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Without bullfight and jamon

Spaniards are hedonists for what to look, and besides extremely hospitable. It seems that we already know everything about their country, but if to get accustomed, it turns out that which - what nevertheless remains outside the untwisted beach routes. We chose five Spanish pleasures which should be tested, having appeared on the Iberian Peninsula.

Taste of the North

Behind gastronomic delights should go to the North - to the Basque Country which in the last decades presented to the world there are a lot of talented cooks among whom there is the best-known chief in Spain and a telestar of culinary show Carlos Arginyano and the guru of molecular kitchen Huang Maria Arzak.


Located on the bank of the Bay of Biscay San - Sebastian, in language of Basques - Donostiya, it is proud carries a rank of the culinary capital of Spain, raising also at a title of the main gastronomic center of Europe. Here the biggest concentration in the world a predpriya - tiya of public catering on square meter and mishlenovsky stars per capita - even three-stars restaurants whole two, besides that inhabitants in San - Sebastian - is less than two hundred thousand people. Annually within already ten years in the city there passes the prestigious international congress of Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia on which the whole galaxy eminent the chief - cooks from around the world gathers.

Wine and inspiration

Spaniards treat wine with a piety. So big that even buildings of wineries order to the most fashionable architects. In the city of Laguardiya (the province Alava, the Basque Country) there are wineries of Ysios Botega to which creation the glorified Santiago Calatrava, and Vina Real Botega created on the project of the French architect Filip Mazyer laid a hand. One more curious winery - Juli á n Chivite - is located in Estelye (Navarre), the building for it was designed by Raphael Moneo. Wine tourism is very developed in Spain, at many wineries there are small hotels where it is possible to stop to have a rest in calm, to study process of production of wine and to luxuriate in Spa, specializing in a vinoterapiya. In the city of Elsiyego (the province Alava, the Basque Country) the complex of winery Marqu é is constructed; s de Riscal, is proud called by the City of wine. The original building was designed by the Canadian architect Frank Gehry, the author of the Museum of Guggenheim in Bilbao. Inside - luxury hotel, restaurant, Spa - the center, business - the center and the museum.



the Musical hallmark of the country the flamenco is, however the jota also is popular with Spaniards. It is pair dance which is followed by music and singing - those participants who do not dance sing. The contents of songs can be various - from religious motives and patriotic appeals to a vainglory love victories. Obligatory attributes of a jota - jumping and castanets in the hands raised over the head. Most often the jota has a vigorous rhythm though in certain provinces also quite smooth kinds of this dance meet. If to tell about an origin, then a jota even more Spanish phenomenon, than a flamenco with its Gipsy roots. It is considered that the jota is from Aragon, but now it is danced on the Pyrenees everywhere. In different provinces the jota has the color, differs on mood, the movements, music. Often the jota is executed in national suits, and executed in solemn occasions turns almost into theatrical action.

Trends - brands

Spaniards very willingly put on in what to them is offered by fashion designers - compatriots. The benefit of talented fashion designers on the Iberian Peninsula is a lot of. Among the most famous Spanish brands - Armand Basi, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Custo Barcelona, Roberto Verino, Victorio y Lucchino, Manolo Blahnik and Davidelf í n. Shopinguya in Spain, be not afraid to experiment and safely choose clothes even if nothing tells you a name of her creator. Things of fashionable Spanish designers in Madrid can be found in little shops on streets of Fuencarral and Hortaleza. If you prefer to get acquainted at first with all range of local fashion brands, and then already to choose, then it is worth arriving to Madrid in February or September to visit Fashion week of Cibeles (www. cibeles. ifema. es).

Go the wood

Spaniards there are passionate mushroom pickers. Especially residents of woody northern provinces. They look forward to arrival of fall and opening of a mushroom season. The richest with area mushrooms: Galicia, the Basque Country, Castile - Leon, Navarre, Aragon, Catalonia, Asturias and Cantabria. In many cities mushroom tourism is put in a big way. There are special mycologic societies which will organize courses on recognition of mushrooms, train guides for escort of unexperienced tourists, hold festivals and competitions among mushroom pickers. Many villages can brag of special mushroom routes. There are also hotels where during a season will offer you thematic “mushroom“ Wick - and with the special menu, lessons and walks. Restaurants do not lag behind and offer the guests various dishes with mushrooms.