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Indicators of development of the child by 3 months
(the main indicators of development of the child of early age) of

we Suggest you to get acquainted with the main indicators of development of the child. They will help interested persons (parents, tutors, teachers) to define extent of development of the specific kid and in case of need to take the appropriate measures of correction.

By drawing up these indicators are used by

own scientifically - methodical researches of the author of the book Elena Volosova, long-term supervision over children of early age, and also materials from work “Diagnostics nervously - mental development of children of the first three years of life“ (TsOLIU of doctors, M., 1979) and the Basic program of development of the child - the preschool child “Sources“ (The Preschool Childhood center of A. V. Zaporozhets, M., 1997).

Informative development

Peers at a toy, a large pattern. Notices a toy in different provisions:

Watches closely movement of large objects (the person, animal).

is Focused by a look, watches a look small toys, excellent in a form, color, size.

Listens attentively to rattle sounds.

Turns the head towards a sound source.

Pulls hands to the suspended toys.

Encounters the toys which are low suspended over a breast hands, straightens them, unclenches fingers.


, attracts, holds toys (rattle).


Emotionally - social development

Answers with a smile, having taken away a face of mother (learns)

Smiles, babbles, moves (a revival complex):


(keeps) attention of the loved one:


with the Smile both on negative, and positive quiet exclamations and various mimicry of the adult. The discontent, negative emotions shows at:

Shudders, having heard sudden sharp sounds.

Fades (for a while), considering a toy, hearing its sounding.

Listens (smiles) to singing of the adult, sound of a musical instrument.

Attentively watches

at the speaking people.


, being awake independently.


in response to the lingering sounds said by the adult (public).

individual intonations of a voice Appear.

Household skills

Enters an accurate rhythm of a night and day dream.

Lips drinks water from a spoon.

Loves water procedures (bathing).

Physical development

Well holds the head:


hands, legs, straightens them, is enough with hands and holds toys, twists the head in different directions.

Brings closer hands to the person, considers. Lying on a back, raises the head and slightly bends a trunk forward.

Supported by the adult under mice: