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B the Russian companies spent 2008 80 mln. dollars to understand which of employees is perspective and can grow and who takes others place. The appeared suddenly crisis showed: check of competences effectively reveals ballast which can be reduced. Nevertheless the revenue of the companies providing services of performance appraisal fell to a third. Are able to afford to pay from 1500 to 7000 dollars for check of one worker the few. One of large contracts “EKOPSI in the current year received Consulting“, estimating managers of Sberbank. German Gref promised to reduce 25% of personnel by 2013 and began check “from top to down“. Therefore appraisers “revealed managers who will help bank quickly and to change effectively“.

How to endure check of competences and to get to “a gold reserve“?

the Assessment includes tests, business game, the decision business - cases and a role-playing game in which the consultant and the worker represent, for example, the chief and the subordinate. The purpose - to check not knowledge, but leadership skills, resistance to stress and communicative skills. At the request of Forbes consultants from the largest companies - appraisers told that people when testing worry and how to behave to increase chances of hit in “a gold reserve“.

of Yuli Sinitsyn, SHL: “Mediocre pupils with universal competences“


the Man began to cry. We sat alone, he told how it is heavy to it to operate people, - and suddenly on his cheeks tears swept. It was appointed to the leading position in one of the companies of “Big Four“ and soon were going to make the partner. We carried out its assessment. It obviously lacked skills of the manager. He understood it and when we voiced results - did not sustain, began to cry. Whether he became a partner? I do not know.

the Ideal employee. He showed the bents of the maniac only in off-duty time. As it is cynical, our task - to understand as far as the worker is effective, but not to understand his personality. The psychology in our work has some.

we give

On each of the estimated competences marks - from 1 to 5, as at school. At crisis reductions it is the simplest to survive to “mediocre pupils“.“ The mediocre pupil“ with the balanced competences is more universal, than “excellent student“ with overweight of some one skill. Though we are seldom invited, only to define whom to reduce - our services are too expensive, it is simpler to solve to whom on an exit. The worst when we worked, but to our councils did not listen.

Somehow we estimated the candidate for a position of the director of development for the company - the distributor of the industrial equipment. Before he was responsible for safety at plant. Suspiciousness read off scale. Its decisions business - cases differed in simplicity: “Steal, more protection is necessary“. During game where I represented the inconvenient subordinate, and he the chief, we met in a clinch. The person could not calm down even after the termination and shouted at me: “Sit down and listen to the end!“ . To our horror, for its work all - took. A little later the management team in the company collapsed.

the Assessment - always a stress. It is necessary to estimate some on three times - from - for disorders people do not hear that they say to them. There are also other reactions. Few years ago in the company with classical Post-Soviet culture the head was replaced - to the place of Russian the foreigner came. All management was sent at once to an assessment. Including head of department of merges and absorption, right hand of the former CEO. As it was dissatisfied that it is tested! At the business game overdrove all participants, left spiteful, red and shouted: “And who estimates me? I will buy all here!“ More - less he calmed down on “feedback“ when we explained who, how many points got and for what. It was one of the first. Morals: if administrative qualities at height, the bad behavior does not affect an assessment.

of Evgeny Glikin, Neumann International: “Be not afraid and do not take a defensive position“

the Top - managers consider that they operate people around and therefore during an assessment usually keep quietly. However, if the consultant is not self-assured, fight of two egos begins - both prove the importance, but are not engaged in business. There is such working method with tops - semi-structured (semi - structured) interview. Present: 3 - 4 hour of conversation, and people does not feel that it is rigidly checked. The appraiser watches details: as the person moves, gesticulates, speaks.

This technique not bad works with

. Somehow we received the order for an assessment of heads of one industrial company which was absorbed by the competitor. New shareholders wanted to know, in - the first as people treat changes, and in - the second - whether the company in new conditions will be able successfully to work. Participated in the project all a top - managers. They pricked up the ears, but did not begin to clash. The result surprised shareholders: all management lacked skills of strategic management. We offered the companies of the recommendation: to someone - to pass to other position, to someone - to study and so on.

Main - to understand the check purpose: what will be estimated what competences. To create the point of view regarding, to define that you can tell about the qualities. To approach interview as to process of mutually advantageous negotiations, to perceive it as dialogue. Not to take a defensive position, to be open. It is obligatory to listen to the interviewer. Not to be afraid to ask questions. To be extremely objective.

at the same time should not pretend to be

. It is possible to change - and it will be noticeable. It is very important to be flexible: you should not come with a certain idea how to behave. For example, during a task on strategy of an exit of the company from crisis many begin to place emphasis on leadership skills while ability to work in team is necessary. Generally, do not try to look better, than you are. Even if it will be possible to convince of it the company, then it is necessary to prove that these qualities actually are available for you.

Sergey Umnov, “Ekopsi Consulting“ :“ Show that you are able to be reconstructed“

One and a half years ago the Russian holding ordered an assessment of 1500 people - from middle managers to experts. Shipyards and plants of holding are scattered over all country, some of them were the city-forming enterprises. The company was going to advance the best. At the same time employees were afraid that those who will show the worst results will get to risk group - if that, they are the first candidates for dismissal. Therefore moods at the city-forming enterprises were more than serious.

the Client laid down a condition: to apply only the correct lexicon. He was afraid of a demotivating in collective therefore each communication was carefully thought over. Any “primary selection“. Only “questioning“. Words about “a personnel reserve“ - we want to find high-potential employees. Performances, the presentations at the enterprises together with the management from the center, answers to inconvenient questions have to be emotional - people should be inspired. Then went through towns and villages together with the management. In regions as: it is necessary that the chief, but not the person from the center ordered. Held testing of personnel: assessment of mental abilities, motivational readiness. Chose 300 perspective people. Investigated their leadership skills and created “a gold reserve“. Alas, burst crisis and the project stopped at the second stage. The chosen reservists could not be trained as planned.

When the company chooses

whom to dismiss, first of all owners of unique knowledge which in the market not to find survive. Let them lose on business competences, but on them the company keeps. In the second turn the extreme thinking, emotional stability and ability to be reconstructed is appreciated.

during an assessment it is necessary for

that participants knew the results. Quite often on “feedback“ the present dramas are developed. People sit, cry - conversation takes place alone. Reason? As a rule, unavailability of people to perceive criticism in the address. Ability to give qualitative feedback - very important for the appraiser - consists just in to demotivating the person. It is necessary to help the person not to lose face and to show that everything is normal. You should not panic.