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The house for a hobby of

One, but ardent passion to water sports attracts hundreds of Russians to coast of the warm seas - oceans. As often as possible to indulge in hobby, some decide to drop an anchor in especially attracted places and get the second house.

Driving on waves or scuba diving can be both sport, and rest, and a pursuit of adrenaline. But the main thing why many people with such passion are given to these hobbies - with anything incomparable feeling of a unification with elements of water and wind. The pleasure, freedom, feeling of completeness of life which give these occupations are available both to beginners, and professionals. The one who having managed to overcome own laziness, inertness and fear once, decided to get up on a board or to plunge with an aqualung, seldom comes back then to idle rest on the beach. To learn bases, it appears, not so difficult, and it will be possible to be improved and make new discoveries for the rest of the life.

Of course, original enthusiasts are ready to go behind underwater beauty, waves and wind to any world`s end - though on the Great Barrier Reef though to the Hawaiian Islands. But the closest and popular with domestic fans of diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing (driving on a board on water behind a kite) places are in Egypt, Spain, Turkey and in Cyprus.


One of the most available countries where there is a set of places for occupation by favourite sport and besides is perfectly developed by

a hire network - Egypt. It is possible to ride a board with a sail almost all the year round here. And, of course, the Red Sea by right is considered one of the best places for diving - in few places in the world there will be such variety of fishes and corals. In Hurghada and in Charm - Ale - the Sheikh diving - the centers where it is possible to hire the equipment and to complete a course, is nearly in each hotel, and in many of them the Russian instructors work. All will have enough interesting places for immersion - in Hurghada, for example, their more than forty. However, from - for popularity of the resort at the majority dayv - sights by a lunch about ten boards accumulate, and under water it becomes rather small. Therefore it is better to put out to sea a bit earlier, so far most of tourists just stop having breakfast or acquire a morning tan.

Hurghada also is Not less popular

with domestic windsurfers. There is always wind, and it is the strongest in the summer and in an early autumn. Most of fans of a board with a sail prefer a surf - the centers at Sofitel and Hilton Plaza hotels which are directed by the Russian athletes. Real estate in Egypt on a pocket to the most different categories of buyers. In Hurghada, around Ale - Kauzer, the new apartment - studio can be picked up, having the sum of all in € 30 thousand.


in recent years among fans of driving on boards and scuba diving popularity of the resort town of Dakhab promptly grows. This former camp of bedouins lying in 100 km to North - to the East from Charm - Ale - the Sheikh, can brag of modern hotels today, but keeps at the same time ancient color. The town is located on the bank of the Akabsky gulf in a lagoon with the beautiful sandy beach to which from two parties it is close to the coast mountains approach, and wind quite strongly disperses in this “pipe“. The tongue of sand closes a lagoon from waves from the sea therefore here fine conditions for driving on smooth water. Farther behind a braid where waves reach 2 - 3 meters in height, real “pros“ for whom directly in the sea the platform is built frolic: there it is possible to sit and take breath. In the center of a lagoon it is located a surf - the Vetratoriya station belonging to the Russian surfer - to one of our first compatriots who settled in Dakhab in 2002 Mr. Chill - a miss on a roof of station - the popular place of gathering of local surfers where it is possible not only to have a rest, but also to work on the computer, having used the free Internet, or to watch film.

Is in Dakhab also Russian kayt - shko - la, are carried out numerous kayt - a safari for the advanced kayter. The place perfectly is suitable also for diving. The Gulf of Akaba - the most deep-water part of the Red Sea, and in Dakhab all places with an aqualung are available to immersions from the coast. In only several meters from the beach it is possible to meet huge fishes and to admire variety of life of a coral reef. Practically near each diving point there are small cafes where it is possible to have dinner cheap and tasty between immersions and to discuss the adventures. The modest sizes of Dakhab allow to pass for half an hour by bicycle all city from the North on the South - to a lagoon where numerous hotels and serfstantion are located.


