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The sexual aura of

“Love will unintentionally appear suddenly when you do not wait for it at all...“ All remember this line from the well-known song. Some of us trust destiny and are not guided by concrete criteria concerning the partner or the beloved. Some enough “traditional“ criteria, for example, material (the apartment, the car and money in a pocket) or spiritual (true, reliable, honest). But there are women for whom the choice of the partner is connected with rather specific “troubles“. However, during this or that period such troubles can “overtake“ any of us. About them - they are these hang-ups - and the speech will go.

Vocational guidance. Long since it is known that some professions are surrounded with a certain sexual aura. For example, military (“and I love military, beautiful, huge“)... More than once in announcements of acquaintance you meet the lines “I Want to Marry the Military“. And the fact that the income of representatives of this profession is not too high presently does not stop women. In - the first, it is a profession it is associative it is connected in female consciousness with courage and force. In - the second - a form, it in general is sexual for many. By the way, some women even do preferences concerning “divisions of troops“. You remember a joke: “You had a grandmother in life one big love? - Yes, vnuchenka, seamen!“ .

my mother admitted to me that at teenage age she was very much concerned by “young men in stripped vests“, and one my acquaintance adored paratroopers. And even went to their summer holiday in the Park of Culture to find there to itself the representative of the corresponding category... Two times it worked well, and with everyone she lived together somewhere by a year. However, she loved militiamen too.

A doctors? I test in soul something such in relation to them from time to time. In own way it is “people in uniform“ too, plus their image is connected with concepts of the help, rescue, reliability, and all this is so important for the woman.

also professions, “romaticized by art“ Happen. Well, for example, night porter... In due time one my acquaintance who staid in hotel in Prague could not avoid a temptation when the representative of this profession began “to drive up“ to it. Sometimes in lists of man`s professions, sexually attractive for women, there are teachers, trainers, “ekstremalshchik“ like stuntmen... Well, about oligarchs and top managers we will not speak.

National identity. Here. For example, someone feeds strong affection for French, someone - for Poles, and someone - for Jews.“ The best men are Georgians, Poles and Jews“, - one my acquaintance of the Georgian nationality told me once.

Sources at “national“ attachment different: these or those stereotypes put in consciousness, some abstract or concrete “culturological“ images, existence in the past of the partner of this nationality.

Personally I during the different periods fed with

thirst for Jews, Koreans and Latin Americans. To the first because “my first children`s love“ treated this nationality, and then I began to study the Jewish culture and literature at university. To the second - because in adolescence was a devoted fan of Victor Tsoi, to the third... Well, probably, because I very much liked their songs, dances and other culture. And here my one acquaintance with whom we together went crazy according to Tsoi during further life more - adhered to “the set national line“ less. There was among her partners both a Korean, and the Cambodian. And then she married the Japanese and went to the Land of the rising sun.

in general, by the way, such phenomenon as “thirst for representatives of other race“ Is. And if to take narrow, especially sexual aspect, then the phenomenon of extreme degree of an inclination to people with other skin color is called a geterokhromofiliya. Skin color and contrast between the merging bodies can excite the person. Some girls, for example, are drawn towards representatives of the African race. Here, by the way, not the last role is played by the myth about the increased sexuality and big sex - abilities of “the African machoes“.

the Separate case when thirst for representatives of this or that nationality is caused by own religious views or beliefs of nationalist character. Somehow to me the girl - the Tatar who considered that “not cut off man is not the man“ met. Respectively, its “sexual elects“ became those who needed trimming by the religious principle.

still the phenomenon which can be defined just as “thirst for foreigners“ Is. In - the first because in other culture and mentality there is always something mysterious and attractive. And in - the second... you noticed that the foreign speech or the Russian speech with accent have a certain sexual attractiveness?

“Cultural hero“. the image obtained from literature, cinema, or a celebrity from modern life Means. Let`s tell, someone from girls dreams to find the hero similar externally, say, on Brad Pete, Tom Cruise or Leonardo DiCaprio. However, a pursuit of appearance - piece too superficial more likely us attract the images created by these actors, their special male qualities. We admit, many of us dreamed to meet the man similar, say, to Rhett Butler from “Gone with the Wind“. Similar searches get, as a rule, in anywhere...

“Just like the past“. Often we look for the men similar according to these or those characteristics to the first love or the first sexual partner with which “something did not develop“. And it can be a mistake - perhaps, it did not develop just because the similar type does not suit us?

“As father“. It is no secret that many ladies look for the beloved similar in something to their father. And here too there can be difficulties. Especially, if the image of the parent is idealized in consciousness.

Horoscopes. the people who are extremely fond of astrology Are. Up to that sometimes in announcements of acquaintance you read:“ I look for the Sagittarius who is given rise in a year of the Goat“.

Astrology, of course, a thing entertaining and interesting, but it is not necessary to trust in it in the device of the destiny entirely.

For example, I am Cancer on a horoscope. All affairs with the men suitable me in all respects and attracting me in huge degree - Fishes came to an end tragicly, and the man born under at all not suitable me on a horoscope became my husband he is familiar - Scales... Together we more than 5 years, and, fie - fie, everything is quite harmonious.

A generally, “hang-ups“ are a time and not bad if without excessive fanaticism.