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The toothache of

By that moment as at mother is born long-awaited chadushko, it has already heard a lot that the teething is a silent horror. Sleepless nights, inconsolable crying, heat and pain, saliva to knees, the kid pulls in a mouth that got... In a word - the Armageddon.

to Admit to em, I waited for teeth of the daughter with special awe. And morally prepared that it is necessary hardly. Adjusted itself, persuaded, even stocked up with the special anesthetizing gel to smear with it the inflamed daughter`s gums.

When before emergence of the first zubik (and all know that they get out somewhere in half a year) remained not enough time, one fell of me into hands old, davny - long ago the published book. It was called, apparently, “From the birth to school“. The author is M. Deryugina. Absolutely Soviet book with “old regime“ recommendations, but in it there were many interesting facts.


As well as it is necessary to such books, there was head about teeth. In it it was written that, really, at some kids the prorezyvaniye is followed by excessive tearfulness, concern, sometimes temperature increase and even vomiting. But! All this is an exception, but did not govern. Most of kids become zubastika absolutely without serious consequences and sometimes parents even notice not at once that the first tooth already got out and it is advisable to note this business.

Madam Deryugina strongly calmed me. I ceased to prepare for the worst, having philosophically assumed what, maybe, to us will carry, and we will get to this numerous category of “majority“.

And turned out. My children had no problems with a prorezyvaniye. Therefore I urge all young mothers not to be nervous and hope for what your children learn about a toothache only at mature age in advance.

Though the truth, cases when emergence of teeth needs to be worried courageously happen. The main thing - always to remember: sharp temperature increase at the kid not necessarily demonstrates that he picked up an infection, and vomiting is not always poisoning. And in that, and other case “banal“ teeth can be the cause.

Still needs to tell

about what in any book or a grant for young parents can be read when the first cutters and canines have to appear. Lower - then - top - then-. For calculation of number of milk teeth which the child till two years has to have usually recommend to take away 4 from number of months.

I many mothers, considering that these average terms are also the ultimate truth, sharp-sightedly watch that their babies kept within “norm“. Did not keep within, means - horror - horror - we lag behind in development. I want to tell you that all these terms - no more, than a reference point. And concept “norms“ very extensive. At someone the first tooth seemed in four months, and someone in nine smiles still a toothless mouth. And anything terrible! It is not an occasion that to tear the hair and it is guilty to listen to the all-knowing relatives swinging the heads “ouch - ouch - ouch, the child lacks calcium“. The main thing that at least one cutter got out by a year. And there - process will go boychy.

As at us problems with teeth never were, I did not give them any special, close attention. My children got acquainted with a brush and paste of year in two, cleaning of jaws at us was always more educational, than preventive action. But recently I read on the Internet one heart-breaking history after which I began to be in a bathroom above the children as a Cerberus, and to watch that in the morning and in the evening their teeth shone as polished.

In that history mother of the two-year-old girl wrote that from - for bad heredity and errors in food (it is a lot of sweet) her daughter got to herself deep caries and four pulpitises. Externally it looked as zheltovato - a brown raid on foreteeth.

They began to go on different Moscow clinics and to listen to verdicts of doctors. Doctors were relentless, their verdicts - are equally categorical: teeth it is necessary to treat urgently - to fill crowns and a tooth. But how it is possible? The two-year-old baby for anything voluntarily will not take seat in a chair and will not open companies for the subsequent kovyryaniye. Two clinics suggested to treat “on live“, without any local anesthesia. To treat “on live“ - it means to hold escaping, choking with shout, snivels and saliva of the child to which it is sick and terrible. The girl`s mother could not go to this pure sadism. In the third institution, up-to-date and, of course, superexpensive, advised an anesthesia.

you know what is an anesthesia? And what is load of a children`s organism? Adults - that hardly - hardly cope, and here - absolutely the baby. And if the allergy to preparations of an anesthesia or - God forbid - anaphylactic shock begins? I can only assume what happened at heart at mother who should make such difficult decision.

the Anaesthesia to the girl all is made. To persuade to inhale its three times through a mask it was unreal - as a result, held, she sobbed, was nearly gone in a faint, but nevertheless fell asleep.

Result of treatment - five crowns, three seals.

the little girl departed From an anesthesia hardly. Doctors gave to mother TsU: to give waters, only when the baby finally wakes up and will open eyes. And she did not open an eye, cried, rushed about, coughed and again calmed down. Parents poured in it in water, everything poured out back.

she Regained consciousness only at home. First behaved differently: dozed, cried, smiled, talked... Then rose and ran to play. By the evening in general life was adjusted - JV á la puffiness, there passed blue of gums. Only to eat and to drink it was still sick. And in a week the child, appear, already forgot everything.

to Describe all situation and to lay out it on the Internet mother of the girl forced desire to shout for the whole world: do not repeat similar mistakes, you watch the kids. Also do not assume that they suffered!