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Tula - Gelendzhik. Travel on a car (July, 2000) of

the Idea to have a rest at the sea haunted me already... well quite long time. Still: the last memories of it remained from very far childhood and attracted me with an improbable force. However, the trip at the sea with 1,5 one-year-old child was not approved, was even perceived in bayonets by relatives and some acquaintances: a pier to drag the small child of 1,5 thousand km is a madness. Change of climate, acclimatization... But my swan song, idea that is, our one acquaintances did not allow to strangle in the germ (family Varichey). They suggested to go with them together to Gelendzhik on the car, more precisely, each family on the. And, at Varichey two children - one 5 years, other 5 months (!) and they without problems go EVERY year on the Black Sea coast. The last finally killed the remains of my doubts concerning travel.

it was decided to go, without hurrying, halfway to stop to spend the night where - nibud in motel. At 7 in the morning we, having loaded the car everything, than it is only possible (up to a crib), went to a way. Sonka, our daughter, very easily transferred the road: almost all the time slept, during wakefulness played soft toys, gnawed cookies or just with a philosophical look rolled on the back sitting of the car provided to it in the full order. That there was no place to roll down in case of sharp movements, between forward and back seats, on a floor put bags with things, and from above laid matrasik from a crib - the excellent place for Sonki in the form of a spacious stove bench turned out. The food with themselves was not taken any (except dry children`s mixes and cookies, certainly) - were afraid to get poisoned, God forbid, during such heat. On the way many decent cafes where it was possible cheap and to eat well met, without risking “to die from a sukhomyatka“. But having more felt thirsty - the benefit of soft drinks on the road was on sale enough. Hours at 9 in the evening about Rostov stopped in motel. We paid for a double room (with a toilet and a shower) 380 rub, for the parking of the car of 20 rub. Before to disperse according to numbers, in cafe at motel husbands played billiards, we with the girlfriend tried local Don beer (quite good, by the way), and children, except the small, chest, walked on yogurts. Next morning, having slowly had breakfast, holidaymakers, we went further...

Has to notice

that travel on the car (and we went so far for the first time) was pleasant to me - on roads all conditions for automobile brotherhood (a cafe, hotels, car services, campings, gas stations on everyone to “step“). At us by cars radio stations for communication among themselves were established. It is very convenient. In - the first, need to be disciplined one after another disappeared not to be lost, and in - the second, ahead Varichi (with the established antiradar in the car) warned about ambushes of GAI and told about a situation with a counter flow. It noticeably helped when overtaking columns of trucks which throughout our way met enough. And it was quieter somehow with radio stations - in all more - less large cities there are services of rescue which it is possible to contact in case of emergency. Fortunately, it was not required to us. In a word, reached practically without adventures, except for a small episode already at entrance to the resort area.

On one of posts us was stopped for check of the SO level in exhaust gases. Varicham for the one-year-old ten was nothing to worry, we traveled on FORD SIERRA of 1984 of release and passed checkup almost a year ago, and for today for quality of an exhaust could not be charged. We, of course, eventually, would be passed, previously having adjusted for 350 rub this most WITH, but the waiting list for adjustment was for about 5 hours of expectation. Yes valorous employees of GAI will forgive us, we decided on an old driver`s trick. The husband imperceptibly removed a wire from one of candles, and our old woman of SIERRA on three working cylinders drove up to the place of measurements. As one would expect, we went off with a bang all tests since not working cylinder except that itself did not give an exhaust, it also diluted with clean air gases from others. But money nevertheless had to be paid. Design of the ecological card (something like the coupon of checkup) costs 102 rub.

Having arrived to Gelendzhik, Varichi got a job in sanatorium “Horizon“ - they had a permit, we decided to rent the room in the private sector. Problems with it did not arise. Drove up to the first intermediary (and them everywhere very much), asked to find the apartment closer to “Horizon“, proximity / range of the sea did not matter - we are mobile. Right there offered us the room in the private house - 60 rub/days from the person, 10 rub/days for the parking of the car in the yard of the house. The room was with the TV, a row kitchen with two refrigerators and all necessary for cooking. The toilet and a shower were on the street, but it did not frighten us (Sonka has the pot, and a shower always warm). In other extensions there lived still residents, but we saw them seldom. To prepare for me there was a laziness (well I on vacation all-) therefore here drank only tea / coffee with sandwiches and Sonke instant porridge was botched for breakfast; lunches and dinners - in cafe. By the way about cafe. The full-fledged lunch for two - about 150 rub, a dinner is cheaper if without wine. Portions are very decent, there was enough also Sonke to gorge on. For children it is always possible to order something suitable (vareniki, cheesecakes, pelmeshka, yogurts) if to agree, can prepare specially for example, an omelet, to cook the sausages brought by you. Well also prepare, generally tasty. The cafe in the city is a lot of, the prices and the range is approximately identical.

