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Anikey, get out!

our history and usual and, perhaps, surprising for our time. We with the husband since the childhood wanted to have the child. Not together, of course, and everyone separately. We got acquainted only when to us was for 22 years. On one of the first appointments on a question of what I would like to achieve in life, I spontaneously and as if for fun answered: “To marry and give birth a heap of kids!“ The oddish answer, especially for the first appointment, but my future husband only crafty smiled. As it became clear then, he dreamed to establish a family, to bring children. Then there was an offer of a hand and heart, filing of application in the REGISTRY OFFICE, preparation for a wedding and... news that now we cannot marry! Strangenesses of bureaucratic system were those - that the large family of the husband could receive the apartment, he had to be single. The suppressed mood, arrangements of parents, however, we also understood that we cannot arrive in a different way, and the wedding was postponed indefinitely. And we so wanted children!.

Well, the desire moved conservatism of views, and we decided! Few months of expectation, pale, hardly noticeable second strip on the test, the pleasure and confusion which is mixing up with desire to jump up, then uneasiness: whether not too we hurried? Understanding that everything will change already soon.

our pregnancy, fortunately, quickly last Began a slight cold

, then there was slight toxicosis and the husband`s grins over morning “escapes“ in a bathroom with the clamped mouth. Experiences, disorders, whether all as it should be, and, at last, first ultrasonography. Nervous expectation in turn before an office, the girl - the doctor with an intense face driving on a stomach, and I even more got agitated and afraid to breathe... And then suddenly: “Well, what fidget! I cannot measure it in any way!“ Tears and wanted to be driven to my eyes. And then it deployed the monitor, and I for the first time saw the synulyu! Still, of course, without knowing that there will be a boy, but somehow at once having understood that only future football player so can be kicked. Probably, at this moment I up to the end also realized that there, in me, really there lives a little man, it already has handles and legs which he puts “as the little barin“, at it quickly and rhythmically heart fights, and growth it is only 5 cm! There were I an office, feeling weightless and incredibly happy, and for my disorders there is no trace left also.

Then. Interruption threat, hospital, the next ultrasonography with the poor clamped in a uterus by the kid tears and the firm decision to calm down and not to torment the child any more.

When we came back home, the kid presented us the first push. As if in gratitude for my calm... Someone compares the first stir to fluttering of a butterfly, we it had the real kick, and directly in a father`s hand. Further the second ultrasonography which confirmed my guesses about a sex of the kid and belief of the husband in my intuition followed. Now our kid began to advance considerably in development that after fears in hospital was very joyful.

time Went, the stomach grew, and I already began to think that the wedding will be celebrated by us after childbirth. But we were made happy with news - it is possible to marry!

the “Pregnant“ wedding - not really - that I loved such brides, but so it developed that it turned out among them what in a consequence, by the way, never regretted about. Pleasant efforts, an exit in the decree, pleasure of the forthcoming event, New year and at last a wedding! Everything intertwined and mixed up, having presented the mass of pleasant impressions and emotions. The beautiful dress with effectively sticking out tummy, a ceremony, restaurant, is a lot of competitions and fun. And indisposition shadows! The kid not only shared our pleasure, but, appear, presented forces.

Again ultrasonography, “a large fruit to term“, a spirit on fast childbirth which all did not come in any way. Cookies with the inscription “Anikey, Get Out!“, arrangements and requests not to torment mother any more and somewhat quicker to be born. Attempts to wash the floor and to replace flowers did not lead to anything (only to back pain). The doctor who was tired with me threatened to say goodbye after receptions 17 to send to hospital if “to“ I do not give rise.

Night with 16 on 17, unclear fights and the decision all - to go to maternity hospital. The husband`s call in reception with a question: “And you have places?“ And answer:“ Well, if you give birth, come“. Private fights which on a threshold of maternity hospital mysteriously stopped awkwardness about it and sending to delivery room in which it was necessary to lie all night long as it appeared, with harbingers. At daybreak already real fights, pride about it, talk on a large fruit and a narrow basin, hints on Caesarian in such cases. And end of everything is the beautiful healthy kid, independently born precisely the 17th!