That to whom the weakened Dakhab`s atmosphere will seem too democratic for certain will like more elegant resort of El Gong. Its planning was done by the famous American architect Michael Greyvs (Michael Graves) who laid a network of channels in the Egyptian desert and built the romantic town reminding Venice. The main local real estate is the small cozy houses standing on the islands of the different size connected among themselves by bridges and transitions. Besides diving, Windows - and kayt - surfing there is all set of entertainments and all necessary infrastructure of the luxurious resort here. In El Gongye there is a golf, largest in the region, - club, and night life of the downtown is considered the most saturated in Egypt. Near golf - club several complexes of apartments and country houses in different architectural styles - nubian or Venetian, located directly at the sandy beach are under construction. The prices of apartments begin from € 28 thousand

One more place with excellent opportunities for active recreation - Mars Alam, the young perspective resort located in 240 km to the South from Hurghada.

to Development of the resort are promoted the airport where now both the Russian airlines, and fine natural and climatic conditions fly. Water is always several degrees warmer here, than in Hurghada, and is much more transparent. In Mars Alam there are a lot of places for immersions about coast which are suitable for all levels of preparation. The main sight of the resort - an untouched coral kingdom with reeves known to all inveterate divers Elfinstoun and Dolfin. The professional center of windsurfing of Mars of Alam is in the territory of national park, and surfers share the wide sandy beach with sea turtles who chose this place for removal of posterity.

to One of the first projects realized in the region. In new resort complexes which in a set are under construction in this actively developing region apartments with one bedroom can be bought at the price from € 30 thousand


Inveterate divers will never ignore the Cyprus which coastal waters hide a set of the sunk ships from public eyes. In it the diver with an experience Olga Borodina who represents the interests of the Stereodomiki Ltd company (Patrocls group of companies) in Russia learned at the first hand.“ Cyprus - very suitable place and for skilled divers, and for beginners, - she tells. - It is better for the beginning diver to study at the Russian-speaking instructor that there were no difficulties with communication and confusion in terminology. In Cyprus big Russian diaspora so with it problems will not be. Some diving - the centers in which the Russian instructors work are located in the territory of the five-stars hotels focused besides on the Russian tourists. But the prices of training and immersions are quite high there. Therefore I advise to choose independent diving - the center. That center in which I was engaged is in Pathos. Its owner, Alexander, lives more than 10 years in Cyprus and perfectly knows places for diving. Instructors there very benevolent and cheerful, prices low: you derive pleasure both from diving, and from communication. For immersions on the sunk ship we drove the car almost an hour and a half, but are dear in Cyprus good so distance - not a problem“.

From all regions of Cyprus the most interesting to divers, is, certainly, Larnaca in which harbor in 1980 the Swedish cargo Zenobia ferry sank. Now it is based upon depth of 42 meters. The ferry perfectly remained, on the deck it is possible to see the trucks chained to it. Thrill-seekers can swim inside, even in an engine room.“ But it is dangerous: my instructor told that there were fatal cases when at divers air reached a limit and they could not find the return way out, - Olga Borodina remembers. - Also I recommended to fans of the sunk ships “Achilles“ and “Vera Kay“, based at harbor of Pathos. Though in comparison with “Zenobia“ these ships, of course, are not so interesting. But the optimum depth of “Achilles“ (about 11 meters in 5 km from harbor) allows to swim for a while much around two parts of this vessel lying up Kiel“. it is difficult for p to call

of Divers settled people because there is a lot of places for immersions in the world, and there is a wish to visit all. Therefore often they will prefer to any real estate “personal property“, and water.“ We with friends, coming where - or for diving, we stop by boats or yachts: from them it is possible to dive even about four once a day! - the expert imparts experience. - So I did also in Australia: diving - the center rented the ship which departured for 4 days on the Great Barrier Reef and immersions were carried out practically in the mode non - stop“.

