypoallergenic silicone. And usability of Philips AVENT is reached at the expense of a wide neck, three types of volume of capacity and compatibility with milk pumps and noses for feeding of Philips AVENT.

Finally we will remember all the famous rules of use of a small bottle. After each feeding capacity needs to be washed up carefully the brush or to use a sterilizer. You should not neglect also procedure of boiling. If you noticed defects on a small bottle surface (cracks, scratches), at once replace it to avoid a congestion of bacteria in these cracks.

In questions of feeding from a small bottle and care of it a lot more subtleties are. If you carefully care about health of your kid and want to acquire guaranteed qualitative goods, we advise you to read additional information on the specialized websites. The updated Philips AVENT page to the address www can become the good assistant. philips. ru/AVENT. There you not only will find “theory“, but also have an opportunity to consult with the expert - the pediatrician and to exchange experience with other mothers.