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The first ultrasonography of

you Can not trust, but I always assumed, more precisely, even when studied at school, was sure that at me it will be obligatory twins. Heard that it is genetic predisposition, and my grandmother on the father`s side had twins. My father - the eighth in a family. Respectively, you can assume to yourself how many at me cousins and sisters, apart from my brother. And so I from all of them the youngest. And by the time of my marriage all were already married and had the children that gave me still big confidence that I surely have to give rise to twins. Relatives twisted a finger at a temple, but to me was all the same.

we with the husband learned

About my pregnancy when together passed ultrasonography for the general independent inspection. Term at that time was 2 - 3 weeks. And that this “diagnosis“ was called questionable and told to make the test. Generally, in a miracle anticipation I was registered in a maternity welfare unit, passed all specialists in “runner“, all analyses etc.

As it is necessary to

, on the 12th week I was channelized on ultrasonography in the 13th hospital. On a calendar - Monday, May 19, 2008. Behind a window already absolutely as in summer: sun and warm breeze. Before it we joked with the husband on a topic of polycarpous pregnancy more than once, and all this was perceived from humour shares. Inspection is appointed to 11 - 45 of morning, needs to come around even for work will ask for leave. And to mother behind a talonchik which during week-end was brought before by the doctor on the house.

Gathering for work, I talked to the husband concerning twins again. Told: “And if there two?“ Husband: “Well, two means two“. I to it: “And if three, home you let?“ Husband: “Well, you are not more impudent at all if only, of course, not Blacks!“ Laughed and went to work. On a body easy nervous trembling. Having worked a little, asked for leave and went to mother, there too a little bit joked...

In hospital it turned out p that there is no turn at all. Came into an office, undressed, laid down on a couch. In several seconds after carrying out by this “feature“ on my stomach, the expert addressed me: “And you it is aware what you have twins?“ I answer: “I, of course, assumed, but was not sure for all 100%“. Rolls on eyes... The doctor removed some parameters, began to look transvaginalno and speaks: “No, it is not twins, but twins...“ Well, here my pleasure was not a limit.

Hardly constraining

emotions, waited for the end of inspection, thanked and ran out from an office. Already on the street of the beginning calls the husband, mother, the father, the brother, the daughter-in-law. Reaction at all - shock. And I shout of it at all street, without noticing that, I choke with pleasure...

Exactly in six months on November 19, 2008 I became mother of two charming daughters... I am the happiest mother.

Sofya and Varvara`s Mother