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I have the right!

When we have a child, understanding that the world around does not hurry to share with us pleasure of a roditelstvo, occurs quickly enough. We face problems about which earlier and did not suspect. How we solve them? Most often at first we trifle nervous cages, and then we buy up soothing in drugstores and we paint over the first gray hair in beauty shops. That there are organizations which are capable to resolve at least some of parental troubles, to us, as a rule, and to mind does not come. Meanwhile the “lawful“ way is sometimes much more effective other...

the Remarkable neighbor

your neighbors organized at themselves branch of the show “For You, Night-birds!“ at home : the first half of night they indulge in Tyrolean chants, and the second - is danced by flamencos. Besides that you do not get enough sleep, so also the child cries out for fear: you will not explain to him that it do not howl Evil Babaya, and only Ivan Petrovich who recently bought a karaoke.

our method: if usual talk does not work, then it is necessary to develop military operations. We do not disdain anything - we swear, we knock on the battery, we attract heavy artillery in the person of the husband or we carry out small diversions (for example, it is possible to ring a neighbour`s door early in the morning and to run away).

Under the law: night discos are at home an administrative offense for which commission the penalty is provided. But here is how to make noisy neighbors responsible, and, above all - to accustom them to a healthy and correct sleep?

Algorithm of actions following. If shooters on the dial show 23:00, and your neighbors are not appeased (the silence has to remain till 7 in the morning), safely call in militia.

Sometimes persons on duty refuse to accept similar calls as too insignificant; therefore first of all ask the employee to tell the name and a rank. It will show your legal literacy: the person on duty will understand that if something happens, you will complain to his administration.

If the call is accepted by

, then soon there will arrive the police squad. Law enforcement officers are obliged to calm down fans of night sabbaths, and then to make the protocol. This document will come to the special administrative commission which will consider case. The maximum sum of a penalty with Moscow - 1000 rubles. Business is rather not in money, and in psychological influence: not each neighbor will risk to resume lunar dancings after once saw in a door peephole of gloomy people in a gray form.

Everything in a garden

Nearly from the moment of conception of the successor you stood on turn in “the nearest kindergarten“, but the regional commission did not estimate your diligence.

- do not have Other places, - say to you, handing the permit in the institution located in 9 bus-stops from your house.

- “But...“ - here everything that you manage to say from the long phrase “but how I, fir-trees - sticks, will drag the small child through all city especially as buses go every other time, and the winter in the Central Russia lasts 6 months in a year?“ .

- do not have Other places, - they say once again and look at you solemnly and sadly as Lenin from a pioneer badge.

our method: we look for contacts to members of the commission. For example, we go to the neigbour whose cousin niece in the childhood took dancing classes with the oldest daughter of the best friend of the chairman of the commission, and we ask to put in through this difficult chain a word for you. And by means of a small envelope the word finds also a necessary material component.

the Sum of a monthly payment is defined not by(with) the management of kindergarten, but the special resolution of authorities.

Under the law: in each region own precepts of law which define an order of completing of kindergartens are.

But in general mechanism everywhere identical. For example; in the special order of Department of Education of Moscow it is accurately specified that “the permit in the relevant preschool institution is issued according to the place of the actual accommodation of the child“.

can Complain of the commission on completing in two ways. The first - to address to the local authorities which are responsible for education. And it is not obligatory to go to the city administration at all and to be at war with loutish to secretaries. On the website of Department of Education there is a so-called electronic reception: it is possible to send the complaint though from the mobile phone, and will consider it on an equal basis with any other statement.

the Second option - address to Federal service on supervision in education (Rosobrnadzor). This way should be used in the most serious cases: this service this service is supervisory authority, will definitely not feel sorry for the head of officials here. So carefully analyse a conflict situation before filling in the electronic complaint on the website.

By the way:
of www. educom. ru/ru/dialog - the address of an electronic reception of Department of Education of Moscow
obrnadzor. gov. ru/ru/public_reception/reception - the address of an electronic reception of Rosobrnadzor
Hand over to

your money...

The fact that the state kindergarten is rather free (officially parents pay only keeping of the child in institution), are known by all, but not many believe. At the same time one business when the administration of establishment appeals “help if you can how many you can“, and absolutely another when monthly you receive the accurate instruction what sum should be granted for needs of a garden. Especially offensively happens when fund raising on replacement of old calculating sticks comes to an end with acquisition of the new plasma panel in the manager`s office.

our method: we call mother and we complain it. Then we call the best friend and again we complain. Taking out garbage, we face on a staircase the neigbour and it is long discussed with it this situation. We meet the husband from work and we are indignant before him long and eloquently. We conclude as a result:“ We will pay nothing“. We conduct the successor in the morning and we hand over money. Why? Because it is terrible - and suddenly the child will be offended if we do not hand over?

