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Two sonnies and the lassie the daughter of

With the husband I got acquainted on July 3, 2001. In 6 months I learned about the pregnancy. It was for me huge happiness because once doctors made the diagnosis “infertility“. Then I was 23 years old, and I very much wanted the son.

a Half of pregnancy I carried out

in hospital on preservation, but it was a trifle, in a tummy there was a small lump of my maternal happiness! The husband always supported me and when on ultrasonography told that there will be a son, both of us were glad.

In 34 weeks me was put in maternity hospital, and I waited for the finest moment - our Nikita`s birth.

on October 31, 2002. In the morning the husband came, and already at ten o`clock I was transferred to prenatal chamber. I do not remember special pain and fear because I was waiting for the small miracle. I remember how tortured doctors a question when I see the sonny.

I here in 19 h 30 min. I became a mother. I heard its first shout, to me put it on a stomach, and it was the finest moment in my life for that period. The son was born weight 3200 gr., 52 cm

Went time, Nikita grew up. The second pregnancy was unexpected, but we with the husband unambiguously decided to give birth. Then the husband already worked in Moscow, and it was not always easy because pregnancy had to be kept too. In the morning I took away Nikita in a garden and went to hospital to a day hospital.

the summer Came, on June 18, 2006 I felt not really well what I was glad to because it was my birthday, and I thought that the son will give me a gift and will be born. But he decided that it has to have the day. Also was born on June 19. When to me it was shown, I very much was surprised because our athlete Vova was born weight 4300 gr., 57 cm in height

the Third pregnancy was a gift, and we began to expect a baby. Thought that the third son will be born, even thought of a name. This pregnancy surprisingly took place easier, and we waited for October when our kid is born.

it was not boring for p to go the pregnant woman to me, three of my friends were in “the interesting family way“ too, and was with whom to take a walk, talk, simply to share impressions. Pregnancy took place easily, and here when pregnancy was 32 weeks old, I was sent to ultrasonography. All girlfriends waited for boys, and pleased me, having told that there will be a girl. I wanted to hide it before childbirth that there was a surprise, but when I was seen by girlfriends, at once understood that I will have a girl. Daughter! I just radiated pleasure. As mother of boys I proved to be, and here mother for the daughter is new to me. It was interesting and unexpected.

on October 21, 2008 in the morning I allocated for

I children in a garden, and in 10 h the husband brought me to maternity hospital. Waters at me departed houses, and the doctor of “ambulance“ was afraid that I will not reach to maternity hospital and I will give rise in “ambulance“. But we reached.

Childbirth was easy and fast, already our daughter, weight 3400 gr was born in 11 h., 54 cm. The husband chose a name itself - Elizabeth.

Now we are very happy

! There were heavy moments, one of which Lisa`s illness, reanimation, but we endured everything.

Somehow in the evening when children already slept, the husband told: “As it is good that we have such family, without children it would be empty and it is boring“. And I thank every day God for my huge happiness!