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Constant dropping will wear away a stone

how the chest milk for the child is useful, I knew and planned to nurse as long as possible. The fact that on the seventh month of pregnancy doctors declared to me need of Cesarean section afflicted: I had a large baby and lay legs down. And I worried that from - for early operation there can be problems with a milk.

of “Prokesarili“ me on the 37th week. In maternity hospital where I gave birth, after Cesarean section of kids carried away in children`s office and fed them with dairy mix. I and the baby was lodged together only on third day. In the first and second day at me from a breast at all nothing was allocated. And only for the third day colostrum began slightly - to appear slightly. My daughter very quickly thought as it is easy to suck from a small bottle and in spite of the fact that I tried to give the whole day a breast in any did not take it. The daughter puffed and cried, puffed and I cried. For the night I had to feed the daughter with mix as by the end of day my child heart-rendingly shouted for hunger. After a feeding up the baby fell asleep sound sleep, and I kneaded and decanted a breast. In the course of decantation the milk already began to be allocated well.

the Next days the daughter still was lazy to suck from a breast. Plus to everything I had medical procedures and at the baby and what she though slept a little, I had to feed her with mix. I worried that the daughter will refuse a breast, or there will be not enough milk. The doctor advised me to drink grass collecting for a good lactation and to develop nipples. I waited for day of an extract and was ready the daughter at home to nurse only.

In a house situation I calmed down, plus to everything nearby the family who will help, and will support. I gave a breast to the daughter according to her requirement, and it turned out almost through everyone half an hour. But she sucked not for long, on of 5 - 10 minutes. Tried to watch that the daughter correctly would take a nipple, did not swallow air. As they say in a proverb, “constant dropping will wear away a stone“: by a month the baby sucked a breast well and grew fat 600 gr. She did not recognize a small bottle with water, only tityu any more.

Now to the daughter three months, intervals between feedings of 2,5 - 3 h and if we walk, then more. The baby well grows, it is very developed and mobile. I am madly glad that I nurse the daughter. You test so much tenderness to a small miracle when you press it to yourself, and she looks at you big blue eyes, smiles, but tityu does not release.

I Want to give advice to future mummies: have patience, do not lower a hand at once if the kid does not take a breast. Be sure that everything at you will turn out.