But whatever luxurious was the yacht how the ship was snow-white, sometimes even the diver wants to feel the firm soil under legs. And then there is a desire to lodge where - nibud near the coast. Though for Cyprus concepts it is “far“ very conditional: the island is too small. But if there is no wish to spend time for the road at all, then it is worth stopping the choice on Larnaca or Limassol. The prices of the Cyprian real estate during crisis fell considerably: as the expert notes, single apartments overlooking the sea can be bought for € 95 thousand plus VAT of 15%. By the way, the real estate in Cyprus is interesting to divers and for one reason.“ From Cyprus it is very convenient to reach Egypt, - Olga Borodina says. - From here inexpensive charters, flight time to Charm - ale - the Sheikh - fly 1,5 hours. The Red Sea is much richer and more colourful, than Mediterranean, but the real estate in Egypt for some reasons suits not everyone. Therefore the option to live in Cyprus, and for immersions to fly to Egypt or, for example, to Maldives (through the Emirates or Oman), is very convenient“.


the kaytingovy place, Most known in Europe, - the Spanish city of the Tariff nicknamed the European capital of winds. The proximity of the city is easily calculated hundreds of wind-driven generators placed on neighboring hills. Coastal waters hundreds of people on the boards harnessed by kites plow any sunny day (and others here are almost not). Here world competitions are regularly held, champions gather here - to drive and chat about the victories. The glory to very few people to the known town came about 25 years ago, then when in Europe began “a pursuit of wind“. Today tourism - the main article of the local income, and popularity of the resort steadily grows.

Is the Tariff in the southernmost tip of Spain on the bank of the Strait of Gibraltar in its narrowest place. The resort is year-round, winds blow here always and if for windsurfing of their force sometimes is not enough, for kiting - most. The town is absolutely charming: with a fortress and curve small streets one and a half meter wide, a huge number of bars and small restaurants. Opportunities to occupy itself with something besides a hobby there is a set: the historical and cultural heritage of Andalusia promises many “strange opening“, besides, absolutely Africa lies nearby: to Tangier no distance, only 16 km by the sea. Such proximity strengthens a tourist stream in the Tariff, is so tempting to visit for one trip two continents at once. World financial crisis made real estate prices in Spain quite accepted and available, it is necessary to count on further falling of the prices hardly so now the most suitable time for purchase. In the Tariff in the center of the old city the nice apartment of 80 sq.m with two bedrooms can be bought for € 169 thousand - with all furniture, with the general terrace and a traditional Andalusian patio.

for occupations by windsurfing in Spain the Canary Islands are considered as

as the Ideal place. The developed infrastructure, warm climate, beautiful sandy beaches, the purest water in combination with the “correct“ wind do these edges to one of the most comfortable places for trainings, and many outstanding athletes prefer Canary Islands to all other places. Geographically it is Africa, however islands belong to Spain, and service level quite European here. At the same time the prices on Canary Islands are lower, than in the mainland of the country as islands have the status of a special economic zone, and local firms are exempted from many taxes.

the best conditions for occupation by all types of sailing - in the south of Tenerife, in El Medano (El Medano). It is the tiny town near the airport and in 20 minutes of a driving from the resort of Las Amerikas (Las Americas). Windsurfers spend time in two gulfs divided by the pier acting in the sea. The northern part where wind is stronger, - for those who love rigid driving, southern is suitable for the average level more. The set of bars and restaurants are better to live and have a good time in Las Amerikas, though in El Medano, and there are even nudist beaches.

of Tenerife it is considered p the inexpensive region of Spain. In El Medano apartments with one bedroom in a new complex on the first line from the sea can be bought for € 120 - 130 thousand. In Las Amerikas the coastal zone was built up long ago, and new are in some distance at home from the sea where the same apartment can be bought approximately for € 100 thousand. Happens that friends - surfers buy real estate by sharing the cost. The general house becomes convenient base and a warehouse for quite bulky equipment: boards and sails, which at everyone, as a rule, a little.

the Canary Islands enjoy

also wide popularity at divers. Waters of the archipelago are famous for rich fauna, here it is possible to meet dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and one of the most known local underwater entertainments - feeding from hands of slopes and moray eels. The most part of diving routes lies at the coast of the island Gran Canaria. In northern part of the island at the city of Las Palmas more than ten “rek“ - remains of sunken vessels. There is very transparent water therefore good visibility remains at rather deep immersions, however for them a certain preparation is necessary.


