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It was difficult, but we coped

Yes, at last all of us overcame and now we enjoy feeding process!

Even during pregnancy I prepared for breastfeeding: pounded nipples, read useful literature, stocked up with cream for healing of cracks. And, of course, was interested at young mummies what it.


at the end of January at me gave birth the sonny. In maternity hospital all also began... I woke up for the 3rd day, and a breast heavy and firm. Got up, and all as will pour down! I feed the son, and from other breast the fountain beats, all diapers, towels and clothes wet on the battery dry, I all sweet and sticky, begin to decant one and I become wet from another. These are half-troubles. The sonny could not grasp a nipple in any way though in a mouth pour in milk! I resort to nurses to crying, I complain - and they so with surprise: “You what, you want to feed? Surprisingly, usually do not want!“ But I - that want!

the nurse Taught me to give to

correctly a breast, and the kid ceased to rub in weight and began to add well. The first 2 weeks my life was continuous decantation. Fed on demand and sat, it was filtered, dotsezhus and again to feed! High temperature, a breast a stake costs, milk flows, nipples hurt - all this awfully oppressed! Most of all, of course, nipples disturbed, the sonny ate, and I shouted or silently cried! Exhausted a heap of tubes with cream. And all thought: “Well, when there will pass this pain?!“ It was impossible to touch them from cracks and hickeys - and I tried to do all correctly!

pain passed

In one and a half months, I breathed sigh of relief, but crisis began. Milk sharply decreased. One night the kid did not gorge on, began to cry, and the husband entertained him as could while I drank teas. Next day bought mix, but still did not discover it - and thank God!


It is interesting that in one breast of milk there was time in 3 less. Fed mainly from “a dairy sisa“, and the son gorges on, and it is convenient to me. But read that milk can be gone in the second absolutely, and the size will strongly differ. And I undertook to correct a situation. The whole month I fed at first with empty hour 2, and then gave “dairy“. Of course, very much was tired, but milk began to be enough, it is distributed evenly now, and now the sonny quickly gorges on.

sincerely I am proud of

Ya of myself, to me it was difficult, but we coped. We because without my small miracle I could not! I wish a great patience and self-confidence to those who only begin to feed. Do not leave the child without milk if it in your forces. Fight!