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The first days of the house

Return from maternity hospital are a step to new life in which now everything will be on another, you became a mother. These first days you should get acquainted with your kid and to master the mass of unusual occupations.

Any changes concern with

, but believe, will not pass also weeks as you will feel far more surely and more quietly in the new role. And we will try to support you, having acquainted with small cunnings which will help to avoid a nervous tension.

you often worry About the correct fears and need to get it together

, whether all as it should be with the kid? It is absolutely normal and even, strangely enough, it is good, this alarm has protective function. She aggravates perception that helps you to understand a condition of small. Nevertheless it is important to keep prudence and to soberly assess a situation. For example, the newborn baby can burst into tears at all not because ached. If you doubt the reason of his discontent, take the child temperature and be not afraid to call once again the doctor who will manage to calm you. Keep in mind that when you are strained, your kid will be nervous too. To catch the reason of crying of the child, listen to it: the kid all the time changes intonations when wants to draw attention of adults. Absolutely in a different way he will ask you to take it on hands, to feed or help to cope with an indisposition. If you understand this scale of experiences, it will be easier for you to cope with daily duties of mother.

Of course, you have many efforts, and there are enough pleasant. Only you chronically lack time for communication with small. Quietly, try to organize the day so that any free minute not only gave joy of communication with the child, but also helped it to develop. For example, if you talk to the kid or to sing to him songs at first having become straight, then inclining to him, and then bending around a bed, he will learn to concentrate, watch a source of a sound and to find it. Before feeding the child and to put him to sleep, spread small on a stomach and periodically hold up a palm to its feet, causing thus a crawling phenomenon (it is imitation of the movement, very useful to the kid, which he will master later). As a result of these simple exercises at the child ability to lift and hold the head will develop, the tone of belly muscles will become stronger.


Settle more conveniently


has to be temperature in the nursery?

From 18 to 22 ° S. Ustanovite in the room of the kid a thermometer also you monitor its indications. Absolutely little children are very sensitive to external conditions, and especially to temperature drops. Be attentive!

And humidity of air?

From 50 to 60%. The most widespread problem - too dry air in the nursery. If you came up against this situation, try to improve quicker situation (by means of special humidifiers or the tested “grandmother`s“ means like a basin with water). The matter is that dry air breaks breath of the kid, drying mucous membranes.

Where is better to put a bed?

Far away from windows, batteries, heaters. It is very important to protect small from drafts and an overheat. By the way, if you want to warm up air in the nursery, use only the closed oil heaters, they are safe and do not burn oxygen.

About advantage of rest and an opportunity to organize it

the Birth of the kid is a strong physical and psychological test for an organism, the reason of his fatigue and a stress. In this case there is only one exit - to have a rest! Washing, cleaning, frequent feedings time not only take all your free time, but also do not allow to have a rest and gain strength. There are several useful tips which can be useful to you.

Adjust a rhythm of the life to the child`s rhythm. Nights are short, and the kid awakes you each three hours? Means, you have to restore surely forces during the day. Seize the moments when he sleeps to have a rest or make for itself(himself) something pleasant, for example, to take a bath.


as much as possible to use short pieces of night when to you all - is possible to have a sleep, deliver the child`s bed to other room. So you will hear when he begins to cry, but will not catch other sounds which the kid makes in a dream and which can guard you in vain. Besides, such removal - relative and conditional - will allow you to communicate with the husband more freely.

If you like to receive guests, then during the first after return from maternity hospital of several weeks you should reduce rate of public life. Of course, it is not necessary to turn into hermits, just accept the family and acquaintances not more often than once a week.

during their visits never you awake with

the kid to show, and do not hand over it, otherwise he can get into a fuss and begin to cry. Remember that the kid constantly studies world around and a large number of people, unfamiliar for it (children or adults) can lead to overexcitation: small will sleep, eat badly, and at some kids in such situations temperature can even increase. There will pass several months before the kid learns to distinguish strangers and the therefore you should not put it on such trial ahead of time.




That there was a milk, it is necessary to lie more.

