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Flowers for the graduate of

the Graduation party... A beautiful holiday with a grief shade... The milestone separating youth from adulthood. Of course, graduates and their parents want that this day was unforgettably - beautiful, it, as well as the wedding celebration, will leave memoirs for the rest of life.

By preparation of so considerable celebrations of trifles does not happen. One of the main points of preparation for a holiday - reflections concerning dresses. But only whether the clothes create mood, emphasize identity of each personality? Yes and no... In shape of each person, especially girls, there has to be “highlight“ which will make it unique. The image of the graduate, for example, can be added with the flowers which are built in by skilled florists a hairdress.

Floristics - the whole direction in hairdresser`s art. The hairdresses decorated fresh with flowers look very effectively and impress people even with the most exacting taste. They give to an image of the girl mysteriousness, tenderness and ease.

At the choice of option of flower registration of a hairdress personal approach to each girl is important

: there cannot be universal recipes. The expert has to consider all features of appearance of the girl, structure and a hair color, a style and a coloring of a dress. Everything has to be combined harmoniously - only then the created image will get integrity and will be the most effective.

Flowers for a hairdress should be chosen as

circumspectly. For example, too large buds can look is bulky, besides they will be more difficult to be fixed on hair. Very much it would not be desirable that the ornament which fell during dances spoiled to you mood...

Surely consult with sspetsialistom about that, the flowers chosen by you are how hardy, they deprived of natural moisture will have to keep many hours the freshness and beauty. Of course, florists in a special way teypirut stem cuts that gives the chance to flowers to live most long. But all the same, to scorn opinion of skilled people and to insist on beautiful, but too short-lived flowers is not necessary.

needs to pay Special attention also to color of live ornament. Bright, extravagant girls with dark hair can decorate themselves with red or claret roses. It is more preferable to blondes to choose more gentle shades. Owners of a red and nutbrown hair cannot limit themselves: they will suit flowers of any brightness. There are also universal flowers which will look equally effectively at any type of hair - it is Xing - blue flowers, for example, an orchid Wanda.


Choosing flowers in a hairdress, it is worth thinking of character and temperament of the girl. So, to girls modest, silent, it is possible to decorate a hairdress with several gentle alstromeriya of pink and scarlet shades. Resolute and courageous activists - to leaders can make a choice for more exotic and bright flower.

the Independent work of art executed by hands of skilled professionals - a small flower wreath. This ornament is combined with many types of hairdresses. Executed from gentle small buds, pearls, the poured pastes emphasizing shades of an evening dress - it will turn any graduate into the queen of a ball. As option - the branch attached sideways with small flowers - too will remarkably recover any hairdress.

can Add jewelry from flowers with tapes, decorative hairpins, beads and other accessories which always are available in floristic salons.

Sometimes a hairdress is decorated also artificial with flowers which can also be got in flower shops. Their advantage - durability. However there is no touching tenderness and breath of wildlife in them.

needs to tell
to the florist about the wishes in advance, not all flowers can be available in flower salon at all seasons of the year, and time will be required to execute your order.