On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey which is well developed by Russians almost does not happen winds, and here on Aegean, blown by the wind Meltemi, there are places with fine conditions for windsurfing.

the Main serfovy resort of Alachata is on the peninsula to Cheshma. The ideal training platform is created in a bay by the nature: at the coast the sandy shallow about 500 sq.m with bottom depth from one to one and a half meters is located. Here you will not drown, and from here will not carry away to the high sea therefore it is possible to fulfill for hours this or that trick in safe conditions. The advanced surfers leave a shallow and ride deep water. A popular ski area - the beach located slightly to the south of clubs for windsurfing Chark where slalom competitions are annually held. Directly the beach has recently constructed country houses cost near € 500 thousand with own moorings for yachts. However, despite the solid prices, all of them are sold already out. In only 6 km from Alachata the fashionable resort of Cheshm is located. The city is ancient, kept many monuments of architecture and history which some pages are closely connected with history of Russia. In the past here, as well as in Alachaty, there were Greek possession, and more European atmosphere is inherent in these resorts. However, and real estate prices are closer to European here, than in Antalya. Houses near the sea cost an average € 180 - 200 thousand, and in several minutes of a driving from the beach it is possible to buy the good house for € 100 thousand

Second in popularity the serfovy place of Turkey - the town of Fener which is on the cape which is given in the sea in 20 km from Bodrum. In Fenere it is always windy: surfers from this delighted. And here other tourists, especially well-founded, “blows off“ from here so there are no expensive hotels in Fenere. But Bodrum - the favourite vacation spot of elite and bohemia from all Turkey and the European tourists appreciated the resort long ago. Divers also do not ignore Bodrum. Immersions at islands Orak, Kargy, Kechek and Chatal give the most various impressions. Besides, the Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea ideally is suitable for those who for the first time decided to spend the holidays on the yacht. Here a huge number of the closed bays and the whole scattering of coastal islands so an opportunity to come to anchor is almost at any time, and it is possible not to be afraid to sail in any weather.

Most of fans of water sports prefer to rent real estate for long term, for a season or even for a year that there was an opportunity to arrive at any time when there is free time. And those from “chasing wind“ who buys the house from the sea (besides proximity to a ski area, the general convenience of an arrangement and quality of infrastructure) carry an opportunity to lease housing to the most important selection criteria. In popular year-round resorts rent business brings in the quite good income so, combining business with pleasure, it is possible to make the hobby easy for a purse and to derive from it additional pleasure.

Along all coast of the Red Sea near Hurghada the barrier coral reef lasts. Unfortunately, at construction of hotels and beaches it was destroyed in many places. Diving courses cost $35-50 a day, including a lunch here. But it is necessary to bargain!

El Gong`s Resort is in 30 km to the North from Hurghada. It is very popular among artists and photographers from around the world - for them even the special complex is constructed. There are in Cyprus also places where it is possible to be engaged in windsurfing and kitesurfing - for example, work a surf - stations near Larnaca and in Limassol. Besides the small sizes of the island allow to change the place of driving easily.

On the Tariff two winds blow: Levant (east) and Ponyente (western). Levant blows along the coast at the left day and night, it is warm strong wind from the Mediterranean Sea. At Levant water smooth, but if wind amplifies, there can be wind waves. Ponyente blows from the Atlantic Ocean along the coast on the right and forms waves. Usually this wind is weaker Levant, it reaches the largest force in the middle of the day and can suddenly stop.