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Let`s preserve happiness of

Life - it is a constant growing. You were born, and in a month acquaintances speak to parents: “As she matured!“ . With each our success and even with each failure you become more senior and are more skilled.

I here at you the kid was already born em. Remember how many important occurred in recent years? In - the first, you fell in love. You found the person with whom decided to establish a family. You live together. And it needs to learn too.

I here you learned that you will become parents. It is a serious stage. And though you together, now everyone will mature in own way, in himself.

the Crumb was born

. On intensity of emotions - it is the greatest and very important stage in life of everyone too. And all of you still everyone separately mature, assume responsibility, learn to be patient, to build the relations already three together.

having passed

I through these hard times, you understand that you slightly retired into oneself and moved away from each other, having concentrated on the child. It is not love passed, just both of you did not get used to the new status.“ The relationship“ the husband and the wife, their psychological proximity consists from much composed - including, of intimate life. That half-words and some coldness disappeared, it is necessary to think of intimate relations.

to Adjust them it is difficult to both. Young mother was tired, she “all in the child“, seems to her that former appeal is lost. It is difficult to young father to combine in one image mother of the child and the mistress so far. He is afraid to offend, make something not so. And, at last, both are strained because the contraception issue is not resolved. However, it is just easier to remove this stress, than psychological because modern preparations allow to provide the most reliable and long contraception even for the feeding mothers.

How to exercise in the choice of a contraceptive judgment? In this question a lot of things depend on wishes, your with the husband.

If you are ready

and want to give birth in the next one or two years to the child again, then it is possible to use short-term methods. In the modern world of contraception condoms and hormonal contraceptives give reliable contraceptive effect. In particular, plasters, tablets. Tablets great variety: from gestagensoderzhashchy pass - saw for feeding to very convenient system 24+4 in application which was so fallen in love to many European and Russian women since positively influences skin.

If so far you want to be parents of one kid and in next 4 - 5 years do not plan the following pregnancy, then, perhaps, it is better to pay attention to methods of long contraception. It, of course, has to be highly effective and convenient in application. It will allow you not to remember means every day or every month to devote more time to a family, but not excess cares.

Then pay attention to intrauterine means.

In - the first, it can be a usual metal-containing spiral. It is established for quite long term - from 3 to 5 years. Means gives comfort during proximity, but nevertheless some inconveniences are present at its use. It is known that monthly at many women who put a spiral become more plentiful and painful.

a Specific place among intrauterine means now is held by intrauterine hormonal system. It is called sometimes “contraception of 21 centuries“. It is not just improved form of “spiral“, it is, in fact, the new method which united convenience of intrauterine contraception with positive impact on a female organism of contraception hormonal.

the System provides to

the daily accurately dosed receipt in a cavity of a uterus of microdoses of hormone, protecting her mucous membrane from excessive growth. At the expense of it periods can become is more poor also less painful. And it as practice showed, became huge advantage.

the Poor, and even completely absent periods - a limit of dreams of many women for which “critical days“ indeed become critical of - for moral and physical discomfort, a set of restrictions which it is necessary to face - beginning

from need more often usual to carry out hygienic procedures, to choose suitable clothes, finishing with unwillingness once again to walk with the child from - for pains. And only present that now active recreation, games, any clothes, proximity with the husband in any day of a cycle - all this is perhaps constant also without breaks.

Unless young mother on whose shoulders and there are so a lot of cares does not deserve such pleasure and a personal liberty? Freedoms from discomfort and alarms. Including alarms about unplanned pregnancy.

Effectively having resolved by

a contraception issue, it is possible to return to close relations passion and relaxedness. Between you nothing changed. You also love each other, just you became three. But all of you are happy and sure. And now more than ever it is important to your husband to know earlier that his wife, mother of his child, is quiet and protected. Then the child will grow in harmony and love, then will not be in the relations of excess intensity, nothing will distract from pleasure of life together.