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The gold country of

Davny - long ago there lived on light two twin brothers. One was called Anton, another Kirill. But they were among themselves called the nicknames Goof and Clever man.


nicknamed the Goof because it was thoughtless, did everything, without thinking of consequences, and did not understand everything from the first. But, as well as each person, at him had pluses: it was strong and healthy. And Kirill was nicknamed the Clever man because he was an inventor, read much before making something, he thought much. But also it had minuses: it was thin and weak.

I they lived in a dugout. This dugout was so small that in it two beds, a table and a locker hardly went in. At night when they went to bed, dreamed of rich life and filled up. And next morning woke up with thought how to find to themselves food.

Once the Clever man told

to the Goof:“ I was bothered by this life, will go, we will try the happiness where - nibud in other place. And that we sgniyom in this Godforsaken earth!“ The goof, as well as always, did not understand everything and told: “What that I did not understand?“ “I speak, you remember, once to us the wanderer entered the house and told about the Gold country, we will go there“, - Kirill told.

Anton agreed, and they went to look for the Gold country. Went the whole month on bogs, on the jungle, on the mountains and ate fruit. And here after long travel they came across a column with the inscription “Gold Country“. Looked on the parties, and there only at ruins and ruins. The goof began to shout at the Clever man: “All this from - for you we appeared in this place. There are any live soul, and I, the fool, obeyed you and followed you!“ “Do not get excited, you see, over there something sparkles, can do is what we look for?“ They were glad and went there where the Clever man showed.

Kirill was right

A as always. There were they from - under bushes, looked back on the parties and saw what they even did not dream of. All buildings were built of gold, people were dressed in gold clothes, and in the middle of the country there was a big aquarium in which all sea beings floated. Strangely enough, and they were from gold too. Brothers on streets went, and suddenly they were surrounded by the local people. But they did not connect them, and began to bow to them. These people never saw such people, they thought that everything as they. Both are dressed and live also. And these people were gods in an image of the person.

I everything went at children sweet yes smoothly until one of them did not tell: “Prove that you are gods!“ Brothers were in perplexity. What to do that to deceive them? Kirill looked at the sky and began to think. As soon as he began to think, the volcano began to be thrown up, and the Kirill thought longer, the volcano was thrown up stronger. After he told that he thought up, the volcano ceased to be thrown up. And here all cried: “Ur, hurrah, hurrah!“ Also went home.

children was caused to play Next day. They were glad and went there where it is necessary. Came to the small arena, fans were a circle in the filled stands. Two teams meet. In one team two persons - athletes from the Gold country, in another too two - Anton and Kirill. The judge began to explain rules: “You will need to get a sword to a circle, chained to a wall at the height of five meters. Who will hammer into a circle more, that and the winner“ Boys with surprise looked at each other and unanimously told: “Who thought up this useless game!“ “Gods, that is you. Unless is not present?“ - the judge asked. The clever man with the scared voice: “And yes and we thought up this game. Just there passed a lot of time, and we forgot that there is such game“.

the whistle which declared the beginning of game Sounded. In half an hour brothers lost “ten - zero“. For each hammered ball put one gold ingot. Appeared at the deadlock, children did not know what to do. And here the idea to replace a ball with a battleship came to the Clever man to mind. As soon as there passed five minutes, the account at equal, and in Anton and Kirill`s hour declared as the winners.


of the Clever man and the Goof conscience from the fact that they deceive them tormented, giving itself for gods. And one fine day children decide to tell everything as is. They thought that if tell, they will be killed. But they were mistaken. All of them told as is, and the local people understood their position and suggested them to remain there forever. Of course, children agreed to remain. Also they began to live - to live yes dobra to acquire!