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You will spoil nothing happiness...

Now to mine to a crumb of 1 g 3 months. Time after its birth passed already enough, now I with a smile remember some moments, but then it was difficult for me... I will try to remember how it was...

Session in the heat, is sent with the girlfriend to a supermarket, to stock up with products. On the road I remember that yesterday had to begin monthly (at me with it everything accurately - to the day, hour an hour). I speak to the girlfriend about it, she rounds eyes, but I remain unperturbable. “If it happened, is sure that I would already feel!“ The girlfriend with a malicious smile kept silent. Just in case bought the test. Came, checked, one strip, and slightly pale - the second. The same history went for the second. The third, fourth - negative, I was even upset. Decided to descend after examination to the doctor, that directed me to take a blood test, it turned out that 2 weeks in me there lives the second little man. I dreamed of the girl...

Further everything is already not so iridescent

, is ringing to future father, he was glad, went for 2 weeks to business trip.... Conversation with mother, shouts, quarrels, all - my child, and I did not represent how it is possible to get rid of this miracle... After arrival of our daddy one more conversation with parents, engagement, a wedding in 3 months... Oh I have also been through a lot during this time! There was a wish for support from mother, and it turned out on the contrary, she did not want to release me in free floating in any way...

Week on preservation, a wedding, study... Looked forward to leaving in a maternity leave, so the kid of a thing wanted already to begin to choose! I with a smile looked at mummies and their such ridiculous karapuzik, represented how I will walk with the kid... It was pleasant to go the pregnant woman to me very much, I had no toxicosis, but there was a strong wish to sleep that I with pleasure did. I looked every day at myself in a mirror, looked out whether it was rounded puziko.

Rejoiced when in 16 weeks the baby it was pushed for the first time! Then ultrasonography in 22 weeks, we with the husband were told that we will have a sonny! And I was also not upset, was even delighted, and about the husband so in general I am silent. It was pleasant to go to the doctor each 2 weeks, to read magazines for pregnant women.

time So quickly flew by, I ahead of schedule handed over winter session and at last left home to the husband. During study came for the weekend since still nobody cancelled work at the husband. So family everyday life began to flow, we read every week in the clever magazine what now happens to me and the kid. I considered weeks - well how many I still remained? Went to the neighboring city, agreed with the doctor concerning childbirth, she told to call at any time.

of PDR to me was put for February 23, and I very much did not want to give birth this day since the boy, and in one day 2 holidays. Generally, safely waited, and on February 25 at 3 o`clock in the morning with pleasure found out that at me sips a stomach. Called the doctor. Woke the husband, descended in a shower, shaved (not without the aid of a mirror since“ there“ saw nothing any more). Here we took the packages collected beforehand and went...

we rang

an accident ward, probably, minutes 20. I want to replace that on the street was not hot, winter after all. At last we came, I was told to take off all the clothes, including pants, gave me a terrible state a shirt, sent the husband home, me began to be made out also on survey... After survey the doctor told that nothing I give birth, told to drink but - to a shp and to go to bed... I shocked ask: “I what, I will not give rise today?“ “Today - no!“ - with a smile the doctor answers.

Went to bed, at 7 o`clock awake on survey, the stomach still pulls, I speak about it to the doctor, she looked, punctured a bubble and sent to prenatal. Further KTG, all are normal, I sit, with a happy look I stir by phone, by there passes the midwife.

- You what are you doing?!

- In sense?

- You sit on the head of the child!!

shocked I jump up

Ya, I start walking... The real fights began approximately in 3 hours. I already fidgeted on a bed, as a result found a convenient pose (having curled up), the midwife came again, told that so it is impossible to lie. I spitefully looked with it following, but all - turned on a back. All the time the doctor came, watched disclosure. I want to tell that it is quite unpleasant. Somewhere in 14 - 30 I already stood, having been double up near a window sill and howled, the doctors passing by maliciously smiled and said that at last waited for normal fights. the doctor, disclosure full came to 15 - 40, began to learn to make an effort.

“Plant the feet against me“, - she said.

I rest

Ya. And, despite its corpulent dimensions, easily I get moving forward it.

- No, it is not necessary to rest!

Well it is not necessary to

, so it is not necessary, this time the wall fell my victim, I will definitely not shift it. In about 10 minutes went in rodzat. Also began: “Tuzhsya, tuzhsya“. And I at this moment terribly wanted to sleep since practically did not sleep at night. Overcoming itself, I make an effort.“ Look, already a head it is visible“. Honestly - it is visible. Now I do not understand how I could see it if after the 7th month did not see anything above the knees. Further still an attempt, also I feel that inside it became empty. I open eyes, and I see the boy...

- Why it is such blue!?

- should have made an effort better!!

Time 16:20. To Synul process, weigh, report results (3400 gr., 52 cm), put to me on a stomach. What this unusual feeling!! He touches handles, legs, it appears at me near a breast and will greedy read to suck colostrum! I in the seventh heaven!!

Me is asked whether I will come for the daughter, I in thoughts! “Yes where you will get to, you will come!“ - they were responsible for me. Then I was sewn up (there is an epiziotomiya), I damn all on light, at last they finished and left for 2 hours...

Then 3 - x local chamber, in it 4 children (one girl has twins), sleepless nights... And extract... Now, when read many stories, I consider that my childbirth took place easily, then of course so did not think. In 10 days I could already sit, and in a month already and forgot how it - to give birth. Looking at the small miracle, you forget all pain through which passed that it was born...