Under the law: to them, of course, have to sway monthly a deng for keeping of the child. However this sum is determined not by(with) the management of kindergarten, but the special resolution of regional authorities. The payment is strongly attached to the minimum wage (MW): parents are obliged to pay a certain percent from this fixed sum So, in Moscow for visit of usual kindergarten it is necessary to spread 70% of the minimum wage rate, but numerous privileges are provided, In Addition, the educational institution the additional contributions having the right to attract, but is exclusive as “donation“. If the donation is tried to be made obligatory, then it is necessary to complain to prosecutor`s office - attempt of extortion of money is available.

By the way. For keeping of the child in preschool institution is given to parents (or to their lawful representatives) in the first dates for which payment is charged. If this month the child did not visit preschool institution, then next month on the basis of the official document confirming its absence recalculation according to days of visit is made.

Slipped, fell, regained consciousness - plaster

We allocate for

the kid in a garden with hope that he there to much will learn, will get healthier and in general will spend time with advantage. And, of course, nobody wants to take away the child with bruises, bruises or dislocations and still to listen:“ It he“ or, what is even worse, “It you took to us the low-quality child“.

our method: first of all should cure the kid. Then we come back to a garden and we make own investigation, interrogating all witnesses, including a nursery. At each convenient and inconvenient case we remember to the tutor about an annoying miss. Terribly we are proud of the analytical skills because it is more us to be proud there is nothing.

Under the law: tutors bear full responsibility for life and health of children during educational process.

This norm grants to us the right to demand that the kindergarten refunded expenses on treatment of the child, the Exception becomes only for extraordinary cases - for example if it was traumatized as a result of falling of a meteorite or a volcanic eruption what tutors could not prevent in any way.

How to achieve reimbursement?

At first surely record bruises in any medical institution: justice does not trust emotional stories from the category “here was in-from such bruise, and here so was ill!“ . After that tell the manager that you are going to fight for compensation If your intentions do not impress it, then submit the application to district court, referring to article 1087 of the Civil code: can, the manager will be impressed more by the sum which it should pay.

Not bread uniform

In the theory in all gardens of children have to feed with

equally. But in practice you cannot believe in any way that your cachectic child receives enough vitamins and useful substances while the lovely woman - the cook leaves every evening work, loaded appetizingly smelling bags.

our method: we give to cooks of a garden the book “About Tasty and Healthy Food“, having lovingly noted the most useful and nutritious recipes. If the hint does not help, we begin to feed strenuously the child in the morning and in the evening, after return from a garden, and also we develop the special “menu of the day off“ that spinogryz it was sated for the future.

Under the law: a direct duty of the management of kindergarten - to provide pupils with high-quality food. In more detail the obligatory diet is stated in special sanitary standards which regulate even degree of liquid of cream of wheat and quantity of dried fruits in compote.

If the semolina is more similar

to broth, then it is possible to complain safely to Rospotrebnadzor - the special public service which is responsible for protection of crowds of consumers, This department develops the main sanitary standards and punishes for their violation. It is enough to visit the website of Rospotrebnadzor and to write the electronic application. Through some time check will come to kindergarten and if your complaint is confirmed, then the management will pay a penalty, and dried fruits will return to compote.

And at us in the yard...

Numerous programs for creation of “the pure and cozy yards“ thundered from screens of TVs, received a wide resonance and. . sank Into oblivion. Your playground still reminds scenery to the movie “Metropolis“, and nothing foretells happy changes in its destiny.

our method: we go to ZhEK with a request to make though something that the platform could be identified on appearance, but not on genetic memoirs. We receive couple of bags of sand in trachenny time a sandbox. We console ourselves in the fact that it is better, than nothing.

Under the law: the legal status of playgrounds is extremely confused therefore first of all it is necessary to find out who is responsible for the domestic territory on which your children daily play.

