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Notes of lazy mother

Nine months of expectation came to the end with the birth of the beloved daughter. The first shout of the baby notified the whole world that I became a mother! After to me it was put on a stomach, I felt the happiest person in the world and understood that I got along with very important issue. I coped together with the husband and team of medical staff for what to all of them many thanks!

Two hours in postnatal chamber past

quickly. There were only I, the husband and our small miracle. The daughter was put to a breast, and she began it to suck actively. Having sucked a little, released. I lay, having embraced her, and could not have eyes glued on my beauty. The nurse who came to visit us, asked why the child does not suck a breast. Probably, does not want, I told. The girl once again showed me how to put the child, explained that it is necessary to change a breast and more often to offer it. It should be noted that the lesson did both of us good, and remained 1,5 hours the daughter sucked a breast, very clearly showing the activity in this case.

After an extract. Tell that it is luxury - rest and a little free time on itself? It agrees, but we it are worthy! Nobody will argue with it. Therefore to read enough various literature, I developed the set of rules for lazy mother. If you want, then adopt and modernize under.

So, me laziness...

  1. Hardly to swaddle the newborn.
  2. to Spend time for pull-in and setting of the escaping kid in infinite diapers. Therefore the daughter very quickly passed into baby`s undershirts and polzunochka. And when gave heating in the apartment, even a romper suit was laziness to dress. And it with pleasure of a golopopil.
  3. to Accustom the child to a pacifier. And then to disaccustom him. Therefore surprisingly many acquaintance the daughter does not know what is a pacifier and receives a breast on demand. it is infinite to li to prove
  4. everything that it is not necessary to dopaivat and finish feeding babies. Therefore we just ate tityu and did not think of a feeding up till 6 months.
  5. to Stay at home. Therefore we walk much, we receive various impressions. And as to me laziness to drag with itself bottles with food, we just take water and easy having a snack. Well, and titya and so always with us!
  6. to Prepare
  7. separately for itself, the husband, the child. Proceeding from it, all family eats healthy food suitable both for the baby, and for adults. Well, and the father can dosolit and season to himself food. To it it to make not laziness.
  8. to Rush at night to a bed and back. Therefore, having bought a new wide sofa, we passed to a joint dream. Now I do not even know how many times at night the daughter eats.

Proceeding from the aforesaid, we draw a conclusion that it is necessary to be lazy correctly and with pleasure for himself and the kid! And at the happy, slept and not rolled up mother and a milk there is a lot of, and time for feeding has enough. By the way, if to find a convenient pose, then and when feeding the child it is possible to have a rest. And here the kid let tries. He just should not be lazy!