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Emergence of our small miracle

Me is read many stories about your childbirth, mamulechka. Here decided to write about the. Even I do not know what to begin with... I will begin from the very beginning. In November, 2008 we with the husband decided that in 2009 we surely will become parents. The first attempts ended with nothing, but we did not lose hope, and on April 22 on the test long-awaited stripes were highlighted.

then began

A... Bleeding opened. A campaign in consultation. On preservation. Extract. Registration. Bleeding. Preservation. Extract. Holiday. Bleeding. Preservation. Extract... So the summer flew by, and in October went to the decree.

Received decretive, made the list of purchases for the kid and began to prepare. PDR (on December 25), already was behind, and New Year`s holidays came. I talked every day to the kid and asked whether he wants to appear today. Every night false contractions tormented, but in pathology decided not to be given, and to wait when babies himself wants to please us.

were met New year by houses. On the first of January in the evening the part of a stopper departed. Began to listen to an organism, but everything is quiet. Decided that on January 3 I will go to give up. The second still the part of a stopper departed at 13:35, and there are no fights everything. Lay down to have a rest and fell asleep. Overslept till 15:00 and when rose, decided to descend in shop. And only I crossed a supermarket threshold...

- Seryozha, I went home, and you buy products.

- And you what?

- At me waters departed...

the husband had a shock. And here I run home, jumping through a step (we live on 5 - ohm the floor), and in the head:“ My God, I will meet the Kid, at last soon“. In about 15 minutes there arrived “ambulance“, I grabbed packages. And good luck!

the Hospital attendant abused that on January 1 when the stopper departed, did not call “ambulance“, and all the time repeated that I did not jump over a step, and went down carefully. At 16:30 arrived to maternity hospital, changed clothes, gave things to the husband, processed documents, carried out all procedures and sent to the 4th floor to prenatal.

In chamber me was examined by the doctor, looked through my diary (I conducted it all pregnancy, the doctor very much was surprised). Fights did not begin. Put a “hot“ prick, but also it did not help. Waters gradually departed. Yes, feeling not the most pleasant. At 19:30 decided to put the stimulating dropper. And here began: started a leak the battery in chamber anew, called the mechanic, and at me already strong contractions began, is cold to me, hot, the nurse runs, wraps up me. It is necessary to do KTG - the device broke, ran behind another, but also it without connection “reads out“ heartbeat that very much made laugh doctors. But it was adjusted and all wrote down.

of Fight began to accrue, then passed into attempts. I breathed correctly what the doctor praised me for. And here the moment when I went to patrimonial came. Changed clothes of me, got on a chair, but an embarrassment - legs were not located. Or rather, they were put as it is not necessary, but I could “work“ with them - began to reduce. Attempts are very short, is enough only for of 1 - 2 breath. All the time getting thirsty, and the midwife laughs: “Did not deserve“. Business does not go. Prodyshala several fights, the doctor told that the child works better, than I. Called one more doctor (in my opinion, the anesthesiologist), it pressed to me on a stomach fists, I made an effort, crashed a head (this painfully!) . A head at the child big therefore it was necessary to make a section. I 2 more times was extinguished, and my Kid was born. At once there are so much thoughts in the head... “Where my pleasure?“ “And where pain that already all?“ “As I am happy!!“ “Still afterbirth“. But the afterbirth did not depart, and I was loaded an anesthesia. And in a dream it seemed all the time that everything dreamed me and when periodically woke up, departing from an anesthesia, in the sleep looked for it:

- Why does not cry where it? Began to cry... Wash it?

- yours! For the daughter you will come?

- it is obligatory for


- Ha, ha, ha...

Saw the Krokhotulka, and everything was forgotten - both pain, and fears. Yes, children are happiness which can be seen, touched.

Planning I wish

success in achievement of results. Be not afraid of anything. Mamulechkam I wish that children pleased with the progress, and different problems fast flew by. Good luck to all of you!