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Simple stories of

Dear parents, skilled and young, resourceful and loving! You are able to turn minuses into pluses, and difficulties of educational process only urge on you? Means, your children were lucky. Let will carry also to other children whose parents will learn on your experience. My history is called “And the wolf became a hare“.

We with the daughter often play

in association, on walks and houses we ask each other questions: “To what it is similar? With whom is associated?“ I consider that it is useful, and I rejoice what Masha bright. But once was surprised when on a question to whom the teacher is similar, Masha told that on a wolf. I took an interest for what so. Masha discontentedly shared offenses: also shouts, eternally gloomy, opposite.“ And you did not reflect why it is such? Perhaps it has a difficult life. And in general, she is a woman, try to regret it, tell something kind. At last, pay a compliment, you love when do you compliments“.

Masha was taken aback, but listened to my council. Ceased to take offense at cavils, began to feel sorry for the teacher: will approach it, something pleasant will tell, on walk will ask whether it froze, whether it is necessary to help.

Later I learned that our teacher left the husband recently, there lives with elderly mother, the salary small. And Masha with her really made friends, at the sight of the teacher she smiles. And when I asked recently with whom the teacher is associated now, the daughter cheerfully told:“ With the hare“.

I one more history. It is called “And I in your years“.

Which of us, adults, did not compare the child with himself in the childhood? As if we wanted to impart to children own merits! It is sometimes difficult to keep not to tell: “Here I in your years...“ And then something it seems: “... Went to school itself, did homework without the aid of parents“. But the small child will not listen to such morals! Therefore I tell the daughter about the girl Polina. These stories from my childhood. If the daughter does not obey me, for example, does not want to clean the room, I begin to tell how the girl Polina coped with it. I try to remember the children`s impressions, emotions. The daughter with interest listens, waits for continuation of stories. However, sometimes it has questions: “Who this girl? From where you know it?“

Instructive stories bear fruits. She already accurately draws, writes to copy-books, brings and supports order on a table, is accustomed to be independent.