If this Association of homeowners, or condominium, then all in your hands: you go to the chairman and in paints tell that the platform is more similar to the tank ground, than to the place of walking of children. But consider: at most from the fact that it can, - to instruct janitors to clean garbage or to fill up clean sand in a sandbox. Questions of repair or, especially, replacement of elements of the platform on new will need to be solved on the general, meeting of residents. If responsibility lies on ZhEK, then at first it is necessary to write a request to put the platform in order there. “To write“ - then the staff of ZhEK will be obliged to offer an intelligible explanation why cats do not come into a sandbox even any more. If the answer came, and measures is not taken, then complain of ZhEK to regional executive authorities, Goszhilinspektion or even prosecutor`s office.

the Most effective way of fight against the bothered dog breeder - to complain of it to the district police officer.

the Friend of the person

in principle, love to animals - it is good. But reasonably. In unreasonable - it is bad. Very much. How to understand logic of dog breeders who storm playgrounds with the four-footed favourites? All attempts to explain that children are frightened their fighting friends and that it is simply impolite to land this mammoth in dog appearances in malyshachyyu a sandbox, do not find any response in their hearts.

our method: we bring together group of the most aggressive-minded: mothers and grandmothers also we go to tell the dog owner whose he is a son. In the course of scandal we learn about own related communications and we retire back. Having put the tail between the legs, certainly.

Under the law: appearance of dogs without lead and a muzzle at playgrounds - is forbidden. that is considered violation of the rules of walking of pets and is punished by a penalty (for example, in Moscow it makes from 1000 to 2000 rubles). The most effective way of fight against the bothered dog breeder - to complain of it to the district police officer. Note time in which the owner and his sharp-toothed friend appear on the street: usually people walk the pets in the same hours. After that write the application to your district police officer, having specified this time and surely having emphasized that “it is about systematic violation of the rules of walking of dogs“.

That the police officer did not throw out your complaint, send it by mail the registered mail with the assurance of receipt or bring personally in duplicate, having asked to put the entering number on your copy. Then one fine day regular customers of the platform will enjoy a revenge scene, observing as the district police officer slowly makes the protocol on the dog breeder, and Tuzik or Rex drearily rushes about around the owner.

did not get on together

Small roughnesses in perception of the child between parents and kindergarten teachers exist practically always. However if you adhere to the theory “Humanity - an education basis“, and a desktop grant of the tutor is the work “Physical Punishments as Way to High Spirituality“, not to avoid the conflicts.

our method: to convict a snake, prigrety on a breast of kindergarten collective, by means of the complaint of the manager. As a last resort - to show tactical cunning and to send to the management of a garden the man (the husband, the brother, the father, the friend) in a good suit with candies and flowers - it - that for certain sumt to agree about transfer of the child to other group.

Under the law: an obvious thing - the teacher has no right to apply to pupils of a measure of mental or physical impact. This norm is written down in the charter of any kindergarten. And physical impact is understood not only as beating of the child, but also, for example, such traditional pedagogical reception as temporary isolation in a corner. The labor code is relentless - the tutor can be dismissed even in case of single application of radical methods of training“ That this dismissal took place, you need to direct the complaint addressed to the manager, Pay attention; the law demands that the complaint was written. A fine reinforcement to the statement will be not the envelope with the small sum, and medical certificate in which a beating is recorded, the Manager can make the compromise solution; the tutor will keep the place, and your child will pass into other group If the complaint departs to a basket, then safely write to Rosobrnadzor. There will not begin to nurse supporters of medieval system of training.

Rescue drowning - work drowning

If the doctor refused to accept the patient or declared that he will not treat free of charge, then violation of the criminal code is available.

It is known that kind doctor Aybolit sat under a tree, sewed legs to hares, careless to trams, and it was wound to Africa occasionally. But it in the fairy tale. In real life other picture takes place; to come to you to the house - it is far, to examine your child - tiresomely, and as a last resort accept a root of a glycyrrhiza and broth from bear ears. Familiar situation? Means, it is time to work!

our method: we ask from numerous relatives instead of infinite unnecessary vases, napkins and scarves of ridiculous coloring to chip in together and present the good health insurance on the child.

Under the law: to complain of doctors extremely difficult, but, nevertheless, it is possible. Everything depends on the fact that did. the doctor, If he just refused to accept the patient or declared that he will not begin to treat free of charge, then violation of the Criminal code - “not assistance to the patient“ is available. There is enough statement in prosecutor`s office - and the physician will be called on absolutely other reception, And here is how to prove that the therapist or the surgeon took inefficient, harmful measures and treated your child incorrectly? Only special examination which will consist, naturally, of doctors can confirm it. And here all your complaints will loudly fly away from a wall of corporate solidarity. To punch a gap in this wall, it is necessary to work according to the following scheme. At first receive on hands a medical record of the child - this your proofs. Then send the statement to insurance company: she will carry out own expertize which corporate ethics, most likely, will not influence. With the conclusion of this examination go to the prosecutor or directly to court. If everything is made correctly, then you have chances to receive compensation, and at the doctor - forever to replace a profession.