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Kurantil at pregnancy of

Kurantil often appoint at pregnancy, and it is not always pleasant to future mothers, so many of them consider that any tablets during pregnancy are harmful. But tablets happen different and modern obstetricians - gynecologists like to appoint this preparation at pregnancy both for treatment, and for prevention of various complications at mother and the child.

That it Kurantil kurantit

(the international unlicensed name - dipiridamol) treats group of antiagregant and immunomodulators and Berlin - Hemi (Germany) in the form of the tablets and dragees containing different doses of a preparation is issued pharmaceutical firm.

Kurantil prevents formation of blood clots in blood and increases immunity. After intake it almost completely contacts proteins of plasma, collecting in heart and in red blood cells - erythrocytes. Then it decays (is metabolized) in a liver and brought out of an organism with bile.

Antiagregantny action of a kurantil

Aggregation of cages is their adhesion in multicellular education (unit). As a result of aggregation of blood cells in blood vessels blood clots - blood clots which cork a vessel are formed. It is protective reaction of an organism which allows an organism to avoid big blood loss at violation of integrity of a blood vessel. But at various violations formation of blood clots happens also in the whole blood vessels and it very dangerously to those that blood access (and it bears with itself nutrients and oxygen) to separate bodies and fabrics is blocked. Blood clots of blood vessels cause such serious illness as a myocardial infarction and a stroke.

the increased aggregation of cages is dangerous by

To pregnant women doubly as it threatens not only mother with complications from internals, but also to the child as blood clot can block in whole or in part blood circulation in a placenta - the main body through which blood (and nutrients and oxygen) treat her to a fruit. Even small obstruction of blood vessels of a placenta is fraught with heavy complications for the child, especially from a brain - this body is very sensitive to a lack of oxygen (hypoxia). Consequences of a hypoxia of a fruit can be irreversible. Kurantil weakens walls of small blood vessels, influencing their muscles (vazodilyatiruyushchy action) that improves blood circulation and its tendency to aggregation. At the same time expansion of large blood vessels does not happen that prevents such complications as sharp falling of arterial pressure.

Immunomodulatory action of a kurantil

Other important property of a kurantil - immunomodulatory. It means that it restores immunity - ability of an organism to struggle with various viral infections. The mechanism of immunomodulatory action of a kurantil is that it promotes excitement (is the inductor) interferon synthesis - the protein of blood possessing antiviral and antineoplastic properties. At the same time not only production of interferon, but its activity increases. As a result at reception of a kurantil antiviral immunity (resistance) to viral infections increases nonspecific (not depending on what virus influences an organism). Therefore kurantit apply to prevention and treatment of flu and other viral diseases that is especially actual at pregnancy as viral diseases often cause heavy complications from mother and a fruit.

of the Indication and contraindication for reception of a kurantil at pregnancy

Kurantil at pregnancy is appointed for prevention of placentary insufficiency at the complicated pregnancy, at treatment of violations of microcirculation (blood circulation in small blood vessels), for treatment and prevention of violations of brain blood circulation and encephalopathies (violations from a brain). If the pregnant woman has coronary heart disease, then kurantit is appointed for the prevention of formation of blood clots in the blood vessels feeding a cardiac muscle. At a varicosity kurantit prevents obstruction of veins. Besides, it is appointed for prevention and treatment of flu and other catarrhal viral diseases.

At the simultaneous use of tea or coffee vasodilating action of a kurantil can decrease.

Reception of a kurantil is contraindicated to

at a number of diseases and violations from internals and systems, obstetricians - gynecologists of female consultations are well familiar with these contraindications.

Side effect of a kurantil

When using a preparation in therapeutic doses side effects are usually slightly expressed to


and have passing character:

  • it is from outside warm - vascular system: the heartbeat violation (increased or the lowered number of warm reductions), rushes of blood to the person, lowering of arterial pressure:
  • from digestive organs: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, belly-aches;
  • from system of fibrillation: reduction number of platelets in blood, change of their functional properties, bleedings;
  • from nervous system: dizziness, noise in the head, a headache, an incoordination of movements;
  • allergic reactions: skin rash, including small tortoiseshell;
  • other side effects: weakness, feeling of a congestion of an ear, muscle and joints pain, cold.

At overdose all side effects amplify. In that case it is necessary to wash out a stomach and to call the ambulance as drug treatment will be required.

during pregnancy should trust in the obstetrician - the gynecologist of a maternity welfare unit and to carry out all his appointments, including to accept kurantit.