of Entertainments in Gelendzhik, as well as in any resort - the sea. A dolphinarium where every day arrange “the priest - show“ dolphins, cats and sea lions. Show, it appears, fascinating. It is possible to drive on a back at a dolphin, to be photographed with him. There we, unfortunately and to a regret, did not get - there was no wish to pine in expectation (the turn seemed to us big, with the small child there was no wish to wait). It is possible to leave on walk on the boat and to swim in the high sea. Even the one who is not able to swim can not be afraid to get to the old man Neptun on an evening steak - everyone equip with a saving belt. This pleasure costed 50 rub of Varichi went - returned with physiognomies, oil from pleasure. Catamarans (30 - 50 rub/h), water bikes (50 rub/min.), a water ski (50 rub / 5 min.), boats were offered on hire. Sonke very much was pleasant walk on a catamaran. However, it strove to dive all the time into the sea so it was necessary to hold it strong.

In general our little Sonyukhe from all entertainments it was more interesting to p to lap in water near the coast. I never before observed so much wild delight at the child. From its sea was not to entice any kalatches. Even hotly fallen in love peaches (15 - 20 rub) with contempt were ignored as unworthy replacement to pleasure from bathing. Carried away Sonka from the beach under her loud indignant crying, at the same time vacationers disapprovingly looked after us, spiteful parents, tyrannizing the poor baby. :) Even the least Varich - Max. like bathing in the sea.

Has to notice

that beaches in Gelendzhik pebble (at least on which we were) - for small children it well, is not present temptation to gorge on to sand, and to play with stones - hobby. Though the sea appeared in 10 minutes of walking from our housing, we went on the Thin cape of kilometers for 10 (there the quiet beach and almost at all is not present waves) or to the Kabardian. When was well very hot, went to falls to bathe in cool water in a shadow of trees.

For a change somehow went to Anapa. On the way glanced in Abrau - Dyurso, the museum of sparkling wines - excursion very much was pleasant, tasted (me and the girlfriend) wine - too. In Anapa swam for a while in the “local“ sea, were worn on banana (a cheerful water attraction in the form of a big inflatable log - 50 rub). And still ate mussels (I dreamed to try them long ago). They were pleasant to me, taste peculiar, and the husband declared what anything special - reminds chicken meat. Portion, however, small (60 rub) but on that it and a delicacy. :)


in the Evenings, is closer by the night, went to walk on the city embankment rolling in fires and music. Here cozy cafes and restaurants, numerous attractions and entertainments - it is possible to have a good time after hot day. For the late horseless (“bezmashinny“) vacationers taxi drivers offer the services (it seems, 50 rub for delivery). Right there, on the city embankment my husband, the inveterate programmer, saw a sign with the offer the Internet - services. At it eyes lit up at once and he rushed to plunge into the Internet jungle. But as we had a contract: we have on vacation a rest also from computers, there we did not go essentially. Hour of Internet access as we were told then, cost 50 rubles. An ear ring, the eldest son Varichey tirelessly rushed from one attraction to another (10 - 30 rub) devastating a parental purse. At that moment it, probably, was happiest. Sonka pulled us to the sea which is beautifully lit with fires, trying to untwist on extraordinary bathing. And little Max quietly beheld the raging resort life, periodically filling up in the carriage.


To my astonishment, Sonyukh the Ear ring with Max did not react to change of climate in any way, as well as. After arrival home - too. Besides at my diatezny daughter during stay at the sea there passed the shelled spots on legs (the house I could not bring completely them in any way) and she considerably got stronger. All children were done good by stay on sea air. Varich claim that after sea tour the Ear ring year is not ill them. Well, we will look as Sonk and Max.

the Only minus of rest with children (small) - we went by excursion a little. But this minus on closer examination if does not turn into plus, then it seems not it essential against other pleasure which were derived by our children and ourselves.