Lie. Between these phenomena is present no communication. First of all it is necessary to have a rest, to drink and have much desire to nurse.

during feeding by a breast cannot eat some products.

Truth. Avoid spices, spicy and salty food which can cause disorder of intestines in the kid. As for other products, do not limit the diet, eat fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, a bird, fish. Only do not forget to watch how the kid reacts to them: whether there was at it no rash or belly-aches. If the child feels well, so the food chosen by you well is acquired and does not cause an allergy.

With the newborn it is not necessary to walk.

Lie. you can go to walk practically in any weather since first month and even from the first days of life of the kid. If on the street it is very cold, put a carriage on a verandah or a balcony, gradually, day by day, increasing time of “walk“ for 5 minutes. Whether it is necessary to say that the kid has to be dressed on weather and it is protected from wind. Besides, you watch that he breathed a nose: with it you will be helped by a baby`s dummy. If you well are prepared for walk, the kid will not overcool and will not catch a cold, and will sleep deeply and with pleasure.

with the advent of the kid in the house has to set in a complete silence.

Lie. It can disturb the child. Continue to lead usual life. In spite of the fact that newborns hear, is proved that they can perceive sounds only of a certain frequency and only by 7 months are capable to distinguish the sounds differing one from another on half-tone. It means that kids react only to sharp, loud sounds - shout, cotton, noise of a rattle. Besides babies quickly are tired and fall asleep therefore it is possible not to change a habitual way of life, well unless do not turn on the music on full loudness.

Every evening approximately by 18 o`clock the kid begins to cry.

Truth. Thus the child expresses the concern before nightfall and gets rid of the energy which is saved up in a day. Let`s it cry a little to relax, stay nearby, and then try to rock to sleep slowly. Sing to the kid a lullaby: the mother`s voice perfectly calms.

About distribution of duties

Between feedings, cares of the child, economic affairs, shopping, telephone conversations and visits of the family and friends you constantly feel that you are in time nothing? Gather and plan everything.

Reduce to a minimum telephone conversations , and warn the family and friends better that you will call, at the answer to a call you break an order of the actions or lose a much-needed opportunity to have a sleep.

Accustom themselves to display all necessary for care of the child of a thing to certain places , it will save time and will relieve you of excess concern.

All necessary purchases do

for once in a big supermarket and find the one who could help to take to you them to the house.

Ask for the help . If your husband has no free time, ask the help for mother, the sister, employ the nurse or the housemaid.

Distribute duties. For example, you nurse, and the father bathes the kid, you clean up in the house, and it goes behind purchases.

to find rest and confidence, it is necessary to learn to trust the powers to others. Young fathers not worse than mothers cope with the children. Moreover, this communication is just necessary for them, fathers should accustom with a new role of the parent too. Help them to find to yourself the place in the changed family. You should not give constantly advice and to criticize the man if he holds the kid not as you. By the way, it is possible to take the child on hands both in vertical, and in horizontal position. A variety of approaches only increases an emotional tone of the kid and develops ability to lift and hold the head vertically. Considering that fathers spend less time with the children, than mothers, kids test to them more curiosity and more to them rejoice. This circumstance does the head of the family by the most desired partner in games for the kid which as we know, can be developing. For example, having settled down on a floor, the father can move before the child of a toy to stimulate subcrawling, to show them sideways - then the kid will learn to turn over at first from a back on a stomach, then from a stomach on a back, to put a toy to its palms, inducing to seize her at first with two, and then one handle. Believe, these games give pleasure both to the child, and the father and do not take a lot of time.

I finally: do not forget about own life. Try to keep some of former habits. If you have no time to reach beauty shop, do not refuse to yourself a habitual cup of the fragrant tea drunk in silence on a favourite chair! And, of course, try not to test your relations with the husband for durability, otherwise he can feel like the third wheel in a duet, your with the kid. To avoid jealousy pricks from darling, constantly remind him of how you with the kid lack it as you miss and you love it. Remember that your adult father is not less impressionable and sensitive, than your kid. Therefore subcontract cares about small at several o`clock to the reliable person (to mother or the nurse) and organize something for you two: evening alone or pleasant walk.